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18 April, 2024 16:42 BSE: 500325 NSE: RELIANCEISIN: INE002A01018

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Reliance Performance

Day Range

  • Low 2,919
  • High 2,972
₹ 2,928

52 Week Range

  • Low 2,112
  • High 3,025
₹ 2,928
  • Open Price2,927
  • Previous Close2,932
  • Volume9502846

Reliance Share Price

  • Over 1 Month +3.25%
  • Over 3 Month +7.55%
  • Over 6 Month +24.35%
  • Over 1 Year +23.7%

Reliance Key Statistics

P/E Ratio 28.3
PEG Ratio 2.8
Market Cap Cr 1,981,494
Price to Book Ratio 2.4
EPS 65.4
Dividend 0.3
Relative Strength Index 50.41
Money Flow Index 36.21
MACD Signal 9.57
Average True Range 49.98
Reliance Financials
IndicatorDec 2023Sep 2023Jun 2023Mar 2023
Oper Rev Qtr Cr 127,695137,380117,136118,702
Operating Expenses Qtr Cr 110,137118,189100,775100,632
Operating Profit Qtr Cr 17,55819,19116,36118,070
Depreciation Qtr Cr 4,5674,3842,8192,734
Interest Qtr Cr 2,9823,2393,5963,745
Tax Qtr Cr 3,0543,2943,115555
Net Profit Qtr Cr 9,92411,2089,72613,821
IndicatorMar 2023
Total Revenue Annual Cr 539,544
Operating Expenses Annual Cr 462,667
Operating Profit Annual in Cr 65,648
Depreciation Cr 10,118
Interest Annual Cr 12,626
Tax Annual Cr 11,116
Net Profit Annual Cr 44,205
IndicatorMar 2023
Cash from Operating Activity Annual Cr 48,050
Cash from Investing Activity Annual Cr -584
Cash from Financing Annual Activity Cr -7,369
Net Cash Flow Annual Cr 40,097
IndicatorMar 2023
Total ShareHolders Funds Annual Cr 479,094
Fixed Assets Annual Cr 294,079
Total Non Current Assets Annual Cr 624,633
Total Current Assets Annual Cr 265,932
Total Assets Annual Cr 890,565
IndicatorMar 2023
Book Value Per Share Annual Rs 708
ROE Annual % 9
ROCE Annual % 10
Total Debt to Total Equity Annual -
EBDIT Annual Margin % 15
IndicatorDec 2023Sep 2023Jun 2023Mar 2023
Oper Rev Qtr Cr 225,086231,886207,559212,945
Operating Expenses Qtr Cr 184,430190,918169,466174,505
Operating Profit Qtr Cr 40,65640,96838,09338,440
Depreciation Qtr Cr 12,90312,58511,77511,456
Interest Qtr Cr 5,7895,7315,8375,819
Tax Qtr Cr 6,3456,6736,1122,787
Net Profit Qtr Cr 17,26517,39416,01119,299
IndicatorMar 2023
Total Revenue Annual Cr 889,569
Operating Expenses Annual Cr 735,673
Operating Profit Annual in Cr 142,162
Depreciation Cr 40,303
Interest Annual Cr 19,571
Tax Annual Cr 20,376
Net Profit Annual Cr 66,702
IndicatorMar 2023
Cash from Operating Activity Annual Cr 115,032
Cash from Investing Activity Annual Cr -91,235
Cash from Financing Annual Activity Cr 10,455
Net Cash Flow Annual Cr 34,252
IndicatorMar 2023
Total ShareHolders Funds Annual Cr 715,871
Fixed Assets Annual Cr 1,003,287
Total Non Current Assets Annual Cr 1,182,135
Total Current Assets Annual Cr 425,296
Total Assets Annual Cr 1,607,431
IndicatorMar 2023
Book Value Per Share Annual Rs 1,225
ROE Annual % 9
ROCE Annual % 9
Total Debt to Total Equity Annual -
EBDIT Annual Margin % 18

Reliance Technicals


Current Price
-2.85 (-0.1%)
  • Bullish Moving Average
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  • 7
  • Bearish Moving Average
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  • 9
  • 20 Day
  • ₹2,934.10
  • 50 Day
  • ₹2,890.50
  • 100 Day
  • ₹2,787.32
  • 200 Day
  • ₹2,668.21
  • 20 Day
  • ₹2,924.62
  • 50 Day
  • ₹2,932.39
  • 100 Day
  • ₹2,755.23
  • 200 Day
  • ₹2,602.84

Reliance Resistance and Support

First Resistance 2,948.62
Second Resistance 2,965.73
Third Resistance 2,989.12
RSI 50.41
MFI 36.21
MACD Single Line 9.57
MACD 7.29
First Resistance 2,908.12
Second Resistance 2,884.73
Third Resistance 2,867.62

Reliance Delivery and Volume

Period NSE + BSE Volume Avg NSE + BSE Delivery Volume Avg NSE + BSE Delivery Volume %
Day 4,840,144 301,444,168 62.28
Week 6,195,035 342,771,273 55.33
1 Month 5,899,104 327,046,352 55.44
6 Month 6,249,438 378,903,447 60.63

Reliance Result Highlights

Reliance Synopsis


Reliance Inds. is involved in the business activities of Manufacture of refined petroleum products. Company’s Total Operating Revenue is Rs. 528315.00 Cr. and Equity Capital is Rs. 6766.00 Cr. for the Year ended 31/03/2023. Reliance Industries Ltd. is a Public Limited Listed company incorporated on 08/05/1973 and has its registered office in the State of Maharashtra, India. Company’s Corporate Identification Number(CIN) is L17110MH1973PLC019786 and registration number is 019786.
Market Cap 1,990,363
Sales 500,913
Shares in Float 345.06
No of funds
Yield 0.31
Book Value 4.14
U/D Vol ratio 1
LTDebt / Equity 28
Beta 1.07


Owner NameDec-23Sep-23Jun-23
Promoters 50.3%50.27%50.39%
Mutual Funds 6.97%6.56%6.45%
Insurance Companies 8.56%8.41%8.7%
Foreign Portfolio Investors 21.98%22.6%22.55%
Financial Institutions/ Banks 0.07%0.01%0.07%
Individual Investors 8.65%8.8%8.59%
Others 3.47%3.35%3.25%

Reliance Management

Name Designation
Mr. Mukesh D Ambani Chairman & Managing Director
Mr. P M S Prasad Executive Director
Mr. Nikhil R Meswani Executive Director
Mr. Hital R Meswani Executive Director
Mrs. Nita M Ambani Non Executive Director
Mr. Adil Zainulbhai Non Executive Director
Mr. K V Kamath Non Executive Director
Mr. Raminder Singh Gujral Non Executive Director
Dr. Shumeet Banerji Non Executive Director
Mrs. Arundhati Bhattacharya Non Executive Director
Mr. K V Chowdary Non Executive Director
Mr. Yasir Othman H Al Rumayyan Non Executive Director

Reliance Forecast

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Reliance Corporate Action

Date Purpose Remarks
2024-04-22 Audited Results & Final Dividend
2024-01-19 Quarterly Results
2023-10-27 Quarterly Results
2023-07-21 Quarterly Results & Final Dividend
2023-04-21 Audited Results
Date Purpose Remarks
2023-08-21 FINAL Rs.9.00 per share(90%)Final Dividend
2022-08-19 FINAL Rs.8.00 per share(80%)Final Dividend
2021-06-14 FINAL Rs.7.00 per share(70%)Final Dividend
2021-06-14 FINAL Rs.3.50 per share(70%)Final Dividend

About Reliance

Reliance industries Ltd is one of the leading private sector companies in India. It started its operations as a polyester and textiles company. However, Reliance has diversified over time and has invested large investments in natural resources, energy petrochemicals, telecommunications, and retail. The company runs world-class manufacturing plants in the entire country. Services and products offered by the reliance company touch on almost every daily need of the people and cut across social and economic spectrums.
Being a conglomerate holding company, Reliance group operates a wide range of portfolio businesses. The company is the most significant taxpayer and accounts for about 5% of India's government revenue from the private sector.

Reliance Company boasts about 8% of all the merchandise exported from the country. It became the first company in India to hit $100 billion market capitalization in the years 2007 and 2019. In addition, Reliance Company is the first Indian entity to cross the INR 9 lakh crore market valuation mark and was ranked in position 106 in the list of fortune global 500 companies.

Dhirubhai Ambani founded the company in 1966. The company started as a small-sized textile manufacturer unit. After incorporation, the company was renamed Reliance industries in 1985. While Reliance began as a textile manufacturer, it has transformed its businesses into a significant player in the petrochemical field.

The reliance industries ltd established twisting or texturing facilities in 1979. And in 1986, the company began operating a polyester staple fibre plant. The company also diversified and started producing purified terephthalic acid and alkylbenzene in 1988. In collaboration with Goodrich and DuPont, Reliance Company also established a petrochemical facility at Hazira to produce PVC and HDPE.

Reliance Company limited joined the telecommunication industry by joint investment with NYMEX. At that time, the company got a lot of support from the USA to establish Reliance telecom private ltd in India. RIL was the first firm in ASIA to give out bonds in the USA from 1966 to 1997.

Also, Reliance Company established a bottle production plant (PET). Due to the quality standards of Reliance's PET chips, they have been accepted across the world. In 1997-98, RIL developed a plan to invest $1250 million to build a refinery plant in Gujarat. And by the end of 1999, the company started selling packaged LPG gas in 15kg cylinders.

In 2002-2003, reliance ltd company amalgamated with Reliance petroleum limited. Then, in 2005, RIL bought major polyester trevira based in Frankfurt, Germany. Polyester mayor trevira has the capacity of around thirty thousand tonnes per year of polyester chips and polyester staple fibres.

Reliance Company established a new export-oriented refinery business in 2006 via the reliance petroleum ltd subsidiary company. During the same year, the company started a retail segment via reliance retail, and Reliance fresh store in Hyderabad began its operation in the market. And by 2017, reliance retail had crossed the $5 billion revenue point.

Reliance retail uses multivariate strategies to advance its operations. The company operates online stores, specialty stores, cash and carry stores, wholesale, supermarkets, hypermarkets, and neighborhood stores for all its products and services. Reliance's products and services cut across all segments of consumers in India. Reliance retail runs more than 3,300 stores in the country and has entered into organized retail after launching a convenient store format with the brand name, Reliance fresh. And in the same year, RIL undertook the most significant expansion project, where it began to increase polypropylene production capacity at Jamnagar.

Between 2007-2008, the reliance company entered into an agreement with polyester assets of Hualon from Malaysia and got majority control over the Gulf Africa petroleum corporation. From there, it began shipping its products to the East African markets. The reliance company signed another MOU with GAIL limited that allowed it to set up petrochemical plants in countries outside India.

The company started producing hydrocarbons in KGD6, located in Krishna Godavari, in 2009 after merging with reliance petroleum limited. During the same year, Reliance Company uncovered gas in block KG-DWN. Besides gas, RIL also found oil while exploring land block CB-ONN-2003/1 awarded it during exploration bidding.

Around April 2010, RIL started a MW solar photo power plant project in New Delhi. The project was intended to produce 1.4m electricity units every year to power the Thyagaraj stadium and add surplus power to the national grid. A subsidiary company, reliance Marcellus LLC signed an agreement to invest with USA-based atlas energy, where Reliance would acquire 40% stake. Up-to-date, the company continues to grow and expand.

Reliance FAQs

What is Share Price of Reliance ?

Reliance share price is ₹2,928 As on 18 April, 2024 | 16:28

What is the Market Cap of Reliance ?

The Market Cap of Reliance is ₹1981494 Cr As on 18 April, 2024 | 16:28

What is the P/E ratio of Reliance ?

The P/E ratio of Reliance is 28.3 As on 18 April, 2024 | 16:28

What is the PB ratio of Reliance ?

The PB ratio of Reliance is 2.4 As on 18 April, 2024 | 16:28

What is Reliance Industries' main business?

The core business of Reliance Industries is petrochemical, refining, oil, and gas-related operations; other divisions of the company include cloth, retail business, telecommunications, and special economic zone (SEZ) development.

Who is the founder of Reliance Industries?

Dhirajlal Hirachand Ambani, popularly known as Dhirubhai Ambani, was an Indian business tycoon who founded Reliance Industries.

What is the CAGR of Reliance?

The 10 Years CAGR of Reliance Industries is 20%, 5 Years is 36%, 3 Years is 29% and 1 Year is 24%.

Is it a good time to buy Reliance Industries share?

Reliance Industries has a trailing 12-month operating revenue of INR 597,369.00 Cr. An annual revenue de-growth of -21% requires improvement. A pre-tax margin of 12% is healthy, and an ROE of 7% is adequate but could be improved. Reliance Industries has a reasonable debt-to-equity ratio of 23%, indicating a healthy balance sheet.

Which procedure does a person follow to buy reliance industries limited stock?

You can register an account with brokers online and get your KYC documents verified.

What mode do reliance industries limited use to pay dividends?

The company uses various modes: Physical dispatch of dividends, Direct credit to shareholder's bank, and National electronic fund transfer.

What should a shareholder do when there is a non-receipt of the dividends?

The shareholder must write to the company's R&TA and provide all the particulars on dividends not received.

When does the financial year of Reliance company come to an end?

The fiscal year of RELIANCE INDUSTRIES ends in March.