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Jindal Group Stocks

The Indian stock market is home to various billion-dollar firms offering investors a secure income source. One such coveted organisation is the Jindal Group. Established in 1952, the group works on a broad spectrum of domains and offers a solid investment solution for customers. Investing in the shares of the Jindal Group companies can help you build a reliable portfolio promising easy returns in the long run. 

Jindal Group Stocks

About Jindal Group of Companies

Recognised as one of India’s most prominent business houses, the Jindal Group offers a diverse portfolio of products and services. The three main pillars of the Jindal group are B.C Jindal Group, O P Jindal Group, and D.P Jindal Group. Founded in 1952, the group has a strong presence across the US, UK, Middle East, and Indonesia. 

The business cluster operates in mining, power, steel manufacturing, industrial gases, and port services. Additionally, the group offers diversified services through its sister concerns like Jindal Saw Ltd, JSW, JSL, Jindal Steel and Power, Jindal Poly Films, Jindal India Thermal Power, Jindal Pipes, Maharashtra Seamless Ltd., etc. The group's main activities include iron ore and coal mining, precious metals and mineral exploration, production of ferroalloys, high-grade pipes, stainless steel products, etc. 

The consolidated quarter-one reports for Jindal Steel & Power revealed net sales of INR 13,045.41 crore in June 2022, a sharp 22.96% surge. As of September 2022, the OP Jindal Group stood with a market worth USD 18 billion.

You can find the complete list of stocks and shares of all the companies forming a part of the Jindal Group, and listed in BSE and NSE below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You will need a Demat and trading account to buy Jindal Group shares. You can open a free Demat and trading account with 5paisa and buy the Jindal Group shares by logging into your Demat account, choosing a Jindal Group company, and placing a “Buy Order.” 

Jindal Group is India's largest conglomerate and includes numerous companies to diversify and invest for the long term. However, it is wise that you do extensive research on all the Jindal Group companies to analyse their fundamentals before choosing Jindal stocks for the long term. You can use the smart research tools with 5paisa’s Demat account to do fundamental and technical analysis before choosing Jindal stocks. 

Renowned as one of the leading business conglomerates in India, Jindal Group presents a wide range of services and products. Comprising the O P Jindal Group, B.C Jindal Group, and D.P Jindal Group, this group was established in 1952 and had a good presence in various nations. Operating in sectors such as industrial gasses, power, mining, port services, and steel manufacturing, the Jindal Group is supported by its subsidiary companies that provide diverse services. 

Jindal Steel and Power Limited (JSPL) is a notable entity within the Jindal family, renowned for its significant presence in India's steel and power industry. It holds a prominent position as a significant player in these sectors. JSPL is a publicly listed company, and its shares are actively traded on Indian stock exchanges.

Jindal Group is known to hold several major shares in various companies such as:

  • Hexa Tradex
  • Jindal Saw
  • Jindal Steel
  • JITF Infra
  • JSL
  • JSW Energy
  • JSW Steel
  • NSIL
  • Shal Paints

These are the top stocks affiliated with the Om Prakash Jindal Group, ranked by market capitalization:

  • JSW STEEL: JSW STEEL recorded earnings per share (EPS) of Rs 17.7 in the latest financial year. 
  • JINDAL STEEL & POWER: JINDAL STEEL & POWER achieved an EPS of Rs 31.3 in the latest financial year. 
  • JSW ENERGY: JSW ENERGY attained an EPS of Rs 8.9 in the latest financial year. 
  • JINDAL STAINLESS: JINDAL STAINLESS achieved an EPS of Rs 16.8 in the latest financial year. 
  • JINDAL STAINLESS (HISAR): JINDAL STAINLESS (HISAR) recorded an EPS of Rs 44.5 in the latest financial year. 

Here are the companies within the Om Prakash Jindal Group that have a high level of debt. They are sorted based on their total debt and debt-to-equity ratio for the latest financial year:

  • JSW ENERGY: JSW ENERGY has a current market capitalization of Rs 437,484 million.
  • JSW STEEL: JSW STEEL has a current market capitalization of Rs 1,867,907 million.
  • JINDAL STAINLESS: JINDAL STAINLESS has a current market capitalization of Rs 272,969 million.

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The following companies within the Om Prakash Jindal Group have demonstrated the highest profits:


These companies are ranked based on their net profit for the latest financial year.