Best US Penny Stocks to Buy in 2023

Best US Penny Stocks to Buy in 2023
Best US Penny Stocks to Buy in 2023

by Tanushree Jaiswal Last Updated: Sep 07, 2023 - 05:05 pm 2.7k Views
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In the realm of investment, US penny stocks have long held the fascination of risk-seeking individuals looking for the potential to achieve substantial returns. These unique stocks, often priced below $5 per share, offer an alluring opportunity to invest in emerging companies with the promise of remarkable growth. The top 5 US penny stocks stand out as compelling prospects for investors seeking high-potential ventures. 

What are US Penny Stocks?

US penny stocks are shares of small companies traded on major stock exchanges like the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) or NASDAQ, but they have relatively low market capitalizations. They are typically priced at a few dollars or less per share. These stocks are known for their low prices and are often called "penny stocks" because of their affordability.

In the United States, the common definition of a penny stock is a stock that trades below $5 per share. However, some consider stocks trading below $1 per share as penny stocks. These stocks are often associated with smaller, less-established companies with limited operating history, lower liquidity, and higher risk than larger, more established companies.

Top 5 US Penny Stocks

Check out the list of US penny stocks to buy with high growth potential in 2023.




Ardelyx (ARDX)


Angi (ANGI)


Canaan (CAN)


Savara (SVRA)



Overview of Top 5 US Penny Stocks

The top 5 US penny stocks of 2023 represent diverse industries, including technology, energy, and healthcare. Canaan's expertise in blockchain technology, VAALCO Energy's stability in the energy market, and Ardelyx's groundbreaking medical advancements make them attractive investment choices. Additionally, Savara's focus on rare respiratory diseases and Angi's dominance in communication services contribute to its strong growth potential.

Ardelyx (ARDX) 

Ardelyx is a healthcare company specializing in gastrointestinal and cardiorenal diseases. The company's innovative drug development pipeline, successful clinical trials, and potential to address unmet medical needs have contributed to its robust performance in the healthcare industry.

Angi (ANGI) 

Angi, a communication services company with a substantial market capitalization of $1.8 billion, has shown impressive growth of 44% in 2023. The company's platform connects homeowners with service professionals, establishing prominence in the digital marketplace. As the demand for home services continues to rise, Angi's expanding user base and market presence bode well for its future growth prospects.

Canaan (CAN) 

Canaan is a technology company operating in the blockchain and artificial intelligence sectors. The company's focus on developing efficient and high-performance cryptocurrency mining machines has garnered attention in the rapidly evolving blockchain industry. As cryptocurrencies gain mainstream acceptance, Canaan's position in the market becomes increasingly promising.

Savara (SVRA) 

Savara, another prominent player in the healthcare sector, has experienced exceptional growth, soaring by an impressive 114% in 2023. Savara is focused on developing novel therapies for rare respiratory diseases. The company's groundbreaking drug development efforts and potential to significantly impact the medical field have attracted investors and healthcare experts.

VAALCO Energy (EGY) 

As an energy company, VAALCO Energy's resilience in navigating the volatile energy market is commendable. VAALCO Energy focuses on exploring, developing, and producing oil and gas assets, positioning itself for potential expansion and profitability in the energy sector.

Performance List of US Penny Stocks

Here's a summary of the key financial metrics and performance indicators for the top 5 US penny stocks to buy:

Stock Name


CMP ($)

Market Cap ($)

EPS ($)


Ardelyx (ARDX)






Angi (ANGI)






Canaan (CAN)






Savara (SVRA)












Factors to Check Before Investing in US Penny Stocks

1. Company Financials

Conduct a thorough analysis of the company's financial statements, including revenue growth, profitability, and cash flow. Look for signs of consistent revenue generation and a positive trend in earnings.

2. Industry and Market Trends

Evaluate the industry in which the company operates and consider the overall market trends. A growing industry with favorable prospects can enhance the potential for a penny stock's success.

3. Management Team

Assess the competence and experience of the company's management team. Look for a strong leadership team with a successful track record in the industry.

4. Regulatory Compliance

Ensure the company complies with all relevant regulations and has a clean legal and regulatory history. A history of legal issues could pose significant risks to the investment.

5. Recent News and Developments

Stay updated on any recent news or developments related to the company. Positive news, such as new product launches or partnerships, can catalyze stock price appreciation.

6. Liquidity and Volume

Consider the liquidity and trading volume of the penny stock. Low liquidity can lead to difficulty buying or selling shares at desired prices.

7. Debt Levels

Assess the company's debt levels and debt repayment capabilities. High debt can strain the company's financial health and pose risks to investors.

Benefits of Investing in the Best US Penny Stocks to Buy Now

• Penny stocks have low share prices, often below $5 per share, allowing investors with limited funds to enter the market and build a diversified portfolio.
• Small companies with penny stocks have the potential for rapid growth and significant gains if they experience successful business expansion.
• Due to their low prices, even a small percentage increase in penny stock prices can result in substantial returns for investors.
• Investing in penny stocks can help diversify an investment portfolio, reducing the overall risk by adding exposure to different industries and sectors.
• Penny stocks often represent young and innovative companies with groundbreaking ideas or products, offering investors a chance to invest early in potential future industry leaders.
• The higher volatility of penny stocks can provide trading opportunities for short-term traders looking to profit from price fluctuations.
• Since institutional investors often overlook penny stocks, retail investors may find less competition and more opportunities for finding undervalued stocks.
• Some penny stocks represent takeover targets for larger companies seeking to expand their market presence, potentially leading to a buyout and a premium on the stock price.

How to Invest in the Best Penny Stocks in US Market?

• Conduct thorough research on the companies of interest, including their financials, industry trends, and recent developments.
• Choose a reputable brokerage platform that allows trading of the best US penny stocks to buy now.
• Set a clear budget and risk management strategy, as these stocks can be highly volatile.
• Consider starting with a small investment to test the waters before committing more significant funds.
• Monitor your investments regularly and be prepared to adjust your strategy if needed.


The best US penny stocks to buy now in 2023 offer promising growth opportunities across various industries. As investors venture into the world of penny stocks, conducting thorough research, managing risk prudently, and staying informed about industry trends is essential. While US penny stocks present an exciting opportunity for potential gains, cautious and informed decision-making remains the key to successful investing.

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