Navi SIP Calculator

Mutual fund investments have become crucial to investors' portfolios. This success is due to two factors: encouraging savings and providing new earning opportunities. The industry offers two investment options: SIPs and lump-sum payments. SIPs play a major role in the mutual fund industry. To invest in mutual funds, one must predict future performance and analyse market trends to invest in mutual funds. However, this can be challenging. Online SIP calculators make it easy to do calculations. Navi SIP calculator is one such tool that allows Navi mutual fund investors to estimate future returns quickly.

  • Invested Amount
  • Wealth Gained
  • Invested Amount
  • ₹0000
  • Wealth Gained
  • ₹0000
  • Expected Amount
  • ₹0000

Yearly Breakdown

Invested Amount
₹ 61,200
Wealth Gained
₹ 10,421

The total value of your investment after
3Years will be

₹ 71,621
Year Invested Amount Wealth Gained Expected Amount
Year Invested Amount Wealth Gained Expected Amount
2023 ₹ 20,400 ₹ 1,139 ₹ 21,539
2024 ₹ 20,400 ₹ 3,395 ₹ 45,334
2025 ₹ 20,400 ₹ 5,887 ₹ 71,621

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The Navi SIP Calculator is a potent tool designed by Navi Mutual Fund to simplify calculations for investors. It is an online calculator that produces a chart of estimated earnings on different Navi Mutual Fund schemes. Under a SIP, mutual fund providers accept periodic payments of small amounts and easy-to-manage tenure.

The market offers a diverse spectrum of mutual fund schemes for investors from different income groups. Finding the right plan, calculating the correct ROI, periodic instalments, and future returns become necessary. SIP calculators like the Navi SIP interest rate calculator do all this work and more on your behalf quite easily. 

Mutual funds depend upon prevailing market trends. Their values shift upwards or downwards based on the surge and fall in the global market. Thus, you must have a detailed prediction about the future returns of a mutual fund scheme before investing.

The SIP calculator Navi mutual fund estimates future returns, interest rates, and best-suited periodic SIP investment. The tool predicts the anticipated earnings on a scheme and compares the returns available against different ROIs and tenures. 

The chart created by the Navi SIP calculator shows only an estimate of future earnings, not the exact figure. The real values can be entirely different due to market fluctuations. Thus, you should do proper research and analysis before locking your funds in any Navi Mutual Fund scheme. 

Navi Mutual Fund calculator strives to simplify the calculations that form a crucial part of the mutual fund industry. The automated tool calculates future returns, interest rates, and the frequency of SIP instalments within seconds. The tool uses the compound interest formula and requires information on essential parameters to release the desired output.

This includes data concerning the following:

  • Amount of periodic SIP instalments you are willing to invest
  • Frequency of investment. This can be monthly, quarterly, or annually
  • Expected rate of interest
  • Expected future returns
  • Step-up percentage

The SIP interest rate calculator by Navi Mutual Funds uses two different approaches for calculating future returns. 

  • Investment amount approach

This approach is feasible if you know the exact SIP amount you are willing to lock in the mutual fund scheme.

  • Target or Maturity amount approach

This approach works if you are unsure about the periodic SIP instalment amount. However, you have a fixed amount you want to earn from the scheme. 

Each approach has its perks and limitations. You can choose either of the approaches based on your preferences. The Navi SIP calculator also has a Step-up feature that lets you estimate future earnings against a pre-decided periodic rise in the SIP amount at a certain percentage. 

Mutual funds are an efficient resource for multiplying your earnings. Assessing the potential of a mutual fund scheme is essential to build a strong portfolio. You need to predict the anticipated returns your mutual fund project can fetch from the market in the future.

You must know the most feasible periodic SIP instalment and investment rate (ROI). Navi SIP calculator provides a reliable estimate of future returns, predicted interest rates, and the best suitable periodic SIP instalment to give the desired returns within a predetermined tenure. 

The Navi mutual fund sip calculator provides a reliable estimate of future earnings and the growth potential of a scheme. It allows you to draw comparisons between different Navi mutual fund products.

The tool also lets you compare the ROIs and tenures of the same scheme within seconds to find the most profitable periodic SIP amount. The predicted values aid your financial planning and strengthen your chances of fetching lucrative potential gains.


Formula to Calculate Navi SIP Returns 

The mutual fund calculator Navi has built utilises the given formula to assess the value of future returns on a particular scheme. 

FV = P x ({[ 1+ i] ^ n -1} / i) x (1+i)

The table shows the value represented by the variables in the given formula. Have a look:


Value Represented by the variable


Future Value that you will pool at maturity


Amount you are willing to invest in periodic intervals


The compound interest rate (annual interest rate in %/ 12)


Total SIP period 



X invests INR 2,000 per month in the Navi SIP scheme for one year at a 10% interest rate. Their expected future return would be:

2,000 ({[1 + 0.01] ^ {10 – 1} / 0.01) x (1 + 0.01)= 25,341

Total amount invested: INR 24,000

Expected return amount: INR 25,341

Profit: INR 1,341

The table shows the Future Returns on a scheme for different time frames calculated by the sip return calculator Navi offers to investors. Have a look:



SIP Amount (INR)

Future Value (INR)

2 years



3 years



5 years



10 years



The Navi SIP interest rate calculator is a robust online tool that eases calculations for mutual fund investors. Quick calculations, accurate estimates, and proper reporting are some of the main features of the calculator. You must follow the steps below to ascertain the estimated future earnings for ‘n’ the number of months. 

  • Step 1: Fill in the periodic SIP amount you are ready to lock in the chosen Navi SIP mutual fund scheme. You can use the slider available on the window to fix the preferred SIP instalment. 
  • Step 2: Drag the slider to choose the yearly interest rate for the SIP scheme. 
  • Step 3: Choose the total tenure for the SIP.
  • Step 4: Set the Step-up percentage.
  • Step 5: The Navi SIP calculator shows the estimated future returns based on your information. It predicts the growth potential of the scheme in different tenures. The tool also displays the Navi mutual fund schemes that fit your preferences.

  • You can employ the SIP returns calculator Navi has designed to get an estimate of future returns likely to be pooled on a mutual fund scheme. 
  • The tool lists the most suitable SIP schemes based on your information. You can find the scheme that fits your requirement concerning the periodic instalment, interest rate, and future earnings. 
  • Using the Navi SIP calculator, you can find the most feasible periodic SIP instalment amount in seconds. 
  • The Step-up feature aids you in achieving your financial goals quickly. Using the estimates, you can find the best option for investment. 
  • The easy-to-use online tool ensures speedy and accurate calculations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Navi mutual fund SIPs are safe. The entity comes under the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) regulations. The financial watchdog ensures a safe trading experience for investors by ensuring security from fraudsters.

Navi Mutual Funds is a dedicated AMC platform offering mutual fund products. The schemes offered here involve a minimum investment of INR 500 and a flexible tenure. The SEBI controls and manages the company's operations to ensure customer safety efficiently.

Follow the steps mentioned here to open a Navi mutual fund SIP account via 5Paisa:

Step 1: Log in to your Demat account on 5paisa.

Step 2: Choose the desired Navi mutual fund scheme.

Step 3: Select the “Start SIP” option.

Step 4: Fill in all the required details and upload all documents.

Step 5: Submit the application to open a SIP account.

Disclaimer: The calculator available on the 5paisa website is intended for informational purposes only and is designed to assist you in estimating potential investments. However, it is important to understand that this calculator should not be the sole basis for creating or implementing any investment strategy. View More..