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Why Do Stock Market Prices Fluctuate


The stock exchange is an auction, with one party wishing to sell their ownership in a very company and another desirous to exit. The trade is matched when the 2 parties agree on a price, and therefore the new market quotation for the stock is established. Individuals, firms, institutions, governments, and asset management companies that … Read more

What is Gold ETF

An exchange-traded fund (ETF) that tracks the domestic physical gold price is understood as a Gold ETF. They are gold-based passive investment products that invest in gold bullion and support gold prices. A gold ETF may be a style of exchange-traded fund which will be used to replace actual gold. Physical gold investing is inconvenient … Read more

Customer Grievance increased due to Unscrupulous Charges


“Customers are King” is an old age mantra which highlights the importance of customers in every business. It is quite different scenario than traditional system which meant providing good products or services. Today customers not only need good product or service but they also need Best value for the money they are investing, make their … Read more

Indian Tea Gets Knock Back during Exports

Indian Tea

Introduction Indian Tea faces Rejections across globe due to excess pesticide. Tea is a common beverage in India. In the early 1820’s the British East India Company began large-scale production of tea in Assam, India of a tea variety traditionally brewed by the Singpho tribe. India was among the top tea producers for nearly a … Read more

Certificate of Deposit in India

Certificate of Deposit

What Is Stock Market? A Certificate of Deposit, or CD, is a form of a dematerialized fixed-income financial instrument administered by the depository financial institution of India, during which the withdrawal is guaranteed from the beginning. In 1989, India launched Certificates of Deposit (CDs) to expand the country’s market instrument options and supply investors more … Read more

What is Share Market

share market

What Is Stock Market? The securities market is a marketplace where buyers and sellers meet to trade publicly traded stocks from time to time during market days. The terms’ stock market’ and ‘share market’ are often used interchangeably. The most difference between the them is that while the former simply won’t trade stocks, the latter … Read more

Free Trade Agreements Between Israel And India

Free Trade Agreement

“Free Trade Agreement  is necessary because Every man lives by exchanging ”  As the saying goes Man needs to exchange so that he gets a better living. The concept of exchange is not restricted to two individuals , today it is a global concept. With Globalization Trade relations have boosted between all countries. The goal … Read more

Sri Lanka Crisis To Become Boon for Indian Tea Companies

Indian Tea Companies is working on a strategy to fill the supply gaps that have opened up in the global tea market following the sudden economic crisis that has engulfed Sri Lanka, the world’s largest tea exporter. Sri Lanka Faces Worst Economic Crisis The Sri Lankan Economy has been facing one of its worst over … Read more

Sovereign Green Bonds Issued to Make India Carbon Free

What Are Sovereign Green Bonds?Sovereign Green bonds are debt instruments. The money collected by selling these bonds are invested in projects that have positive impact on the environment. Green bonds are a key tool for governments to raise capital to implement infrastructure plans in line with national climate targets. A sovereign green bond can provide … Read more