Franklin Templeton SIP Calculator

One of the most widely invested market-linked instruments, mutual funds pool the invested money into various companies’ shares. They provide a strategic way for investors to build their corpus over time by periodically infusing a set amount into their chosen mutual fund schemes. This process of investing a set amount every month is called a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). However, before investing, it is essential to calculate returns on your investments to ensure effective financial planning. India's top stockbroker, 5paisa, has created the Franklin Templeton SIP calculator that allows potential and existing investors to calculate SIP returns accurately. 

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What is the Franklin Templeton SIP Calculator?

When investors choose SIPs to invest in mutual funds, banks automatically deduct a predetermined monthly amount from their accounts. The calculations to determine this monthly amount are crucial to ensure adequate capital for the mutual fund scheme.

The Franklin Templeton SIP calculator is an online tool to calculate returns on their SIP investments as well as understand the amount they will receive upon maturity. Furthermore, investors can use the Franklin Templeton SIP calculator to know the exact amount to invest every month to reach their end capital goal.

With the Franklin Templeton SIP interest rate calculator, you can calculate returns or monthly SIP amounts without manual calculation through complex mathematical equations. 

How Does The Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund Calculator Work?

Created by 5paisa, the Franklin Templeton SIP calculator is an online tool that simplifies and digitises SIP calculations, eradicating the chances of human errors. The calculator requires users to fill in details such as the monthly investment amount, number of years, and expected rate of return to calculate the future value of their SIP investments. 

Once you fill in all these details, a dialogue box on the right side showcases the results, containing the amount you have to invest to reach the desired returns. The calculator also displays the capital’s future value at the end of the term based on the set expected return rate and investment period. Moreover, you can also calculate the profits over the total invested amount.


How is the Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund Calculator?

Investing in mutual funds through the SIP route is an ideal strategic option that requires very little identifying or monitoring of investments. However, before investing in mutual funds, you must know how much you will invest every month or how much you want to save after a certain period.

After reviewing their earnings and saving potential, most investors gauge how much they can invest monthly in SIPs. However, knowing the investment’s value at maturity is essential to ensure that the current monthly investment is ideal and does not fall short in the future.

The Franklin Templeton SIP calculator provides the following features and benefits: 

  • Financial Planning: The calculator can aid effective financial planning by measuring the monthly SIP investment amount and its future value. It helps you determine how much capital you can gain after a certain period if you keep investing a consistent amount, creating transparency in your financial plan. 
  • Accuracy: The Franklin Templeton SIP calculator provides highly accurate returns, mitigating the possibility of human error. It delivers a time-effective option to calculate returns without diving into complex manual mathematical calculations that may yield incorrect results. 


Formula To Calculate Franklin Templeton SIP Returns 

The Franklin Templeton SIP calculator is based on a mathematical equation detailing the calculation of returns on any mutual funds based on the principal amount, period, and expected rate of return. Although the calculator is accurate in calculating returns, you can use the following mathematical equation to predict returns on your SIP investments as well:

FV = P x ({[ 1+ i] ^ n -1} / i) x (1+i)


FV = Future value ( final payout at maturity)

P = Principal investment while starting the SIP

i = Annual interest rate (compound interest) in percentage/12

N = Number of months


For example, you want to invest Rs 3,562 in a mutual fund scheme that offers a 12% return over 20 years,

FV = 3,562 ({[1 + 0.01] ^ {240 – 1} / 0.01) x (1 + 0.01)

Here, the results would be:

Invested Amount: Rs 8,54,880

Estimated Returns (Profits) = Rs 27,04,085 

Total Value after 20 years = Rs 35,58,965


Here is a table to showcase various future returns until maturity: 


SIP Amount 

Future Value (INR)

5 years



10 years



14 years 



18 years



Although you can use the above mathematical formula to calculate the future value of your SIP investments, it is better to use the Mutual Fund Calculator Franklin Templeton as it provides highly accurate returns. 


How to use the Franklin Templeton SIP calculator?

5paisa has designed the Franklin Templeton SIP calculator to provide ease and accuracy to all users. Using the calculator ensures you can skip the complex mathematical formula and get accurate results to plan your investments.

The Franklin Templeton SIP calculator is a free-of-cost online tool to help you invest without incurring any charges. Here is how you can use the Franklin Templeton mutual fund SIP calculator.

Step 1: Log in to your 5paisa account or visit the 5paisa website and navigate to the Franklin Templeton SIP calculator section

Step 2: Fill in the amount you want to invest monthly in the “Monthly Investment ” section

Step 3: Fill in the number of years or use the slider in the "Investment Period” section based on the period of investment

Step 4: Use the slider or fill in the “Expected Rate” percentage to set the expected rate of return

Now, the calculator will present the total invested amount, wealth gained (profits), and expected amount, that is, the total value of your investments at withdrawal.

What are the Benefits of the Franklin Templeton Calculator?

5paisa has created its SIP calculator with unique features to make it user-friendly. As countless other calculators are available in the market, 5paisa has imbibed it with industry-best benefits to offer the most accurate calculations on SIP returns.

Here are the benefits of the Franklin Templeton SIP calculator: 

  • Free of Cost: 5Paisa’s SIP calculator has no attached cost or fee. You can use the calculator free of charge and compute the returns unlimited times. 
  • Accurate Results: The SIP calculator helps calculate and provide highly accurate returns. There is little to no possibility of deviation from actual results. 
  • Wealth Gained: One of the best benefits of the SIP Return Calculator for Franklin Templeton is its feature to provide detailed information about wealth creation. After filling in the details, you can determine the profit you will earn after the Investment period if you keep investing the same monthly amount at a consistent rate.


Franklin Templeton SIPs are a safe investment option as they are created and managed by expert fund managers to offer safe and steady returns.

Franklin Templeton mutual funds have consistently given high returns to investors and are comparatively safe to invest via SIPs.

You can use your 5paisa trading and Demat account to open a SIP account in Franklin Templeton. Here’s how:

Step 1: Log in to your Demat account on 5paisa

Step 2: Choose the desired Franklin Templeton mutual fund scheme

Step 3: Select the “Start SIP” option

Step 4: Fill in all the required details and upload all documents

Step 5: Submit the application to open a SIP account