AXIS Multicap Fund

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Monthly Amount Invested
  • Would Have Become
  • Invested Value
  • Total Gain
  • Returns
    -- per annum
₹1,000 ₹500 0.41 % 0★ ₹4,350 1 Year
Min SIP Min Lumpsum Expense Ratio Rating Fund Size (in Cr) Fund Age
₹1,000 ₹500 0.41 %
Min SIP Min Lumpsum Expense Ratio
0★ ₹4,350 Cr 1 Year
Rating Fund Size Fund Age

Scheme Objective

Launched on November 26, 2021, Axis Multicap Fund is a Multi Cap mutual fund strategy from Axis Mutual Fund.

This fund is managed by Anupam Tiwari and Sachin Jain. The fund has the preponderance of its investments in the financial, technological, healthcare, automotive, materials, construction, metal & mining, consumer discretionary, and chemicals industries. Contrary to other funds in the subcategory, it has less exposure to the financial and technological sectors.

HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Persistent Systems Ltd., Infosys Ltd., and Trent Ltd. are the top 5 assets of Axis Multicap Fund.

The main objective of this fund is to provide a way for people to increase their finances by investing in a diverse portfolio of equities and equity-related securities across market capitalization; the initiative intends to provide long-term financial development.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons

The expense ratio of the fund is modest.

The fund has higher assets under management (AUM).

It has no entry charges.

It has exit load charges.

The fund’s three-year annualized returns are 11.08%, which is greater than the category average.

The fund’s annualized returns over the past year have fallen by 6.34% below the industry standard.

Investors can select between two investment programs offered by the fund.

The relative risk for the fund is quite significant.

The fund’s baseline has a 3-star rating.

Within the first five years, investments cannot be redeemed.

How to Invest in Axis Multicap Fund

Users can invest in the Axis Multicap Fund with 5paisa in a streamlined and accessible manner. The operation is simple, can be completed in a short period of time, and does not require any paperwork.

What is the Expense Ratio of Axis Multicap Fund

The expense ratio is a proportion that depicts the amount of money you pay as a charge to the AMC, or Asset Management Company, to manage your holdings. In other words, it is the expense of administering and managing the mutual fund per unit. However, the expense percentage varies from mutual fund to mutual fund.

Who Should Invest in Axis Multicap Fund?

The Axis Multicap Fund is appropriate for:

  • Investors with a high tolerance for market volatility
  • Investors considering investing in equities and equity-related instruments
  • Investors who seek to build long-term wealth through investment
  • Investors who plan to invest for five years or more

What are the Benefits of Investing in the Axis Multicap Fund

The advantages of the Axis Multicap Fund are as follows:

Market Expansion

Axis Multicap Fund offers accessibility to the whole market continuum since it invests in major, moderate, and small-cap firms.

Long-Term Capital Gains

You may be certain of receiving returns appropriate for long-term aspirations by investing in the Axis Multicap Fund for five or more years.

Diversification of Investments

This fund offers portfolio diversification throughout several market categories through investments. This is made feasible by the steadiness of sizable equities and the subsequent contribution of medium and small cap firms.

High-Quality Stocks

The Axis Multicap Fund allows investors to have more access to high-quality assets since it invests with leading companies.

Scheme Performance

Returns and Ranks ( as on 22 March 2023 )
1 Year1Y 3 Years3Y 5 Years5Y MaxMax
Trailing Returns -2.2% - - -3.5%
Category Average 1.7% 32.4% 13.3% -

Scheme Allocation

Persistent Sys
Phoenix Mills
Consumer Durables
Auto Components
Reverse Repos
Net Curr Ass/Net Receivables

Fund House Details

Axis Mutual Fund

AXIS Multicap Fund

Fund Manager
Anupam Tiwari

Exit Load

Exit Load If redeemed / switched-out within 12 months - For 10% of investment: Nil For remaining investment: 1% If redeemed/switched out after 12 months from the date of allotment: Nil

Advance Ratio

-0.01 0.86 0.79 -0
Alpha SD Beta Sharpe


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AMC Contact Details

Axis Mutual Fund
2,48,929 Cr
Axis House, 1st Floor,C-2, Wadia international centre,Pandurang Budhkar Marg, Worli, Mumbai - 400025
Email ID:

Frequently Asked Questions

You can invest in AXIS Multicap Fund in a quick and simple process. Follow the below steps;
  • Login to your 5paisa account, Go to the Mutual Funds section.
  • Search for AXIS Multicap Fund in the search box.
  • Click on "Start SIP" if you wish to do a SIP or click on “One-time” if you wish to invest a lumpsum amount then click on "Invest Now"
The AXIS Multicap Fund has delivered -3.5% since inception
The NAV of AXIS Multicap Fund is ₹9.3 as of 22 March 2023.
The expense ratio of AXIS Multicap Fund is 0.41 % as of 22 March 2023.
You can go to your holding on the app and click on the fund name you will get two options Invest More and Redeem; click on redeem and enter the amount or units you desire to redeem or you can tick on “Redeem all units”.
The AUM of AXIS Multicap Fund is ₹2,48,929 Cr as of 22 March 2023
The minimum SIP amount of AXIS Multicap Fund is ₹1000
The top stock holdings of AXIS Multicap Fund are
  1. ICICI Bank - 6.21%
  2. HDFC Bank - 5.21%
  3. Persistent Sys - 3.75%
  4. Trent - 3.65%
  5. Phoenix Mills - 3.55%
The top sectors AXIS Multicap Fund has invested in are
  1. ICICI Bank - 6.21%
  2. HDFC Bank - 5.21%
  3. Persistent Sys - 3.75%
  4. Trent - 3.65%
  5. Phoenix Mills - 3.55%
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