Indiabulls SIP Calculator

One of India's most successful investment modes for retail investors is the Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). The SIP inflow touched Rs. 13,307 crores in November 2022. Indiabulls Mutual Fund has a strong track record of performance in the Indian market, with some of its funds performing consistently well over time. Indiabulls Mutual Fund offers a wide range of funds, including equity, debt, and hybrid funds, allowing investors to select a fund that aligns with their investment goals and risk tolerance. The Indiabulls SIP calculator can assess your potential returns from your SIP.

  • Invested Amount
  • Wealth Gained
  • Invested Amount
  • ₹0000
  • Wealth Gained
  • ₹0000
  • Expected Amount
  • ₹0000

Yearly Breakdown

Invested Amount
₹ 61,200
Wealth Gained
₹ 10,421

The total value of your investment after
3Years will be

₹ 71,621
Year Invested Amount Wealth Gained Expected Amount
Year Invested Amount Wealth Gained Expected Amount
2023 ₹ 20,400 ₹ 1,139 ₹ 21,539
2024 ₹ 20,400 ₹ 3,395 ₹ 45,334
2025 ₹ 20,400 ₹ 5,887 ₹ 71,621

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  • 52%
  • 1Y Return
  • 31% 3Y Return
  • 30% 5Y Return
  • 50%
  • 1Y Return
  • 39% 3Y Return
  • 28% 5Y Return
  • 65%
  • 1Y Return

The SIP calculator clarifies how small monthly investments help you earn good returns over a long period. To use the Indiabulls SIP calculator, you need to choose the total amount to invest, the number of years for investment and the expected rate of return per annum.

The SIP return calculator Indiabulls then computes the return and gives you an approximate value at maturity. The Indiabulls SIP calculator estimates potential investment returns. The investment amount, potential capital gains, and maturity amount are all abundantly clear.

It is worth noting that the Indiabulls SIP Calculator makes no return guarantees because market fluctuations influence fund performance. Returns may vary based on how the fund performs.


The Indiabulls SIP calculator is a simple tool that predicts the mutual fund performance of Indiabulls based on the past performance of the scheme. Investors should know that while the calculations can be used to forecast your investment performance, they cannot ensure such returns.

The performance of mutual funds may differ from the final value of an investment because they are market-linked. Any tool that determines investment value at maturity assumes the return rate. Users typically need to input this return value into the SIP calculators online. However, the Indiabulls SIP calculator chooses this number based on the past success of the scheme.

You can choose from a drop-down list when using the calculator which of the numerous Indiabulls mutual fund schemes you can invest in. After selecting a plan, the tool displays the historical Extended Internal Rate of Return (XIRR) for that particular investment. The tool then calculates the maturity value using your SIP amount and investment period.


SIPs are preferable for risk-averse investors. These are more strategic investment plans than lump-sum investments. SIPs let you contribute a small amount each month to a mutual fund scheme instead of a massive chunk of your corpus all at once.

Using an Indiabulls Mutual Fund SIP calculator has several benefits, including the following.

  • Return on investment: Using compound interest, the calculator will determine how much you can earn and save.
  • Portfolio diversification: Maintaining a well-diversified portfolio with a mix of stocks, mutual funds, real estate, and other assets is advised by most experts. You can allocate the funds to other savings and investments once you know the anticipated return from your mutual fund SIP.
  • Set definite deadlines: You can calculate your earnings for the chosen period with a calculator. Consider extending your investment time if you still need to meet your objectives.
  • Save time and avoid calculation errors: Errors and discrepancies can be introduced by manual calculations. The online SIP calculator removes all room for error and offers a practical outlook. These calculators are also incredibly quick, which allows you to save a ton of time. You only need to enter the necessary data to see your score immediately.
  • Select the appropriate strategy: There are numerous funds available. Everyone may experience a range of results. SIP Calculator will assist you in deciding to serve your objectives best.

Formula to Calculate Indiabulls SIP Returns

The Indiabulls SIP calculator uses the typical SIP variables to calculate the ROI (Return On Investment). The formula goes like this-

FV = [P x R x (1 + i) n-1/i] x (1 + i)


FV= Future Value

P= Principal

R= Expected Rate of Returns

i= Compound rate of return

n= Number of instalments 

This calculation may take some time for you to calculate manually, whereas you can efficiently complete the task using the Indiabulls SIP investment calculator.

For example, let's say you invest Rs. 2000 monthly through a SIP plan with a 2-year tenure with an expected return of 12%. The calculator estimates the return value right away: 

  • Amount invested: Rs. 24,000
  • Expected return amount: Rs. 25, 619
  • Wealth gain: Rs. 1,619

In connection to the above illustration, the projected SIP returns based on these variables can be listed as below.


SIP Amount 

Future Value

1 year 


0.3 Lakhs 

5 years 


1.6 Lakhs 

8 years 


3.2 Lakhs 

10 years 


4.6 Lakhs 

An SIP calculator requires some inputs to calculate the SIP returns. The Indiabulls SIP Calculator uses the following information.

  • Monthly instalment
  • Your fund name or expected growth rate
  • Investment duration
  • Step-up percentage (optional)

The calculator calculates the scheme's historical returns based on the inputs above. Use the calculator to your advantage by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Enter your monthly SIP amount

Step 2: Choose a fund, such as the Indiabulls Liquid Fund Regular Growth Fund, as your first investment.

Step 3: Determine the investment duration.

Finally, the calculator provides an investment period value based on the scheme's past earnings, SIP amount, and investment period. 

The Indiabulls SIP calculator estimates the performance of any Indiabulls mutual fund using the scheme's historical performance. The tool helps you choose better investments by showing where the fund stands within its category. Here are some key benefits of the Indiabulls SIP calculator:

  • Effective: Quick and straightforward for estimating the SIP returns of Indiabulls mutual fund schemes.
  • Efficient: The tool also eliminates the tedious calculation of manually calculating the maturity value.
  • Time-saving: Therefore, any investor can check the scheme's potential returns at their finger-tips.
  • Tax-planning: Once you know your possible returns, you can plan your taxes accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some top-rated Indiabulls Mutual Funds per 3-year returns are as follows.

Other IDCW projects are good too.

Investing in the Indiabulls SIP may result in a capital gain on your investments, depending on your chosen fund. With a CRISIL rating of 3 or higher, many of Indiabulls' equity programs are considered more reliable. 

SIPs are a tremendous habit-building investment method. Indiabulls SIP allows you to invest a fixed sum every month, where your investments compound over time. Moreover, Bank of America holds three or higher CRISIL ratings. 

Opening a SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) account with Indiabulls is a simple process that can be completed online or by visiting a nearby branch. You can use your 5paisa trading and Demat account to open a SIP account with IL&FS. Here’s how:

Step 1: Log in to your Demat account on the 5paisa app.

Step 2: Choose the desired Indiabulls mutual fund scheme.

Step 3: Select the “Start SIP” option.

Step 4: Fill in all the required details and upload all documents.

Step 5: Apply to open a SIP account.

Alternatively, you can visit the nearest Indiabulls branch and speak with an investment advisor to open a SIP account. They will guide you through the process and help you with the forms.


Disclaimer: The calculator available on the 5paisa website is intended for informational purposes only and is designed to assist you in estimating potential investments. However, it is important to understand that this calculator should not be the sole basis for creating or implementing any investment strategy. View More..