AXIS Growth Opportunities Fund

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₹1,000 ₹500 0.55 % 4★ ₹8,257 4 Years
Min SIP Min Lumpsum Expense Ratio Rating Fund Size (in Cr) Fund Age
₹1,000 ₹500 0.55 %
Min SIP Min Lumpsum Expense Ratio
4★ ₹8,257 Cr 4 Years
Rating Fund Size Fund Age

Scheme Objective

Axis Growth Opportunity Fund aims to be a high-performance fund by investing in mid-cap stocks. The recent market correction has made it challenging for investors to find stocks that will offer them high returns. Many investors are seeking a high-performance fund that can give them better returns.

Vinod Khosla founded the Axis Growth Opportunity fund. He is an Indian-born American entrepreneur and investor who became a billionaire through his work in the technology industry. Khosla is the founder of Sun Microsystems, and he has since founded several companies in diverse fields, including biotech, alternative energy, and clean technology.

The fund’s objective is to generate long-term returns for investors by investing in equity and equity-related securities of companies in all economic cycles with a long-term perspective.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons

The fund has a strong track record of performance, having outperformed its benchmark index for the past five years.

The fund is relatively young and has a relatively short track record.

The fund has a diversified portfolio of quality growth stocks, which helps to mitigate risk.

The fund’s strategy of investing in small- and mid-cap companies may be riskier than investing in larger, more established companies.

It is managed by a team of experienced professionals who have a proven track record of success.

The performance of the fund may be more volatile than the overall market, meaning that investors could experience periods of losses.

Overall, the Axis Growth Opportunity Fund is a great choice for investors seeking long-term growth potential.

How to Invest in Axis Growth Opportunity Fund?

Completing all necessary Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures is essential on 5paisa. These procedures can be easily done online and typically take just a few minutes. Once completed, you have the option to make either a lump-sum or Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) investment in the Axis Growth Opportunity Fund, depending on your risk tolerance and investment goals.

What is the Expense Ratio of Axis Growth Opportunity Fund?

The AXIS Growth Opportunities Fund used to have an expense ratio of 2.5% during its inception, but that is no longer the case. Since the fund is passively managed and has a total AUM of more than 8000 crores, its expense ratio has come down.

Who Should Invest in Axis Growth Opportunity Fund?

The Axis Growth Opportunity Fund may be a good option if you want a mutual fund that can offer growth and income. This fund invests in a mix of equity and debt instruments, focusing on mid and small-cap companies.

This makes it a good choice for investors looking for exposure to these companies. The fund has a track record of outperforming its benchmark index, and its managers have a good track record of picking stocks.

If you are an investor with a long-term time horizon and a willingness to take on some risk, the Axis Growth Opportunity Fund is a good choice.

What are the Benefits of Investing in Axis Growth Opportunity Fund?

Investing in the Axis Growth Opportunity Fund offers numerous advantages. Firstly, it provides a chance for investors to achieve long-term growth of their capital. The fund has a history of performing better than general indexes and has consistently generated strong returns since its launch.

In addition, the fund offers investors exposure to a diversified portfolio of high-quality growth stocks. This diversification helps to minimize risk and provide downside protection in volatile market conditions.

Finally, the fund is managed by a team of experienced professionals with a deep understanding of the markets and a proven track record of successful investing. This team is committed to providing investors with the best possible experience and achieving superior returns.

Scheme Performance

Returns and Ranks ( as on 03 February 2023 )
1 Year1Y 3 Years3Y 5 Years5Y MaxMax
Trailing Returns -6.6% 18.4% - 18.3%
Category Average 0.7% 18.8% 11.8% -

Scheme Allocation

Bajaj Finance
P I Industries
Avenue Super.
Tata Elxsi
Auto Components
Industrial Products
Foreign Equity
Reverse Repos
Mutual Funds Units
Net Curr Ass/Net Receivables

Fund House Details

Axis Mutual Fund

AXIS Growth Opportunities Fund

Fund Manager
Jinesh Gopani

Exit Load

Exit Load If units are redeemed/switched-out within 12 months from the date of allotment: For 10% of investments: Nil. For remaining investments: 1% Nil - If units are redeemed/switched-out after 12 months from the date of allotment.

Advance Ratio

-0.04 1.07 0.79 -0.02
Alpha SD Beta Sharpe


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AMC Contact Details

Axis Mutual Fund
2,48,929 Cr
Axis House, 1st Floor,C-2, Wadia international centre,Pandurang Budhkar Marg, Worli, Mumbai - 400025
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Frequently Asked Questions

You can invest in AXIS Growth Opportunities Fund in a quick and simple process. Follow the below steps;
  • Login to your 5paisa account, Go to the Mutual Funds section.
  • Search for AXIS Growth Opportunities Fund in the search box.
  • Click on "Start SIP" if you wish to do a SIP or click on “One-time” if you wish to invest a lumpsum amount then click on "Invest Now"
The AXIS Growth Opportunities Fund has delivered 18.3% since inception
The NAV of AXIS Growth Opportunities Fund is ₹20.5 as of 03 February 2023.
The expense ratio of AXIS Growth Opportunities Fund is 0.55 % as of 03 February 2023.
You can go to your holding on the app and click on the fund name you will get two options Invest More and Redeem; click on redeem and enter the amount or units you desire to redeem or you can tick on “Redeem all units”.
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