Sundaram SIP Calculator

Investing in mutual funds through the systematic investment plan (SIP) route is a popular way for retail investors to invest in the stock market in India. SIP allows investors to invest a fixed amount rather than a lump sum at regular intervals. This approach has several benefits for investors, including the ability to average out market fluctuations, small investments over time, and the convenience of automated deductions from their bank accounts. One of the biggest advantages of investing through SIP is the power of compounding. By investing a fixed amount at regular intervals, investors can benefit from the power of compounding, leading to significant wealth creation over a period of time. Additionally, SIP helps investors discipline their investments and avoid timing the market. This is particularly useful for retail investors who may need more expertise or time to manage their investments actively. A SIP calculator is a tool that aids in calculating the returns available when investing money in such tools. The Sundaram SIP calculator is one tool that helps forecast potential investment returns.

  • Invested Amount
  • Wealth Gained
  • Invested Amount
  • ₹0000
  • Wealth Gained
  • ₹0000
  • Expected Amount
  • ₹0000

Yearly Breakdown

Invested Amount
₹ 61,200
Wealth Gained
₹ 10,421

The total value of your investment after
3Years will be

₹ 71,621
Year Invested Amount Wealth Gained Expected Amount
Year Invested Amount Wealth Gained Expected Amount
2023 ₹ 20,400 ₹ 1,139 ₹ 21,539
2024 ₹ 20,400 ₹ 3,395 ₹ 45,334
2025 ₹ 20,400 ₹ 5,887 ₹ 71,621

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The Sundaram SIP calculator is an online tool that aids in calculating the returns on investments. SIPs are a way to invest regularly in mutual funds with a predetermined amount. Typically, SIPs investments are either weekly, quarterly, or monthly. Using the Sundaram SIP calculator, individuals and investors can calculate the expected mutual fund returns on Sundaram investments made through a systemic investment plan.

The calculator estimates the returns and SIP amount required to reach your target corpus based on the length of your investment, step-up, and growth rate. Therefore, use the Sundaram SIP calculator to estimate the SIP payment amount in real-time rather than anticipating. Depending on the investment goals, invest in one of the many categories of Sundaram mutual funds. 

Investments protect against potential financial pitfalls, and SIPs are currently the most effective way to handle them. The SIP return calculator Sundaram makes evaluating the projected investment and returns easy. 

The Sundaram SIP calculator is an online tool that assists in calculating the SIP amount required to meet an investor's financial objectives. The tool prompts the outcomes following the anticipated yearly return from SIP investments in Sundaram mutual funds. 

Mutual fund SIP calculators are designed to predict the mutual fund investments of potential investors. A mutual fund scheme's actual returns can vary depending on several factors. The SIP calculator does not clarify the exit load and expense ratio.

Mutual fund investing has exploded in popularity in recent years. According to mutual fund experts, SIPs are a more profitable way to invest money than a lump sum investment. Moreover, mutual fund investments help develop sound money management skills and saving habits.

Those intending to invest in mutual funds must use the online Sundaram mutual fund SIP calculator to understand the expected returns. The Sundaram SIP calculator gives individuals and investors an estimate for their mutual fund investments. The returns on mutual fund investments vary depending on the selected Sundaram investment strategy. The SIP Sundaram calculator assists users in estimating the future value of a SIP in mutual funds by assuming a specific rate of return and period. 

Sundaram Mutual Funds is one of the most well-known financial organisations in India. They have over 20 years of distinguished fund management expertise. In 1996, when Sundaram Asset Management Company was founded, Stewart Newton Holdings (Mauritius) and Sundaram Finance Limited served as co-sponsors. Mutual fund investment is possible through Sundaram's official website. One can also use any other online platform or mobile application to invest in Sundaram Mutual Funds.


Formula to Calculate Sundaram SIP Returns

Making a SIP investment in mutual funds is currently one of the best options. Sundaram SIP calculator is one tool that can help investors estimate investment returns. The tool generates results based on investors’ preferences for investment and tenure. Further, it aids the investor in deciding what action to take based on their income, needs, and preferences.

The formula used in the mutual fund calculator Sundaram to calculate the expected returns is as follows:

FV = P x ({[ 1+ i] ^ n -1} / i) x (1+i)

The table shows the value represented by the variables in the given formula:


Value Represented


Future Value


Amount invested by you in SIP


The compound interest rate (annual rate of return %/ 12)


Total SIP period in months



If you want to invest INR 4,000 per month for 24 months as an example. You are expecting an annual rate of return of 12%. Let’s calculate:

i = r / 100 / 12 or 0/01.

FV = 4000 * [ (1 + 0.01) ^ 24-1] * (1+0.01) / 0.01.

After calculation, you will receive INR 1,07,082 at maturity.



Total Value

Estimated Return





















It is convenient for beginners to calculate the Sundaram mutual fund investment return using the Sundaram SIP calculator. Here is a step-by-step illustration stating how to estimate the return on investment in Sundaram mutual fund schemes using the SIPs:

Step 1: Select the Sundaram SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) frequency.

Step 2: Enter the investment sum through a SIP in the Sundaram mutual fund.

Step 3: Using SIP, enter the mutual fund's tenure.

Once you have completed all the steps above, the SIP calculator calculates the Sundaram sip interest rate. SIP calculators are extremely useful for all investors, from novices to seasoned professionals. It helps remove the fear of failing and instils confidence. As a result, almost all asset management firms have online calculators available so that investors can calculate and decide for themselves.

Sundaram Mutual Funds is a renowned top-tier investment company. It has a good track record of more than 20 years and is therefore well-liked by seasoned investors. 

Investors planning to opt for Sundaram Mutual Funds for SIP must utilise the SIP calculator to get a better hold on their investment. Here are some notable benefits of the Sundaram SIP calculator

  • Compounding Capabilities

Compounding occurs when investment returns produce additional returns. It is a straightforward but essential investing concept. SIP enables investors to invest monthly, quarterly, or yearly in a mutual fund scheme that yields higher returns. The Sundaram SIP calculator takes the additional returns into account while computing.

  • Low initial investment

The Sundaram SIP calculator computes even the smallest sum. Similar principles apply to SIP as well. SIP can start with as little as 500 INR.

  • Convenience

The Sundaram SIP calculator provides precise, speedy results for investment and return calculations that don't require much research.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is safe to invest in Sundaram mutual funds. SEBI, a government organisation, strictly regulates mutual funds, and Sundaram mutual funds fall under the same.

Sundaram Mutual Funds is one of India's most well-known financial organisations. They have over 20 years of distinguished fund management expertise. Furthermore, the chance of getting defrauded is eliminated due to SEBI's indulgence.

You can use your 5paisa trading and Demat account to open a SIP account in Sundaram. 

Step 1: Log in to your Demat account on 5paisa.

Step 2: Choose the desired Sundaram mutual fund scheme.

Step 3: Select the “Start SIP” option.

Step 4: Fill in all the required details and upload all documents.

Step 5: Submit the application to open a SIP account.

Disclaimer: The calculator available on the 5paisa website is intended for informational purposes only and is designed to assist you in estimating potential investments. However, it is important to understand that this calculator should not be the sole basis for creating or implementing any investment strategy. View More..