Gold Rate Today in Mumbai

24K Gold / 10gm
As on 16 July, 2024
-110 (-0.15%)
22K Gold / 10gm
As on 16 July, 2024
350 (0.52%)

Gold is considered an auspicious metal and holds an exceptional place in almost every Indian household. Apart from holding an important place in the cultural connotations, they hold a remarkable investment portfolio. Thus, it is consumed mainly across the country, especially in Mumbai.

Gold Rate in Mumbai

Irrespective of the economic situation, the flow of gold consumption will always continue. Thus, staying informed about the regularly changing gold rates in Mumbai is crucial. Please note that the 24-carat gold price in Mumbai is completely dependent on several factors. Some of them include the demand and supply of Gold, inflation, the rupee-dollar equation, international relations, etc.

So before you consider investing in Gold, you must be aware of the 24-carat gold rate today in Mumbai. Stay tuned until the end of this article to learn more so that you can make an informed decision. Come, let’s get started.

Today 24 Carat Gold Rate in Mumbai (INR)

Gram Mumbai Rate Today (₹) Mumbai Rate Yesterday (₹) Daily Price Change (₹)
1 gram 7,364 7,364 0
8 gram 58,912 58,912 0
10 gram 73,640 73,640 0
100 gram 736,400 736,400 0
1k gram 7,364,000 7,364,000 0

Today 22 Carat Gold Rate in Mumbai (INR)

Gram Mumbai Rate Today (₹) Mumbai Rate Yesterday (₹) Daily Price Change (₹)
1 gram 6,785 6,750 35
8 gram 54,280 54,000 280
10 gram 67,850 67,500 350
100 gram 678,500 675,000 3,500
1k gram 6,785,000 6,750,000 35,000

Historical Gold Rates in Mumbai

Date Mumbai Rate (per gm) % Change(Mumbai Rate)

Factors That Influence Gold Prices in Mumbai

Please note that the 22ct gold rate today in Mumbai is affected by a plethora of factors. Some of them include the following:

1. Exchange Price of Indian Currency
You will probably know that the Indian rupee, gold price, and stock rate are all interlinked in one way or the other. So, whenever there is any alteration in the exchange price, it deliberately leads to a change in the gold rate in Mumbai.

2. US Dollar
Please note that the US Dollar directly impacts the 22ct gold price in Mumbai and the rest of India. In other words, as the gold rate value of USD goes down because of weak global signals, the gold rate deteriorates.

3. Silver Rate
It is the second most preferred metal in India after Gold. Most importantly, there is a close relationship between the price of Gold and silver. So, in a nutshell, the rate of one metal always affects the other.

4. News Related to Gold
You will find that the news channels broadcast some news related to Gold every day. And this affects the investment as well as the demand preference of an investor.

How is Today's Gold Rate in Mumbai Determined?

● There are several ways to determine the gold price today Mumbai for 10 grams. First of all, international gold prices are taken into consideration. You should remember that private agencies and various banks import gold into India. And on the prevailing amount, their margin is added with the applicable tax.

● So, as per the final currency rate, the present rate of Gold in Mumbai is determined. Please note that the price of different karats of Gold varies from one city to another. Thus, the gold rate in Mumbai will vary from the gold rate of Delhi, Kolkata, and Chennai.

● Other than these, several other factors make the gold rates in Mumbai fluctuate. In fact, the rates for 22K and 24K Gold are also different. Thus, the main difference lies in the prices and purity of Gold across several cities in India.

Places to Buy Gold in Mumbai

Some of the most common places to buy Gold in Mumbai are:

1. Jewellery

Gold jewellery is considered an asset by almost every Indian household. And Mumbai ranks first among the buyers and sellers of Gold in South-West India.

2. Coin and Bullions

This is a highly convenient investment option across the whole nation. As coins and bullion are easily manageable and have a variable range of purity, people find them suitable.

3. Commodity Exchanges

You can consider purchasing Gold through the following commodity exchanges:
 - National Spot Exchange Limited (NSEL)
 - National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange (NCDEX)
 - Multi Commodity Exchange of India (MCX), etc.

 4. Other Investment Options

 - Some other places to purchase Gold in Mumbai are:
 - Gold ETFs
 - Physical Gold
 - e-Gold
 - Gold Fund of Funds
 - Gold Saving Funds, etc.

Importing Gold into Mumbai

You will probably know that importing Gold in any country is tricky as there’s a specific procedure. But if you wish to bring Gold from an international trip, you must follow a few rules:

● If you’re a woman traveller, you can import gold jewellery worth Rs. 1 lakh without any import duty.

● If you’re a male traveller, you can import gold jewellery worth Rs. 50,000 without any import duty.


If you adhere to the above rules, you won’t have difficulty importing gold jewellery to Mumbai. However, you need to make a declaration about the quantity of Gold you’re carrying with you. When you support the entire mechanism, things will become easier.

Gold as an investment in Mumbai

Once you’re familiar with the 22-carat gold rate in Mumbai, you can purchase Gold in your desired form. Please note that Gold can be traded as a commodity in both the national and international markets. So if you wish to invest in Gold, you can consider the following exchanges:


● National Spot Exchange (NSEL)

● National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange (NCDEX)

● Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX), etc.

GST Impact on Gold Price in Mumbai

● After the ruling government introduced the Goods & Service Tax (GST) in India, 3% GST is applicable to Gold. In comparison to the earlier gold rate, today gold rate in Mumbai 24 carat is a little higher. And those who are fond of gold jewellery, GST is a probable burden for them.

● In earlier days, the making charges of Gold were free of service taxes. But with the initiation of GST, a 5% charge remains applicable to the craftsmanship. This initially affected the 22-carat gold price in Mumbai, but now the rates are quite stable.

Things to Remember Before Buying Gold in Mumbai

After finding out today’s gold rate in Mumbai is 22 carat, you might be determined to purchase Gold. But before you can head over to invest in Gold in Mumbai, you must keep specific pointers in mind. Some of them are:

● Gold’s Purity: When it comes to purchasing Gold, it is immensely crucial to check the purity. If you purchase impure Gold, your hefty investment will go to waste. Remember that the purity of Gold is always measured in karats. And 24K gold is the purest form of gold, comprising 100% pure gold. This gold purity is followed by 22K gold. So, whenever you purchase Gold in Mumbai, make sure you purchase the 22K and 24K hallmarked Gold to avoid fraud.

● Knowledge About Gold’s Purity Levels: Before purchasing Gold, you need to be familiar with the different levels of gold purity. For example, 24 carats of gold means 100% gold, 22 carats stands for 91.6% gold, and so on. So when you have knowledge regarding the purity levels of Gold, you’ll know which standard to purchase. However, this must be determined by factors like the current 1-gram gold price Mumbai and the usage of Gold.

● Purity Certificate: Remember that the range of gold purity ranges from 18K to 24K. It is never possible to obtain 100% pure gold jewellery as other metals are mixed with strengthening the Liquid Gold. When you purchase Gold from the local sellers of Mumbai, they won’t provide you with a purity certificate. Nevertheless, renowned and branded jewellers will provide a purity certificate whenever you purchase Gold.

● Gold’s Price: Knowing the 24ct gold rate in Mumbai is another important thing to consider while buying Gold. While you can avail of Gold at the market price in most cases, sometimes, you need to pay for the storage cost. 

●  Assurance: The best way to purchase Gold with maximum purity is to go for the ones with a hallmark stamp. You must also ask for a BIS certificate that certifies the hallmarked gold jewellery. Even though it will cost you a little extra, it is worthwhile to purchase them. Besides, it will also guarantee the purity of your investment in Gold.

●  Locker Rates: When it comes to Gold, everyone wants to keep their assets safe. To ensure the safekeeping of your Gold, acquiring a well-secured locker is the best option. Nationalised banks offer lockers to keep your valuables safe, for which you’ll need to pay an annual charge. However, in order to avail of the locker facility of banks, you need to have an FD account with your bank.

●  Knowledge Regarding the Buy-Back Terms: Just like 1 gram gold rate Mumbai, you should also be aware of the buy-back policy of the seller. In other words, you need to have complete knowledge of the terms of gold exchange in the future. You should also check whether your seller would buy back the Gold at the same price or if there’s any cost-cutting involved.

●  Collecting Bill: Last but not least, after you purchase Gold, it’s essential to collect the bill from the seller. However, collecting the bill won’t suffice as you must also keep them safe. So when you have the Gold’s bill in your custody, you can take action if the Gold is impure. You can also register your complaint with BIS if your purchased Gold lacks in quality as promised by the seller.

Difference between KDM and Hallmarked Gold

The purity of Gold has always been a concern for Indian buyers. But as hallmarking by BIS came into inception in India, the gold buyers have started feeling all the more confident.
In this section, we will differentiate between the two, which will help you narrow down your choices.

KDM Gold

● KDM gold is a typical gold alloy where 8% cadmium alloy is mixed with 92% gold. Earlier, this mixture was used to attain a high standard in the purity of Gold. Even though there was no difference in purity, it surely did inflict serious health issues.

● So artisans working with KDM gold experienced a drawback in this case. Thus, BIS has banned this variant of Gold. Currently, cadmium has been replaced with an advanced solder metal like zinc. Furthermore, KDM gold has been replaced by hallmark gold.

Hallmarked Gold

● The procedure of certifying the fitness and purity of Gold is popularly known as hallmarking. When you notice the BIS hallmark on your gold jewellery, you’ll know that it conforms to the highest purity standards. In fact, hallmarking provides assurance to the consumers regarding the purity of the Gold they purchase.

● So, if you’re purchasing hallmarked 18K gold jewellery, 18/24 parts are gold, and the rest are alloy. Hallmarked Gold has also gained massive popularity in the entire nation and Mumbai. While hallmarking is the purity certification for gold articles, you need to look into the four major components apart from the 24k gold rate in Mumbai. They are:

- Purity or fitness of Gold in Karat

- BIS Hallmark

- Jewellery mark or the unique identification mark of the jeweller

- Assaying and Hallmarking Centre’s mark


So whenever you look forward to purchasing gold jewellery, check the hallmark before checking the 24-carat gold price in Mumbai. This will ensure that you are not being cheated while purchasing physical Gold. Hallmarked Gold ensures purity and enables you to get a better resale value in the future.


If you are willing to invest in Gold in Mumbai, you have three significant choices. Firstly, you can purchase the physical asset or the shares of an ETF or mutual fund, replicating gold price. However, you can also consider trading options and futures in the commodities market of Mumbai. But ETFs and mutual funds are the safest and easiest ways to invest in Gold.

The future of the 916 gold rates in Mumbai is typically around Rs. 5643 for 1 gm 24-carat gold. However, a negligible change of 0.624% is associated with the same.

● If you have experience purchasing Gold, you’ll probably know that the purity of Gold is always measured in karats. 24K gold is the purest form of Gold and is available in 99.9% purity. And after this variant of Gold comes the 22K gold. In Mumbai, you will find different karats of Gold, ranging from 24K, 23K, 22K, 21K, 18K, 14K, and 9K. But whenever you purchase Gold in Mumbai, you must consider buying the 22K or 24K hallmarked gold variant to avoid fraud.

● If you’re looking forward to selling Gold in Mumbai, you must wait for the gold price in Mumbai to shoot up. And to know on which days you will get the best price, you need to study the gold rate in Mumbai. Once you follow Mumbai's gold rates online and offline, you’ll find out the best-selling opportunity.

● On the other hand, it’s also crucial to clearly understand the economic factors which contribute to the gold rate today in Mumbai. Thus, you will automatically find out the most appropriate time for selling your Gold in Mumbai.

● Please note that the purity of Gold is measured in carats in every nook and corner of the world. So, when you search for the 916 gold rate today in Mumbai, you’re searching for the purest form of Gold.

● In Mumbai, the 24k Gold is regarded as the purest form as it is not mixed with any other form of metal. Remember that as the cartage of Gold reduces, it indicates that the Gold is mixed with metals like silver, copper, etc.

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