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₹0 per month
  • Brokerage free tradesX
  • Brokerage on equity₹20
  • Brokerage on other segments₹20
  • Net Banking Charges₹10
  • DP Transaction Charges₹12.5

Power Investor


₹599 per month
  • Brokerage free tradesX
  • Brokerage on equity₹10
  • Brokerage on other segments₹10
  • Net Banking Charges₹10
  • DP Transaction Charges₹12.5

Ultra Trader


₹1199 per month
  • Brokerage free trades100
  • Brokerage on equity₹0
  • Brokerage on other segments₹10
  • Net Banking Charges₹0
  • DP Transaction Charges₹0
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Frequently Asked Questions

When trading, you have to pay different charges and fees on purchasing or selling the stocks. Brokerage fee is one of these charges, which a trader pays to the broker for offering trading facility.

When you’re using a low brokerage demat account, you just need to pay the transaction fee, which is also called the Demat Account Brokerage Charge. These demat transaction charges are taken for all the transactions completed by the depository participant [DP]. Many DPs charge a percentage of the transaction value, but others only take a flat fee.

Brokerage is a fee (usually in percentage) charged on the total trade value. These charges are levied on placing order/trade (total value) and is deducted from the portfolio.

At 5paisa, we believe in making investment affordable so we charge 0% brokerage. To offer online trading facility at discounted rates, we charge flat fee of Rs.20 per order. To save more, you can opt for our add-on packs.

The lowest brokerage charges demat account for Futures is between INR 20.00 or 0.05% for every order. For the Options, on the other hand, the charge is you have to pay a flat fee of INR 20.00 for every order.

Each time you trade there are few charges that will be levied basis the segment. Please CLICK HERE to know the segment wise charges.

The lowest demat account charges for investing in stocks is 0.05% of the overall turnover. When you purchase stocks for INR 100, the brokerage charge will be 0.05% of INR 100, which is INR 0.05. So, the overall demat account brokerage charges will be INR 0.05+0.05 = INR 0.10 [for selling and purchasing]

DP transaction charges and DEMAT maintenance charges are applied when you are selling delivery shares from your DEMAT account and in some scenarios even when you are not selling shares. DP Charges will be levied as per conditions mentioned. Click here to know more

The square-off charges for all the squared-off are INR 50 + GST of 18%. Before doing anything related to the lowest demat account charges, make sure to gain more information about it.

5paisa charges ZERO brokerage for Equity delivery trading, for equity intraday trading you will be charged the lowest brokerage i.e. – flat Rs.20 per order.

For F&O trading a flat fee of Rs.20/ per order is levied

A charge of INR 50 + GST of 18% gets levied when investors cancel, modify, or place an order by a brokerage platform because of the margin shortfall. This particular charge is known as the “Call N Trade” charge.

DP transaction charges are applied at the time of selling delivery shares from your DEMAT account and in some scenarios even when you are not selling shares. To know more about the DP charges levied for different conditions CLICK HERE.

The BTST trades are trades where all the trades take advantage of the short-term volatility through the selling tomorrow and purchasing option today. Through this facility, all the traders can easily sell all the shares that they purchased in the past right before it gets delivered to their demat account.

Demat Maintenance charges are applied for maintaining your demat A/c with CDSL. It is known as Demat AMC (Annual Maintenance Charges). As per SEBI guidelines, BSDA clients who hold more than 1 account across depositories irrespective of the holdings, Rs. 25 per month. + 18% GST AMC will be charged. With effect from 1st January 2021, the revised charges which shall be applicable to 5paisa demat account holders - Read more.

The charges are INR 20 + GST for each order to apply for the buyback within a tender offer. 

5paisa has robust web, desktop and app based trading platforms to cater to all your trading needs. However, we also have an offline facility, in case you wish to place your trade over call. Charges for trading over call is Rs. 100 per call.

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