Gold Rate Today in Vijayawada

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As on 01 October, 2023 | 10g of 24k gold

The people of India have a huge affinity toward gold, and they see it as a healthy investment option. But every day, the price of gold undergoes fluctuations on the basis of multiple factors. Therefore, the gold rate today in Vijayawada won't be the same as yesterday or tomorrow. 

Gold Rate in Vijayawada

Even though gold is often bought as jewellery, its purpose goes beyond ornamentation. When you are planning to invest in gold, it's important to be aware of its live rate. Whether you are investing in gold coins, bars, or jewellery, knowing the present rate is crucial. 

Today 24 Carat Gold Rate in Vijayawada (INR)

Gram 24 Carat Gold Today (₹) 24 Carat Gold Yesterday (₹) Daily Price Change (₹)
1 gram 6,270 6,235 35
8 gram 50,160 49,877 283
10 gram 62,700 62,346 354
100 gram 627,000 623,460 3,540

Today 22 Carat Gold Rate in Vijayawada (INR)

Gram 22 Carat Gold Today (₹) 22 Carat Gold Yesterday (₹) Daily Price Change (₹)
1 gram 5,748 5,709 38
8 gram 45,980 45,675 305
10 gram 57,475 57,094 381
100 gram 574,750 570,940 3,810

Historical Gold Rates in Vijayawada

Date 24 Carat (per gm) % Change(24 Carat) 22 Carat (per gm) % Change(22 Carat)

Indian Major Cities Gold Rates Today (10g)

City 24 Carat Gold Today 22 Carat Gold Today
Chennai 60110 55100
Hyderabad 59830 57475
New Delhi 59121 59499
Mumbai 58530 53650
Bangalore 59830 57470
Kerala 62680 57456
Ahmedabad 62700 57475
Pune 60847 55777
Coimbatore 62695 57470

Factors That Influence Gold Prices in Vijayawada

The factors affecting 24 carat gold price in Vijayawada are as follows:

  1. Inflation: The inversely proportional nature of gold to the US dollar makes it a protective barrier against inflation. The substantial value of gold makes investors hold on to it rather than fiat currency. Therefore, the price of gold goes up when there is inflation in the international or domestic markets.


  1. Macroeconomic factors: Multiple macroeconomic factors can increase the price of gold in Vijayawada. For instance, investors seek gold more during times of uncertainty in the economy. Due to the high demand, the price of gold also increases considerably.
  2. Supply and demand: A major element influencing the price of gold is the balance between supply and demand. The gold price increases when the demand is greater than the supply. The price reduces when there is a greater supply than demand. 
  3. Currency fluctuations: Changes in currency values also have a huge impact on the price of gold. The value of the Indian rupee in accordance with the dollar will impact the price of gold in India. A decline in the value of the Indian rupee can increase the cost of importing gold. Consequently, the 22 carat gold price in Vijayawada will go up.
  4. Geopolitical situations: Geopolitical developments like massive economic expansion have a huge impact on gold prices. For instance, the economic extension will reduce the demand for gold as fewer individuals will be required to preserve their funds in gold bullions. With reduced demand, the prices will fall.
  5. Public gold reserves: The 22ct gold price in Vijayawada will increase if the Indian government starts buying and accumulating more gold reserves. It happens because even though the availability of gold will be low, the movement of capital in the market will increase. The central banks of big nations usually build reserves of gold as well as capital. The Reserve Bank of India and the US Federal Reserve are two prominent examples.
  6. Transportation expenses: Gold is a tangible item which often requires transportation. Gold imports are usually carried out in the air. Moreover, gold is also moved to multiple inner locations. The costs associated with transporting gold include fuel, employee costs, car maintenance, and more. Gold also demands robust security besides regular transit, which further increases the costs.
  7. Jewellery market: In Vijayawada, gold is primarily purchased during the wedding season. But it is also purchased during several festivals like Diwali and Dhanteras. When there is a high demand for gold in the jewellery market, the prices will rise.
  8. Quantity: The southern part of India consumes a huge quantity of gold in India. People in Vijayawada often buy gold in large quantities. Buying in higher volumes enables them to get savings.
  9. Interest rate trends: When the interest rate is high, people sell gold to gain more capital. Therefore, the availability of gold increases and the prices reduce. Low interest rates make people buy more gold. Due to the increased demand, the prices go up.
  10. Purchase price of gold: When jewellers have stocks purchased at lower values, they will demand lower prices. But if they have purchased for a high price, they will set even higher prices to make profits. The source of gold also has a major impact on it. When gold is imported, the price will be higher because of the taxes.
  11. Local jewellery traders' association: The gold prices in Vijayawada will be influenced by local bullion and jewellery groups. One such group is the AP Gold Silver Jewellery and Diamond Merchants Association. 

How is Today's Gold Rate in Vijayawada Determined?

The gold rate in Vijayawada is determined according to these factors:


  • Interest rates: Due to a rise in the interest rate in developed countries, people sell gold and opt for fixed-yielding assets. Therefore, the interest rate has a huge influence on today's gold rate in Vijayawada 22 carat or any other type.


  • Demand: Today gold rate in Vijayawada 24 carat or any other type will also depend on the demand in the market. While a low demand will lead to a reduction, a high demand will increase the prices. Apart from current supply and demand, future supply and demand also influence gold rates. 


  • Public policies: Due to unfavourable public policies, the 22 carat gold rate in Vijayawada will increase. 


  • Regional aspects: Regional aspects like taxes levied by the local government will also largely influence gold prices in Vijayawada. 

Places to Buy Gold in Vijayawada

In Vijayawada, people can purchase gold from various jewellery shops. Some reputable jewellery stores in the city are Malabar Gold and Diamonds, Sridevi Jewellers, Anjaneya Jewellery, Maheswari Jewellers, Sree Lakshmi Karteek Finance & Jewellery, and more. 

Importing Gold into Vijayawada

Like all other cities, the gold demand in Vijayawada is also met through imports. A few things to be mindful of related to the process of importing gold to Vijayawada are as follows:


  • Women who have spent more than a year outside India are allowed to import gold worth Rs 1 lakh. For men, the limit is Rs 50,000.


  • Remember to collect an export certificate while leaving the nation. Otherwise, you will face severe interrogation while trying to return to the country with gold. 


  • No passenger can import more than 10 kg of gold to the country. The weight is also applicable for gold ornaments.


  • All gold imports in the nation must be routed via custom-bonded warehouses.


  • Gold imports in the form of coins or medallions are restricted in India.


  • Importers are required to submit a detailed report of utilisation for gold bar consignments. Moreover, they also need to offer proof of evidence to the central excise office.   

Gold as an Investment in Vijayawada

Have you been thinking about investing in gold in Vijayawada? If yes, you should learn about the advantages here:


  • Liquidity: The liquidity of gold is one of its major advantages. No matter where you are, you will be able to convert them into cash. It makes the value of gold unparalleled to all other assets and commodities. 


  • Protection against losses: The 916 gold rate in Vijayawada might decrease, but it cannot go below a certain point. Investors prefer gold because they will never lose their whole funds by investing in it. 


  • Hedge against inflation: During times of inflation, 24 carat gold rate in Vijayawada will increase. When the price of the dollar deteriorates, the price of gold keeps increasing. Therefore, investors consider gold more valuable than cash.


  • Universally desired: Gold investments are desirable throughout the globe. Investors keep choosing gold because it reduces the risk of political chaos.


  • Portfolio diversification: Check out the 24ct gold rate in Vijayawada and start investing to diversify your portfolio. Diversification enables traders to make the most out of the share market. 


  • Typical commodity: The ability of gold to conduct electricity and its anti-corrosion properties make it suitable for electrical appliances. Due to its diverse usage, the precious commodity has high demand in the market. 

GST Impact on Gold Price in Vijayawada

Once the GST came to replace multiple taxes in India, the price of gold also experienced several fluctuations. Market analysts were convinced that GST would reduce the demand for gold due to the high tax incidence. But the demand hasn't shown any signs of slowing down. 

In the present scenario, the 1 gram gold rate Vijayawada is constantly increasing due to market instability. But the primary reason behind the overall price of gold is import duty. Even after GST was introduced, the import duty of gold remained in place. 

Gold attracts a GST of 3% and another GST of 5% on making charges. But it also continues to attract an import duty of 10%. After GST was introduced, the demand for the precious metal increased, leading to higher prices in the domestic market. The long-term outlook of gold in India also seems pretty positive. 

Things to Remember Before Buying Gold in Vijayawada

While purchasing, you need to be aware of the 916 gold rate today in Vijayawada. But apart from that, you should also be mindful of the following factors:


  • Gold price fluctuations: Always check the gold price today in Vijayawada before making the purchase. You must be aware that the price of gold keeps fluctuating depending on a wide range of factors.


  • Purity: You should always remain aware of the purity of gold before purchasing it. The purity of gold is revealed by its hallmark. You should figure out the 24k gold rate in Vijayawada to get the metal in its purest form. But since 24 karat is the finest form, the customisation options available in jewellery production are fewer. 


  • Weight: Gold is usually bought after it has been weighed. You need to ensure that the gold is weighed in front of you so that no additional fees can be applied. Your jewellery will include various stones and designs that are not gold. Retailers are likely to charge you for these stones according to the 1 gram gold price Vijayawada. But don't pay for the other stones according to the price of gold. 


  • Making charges: The making charges for your gold jewellery might add up and considerably increase your overall costs. Therefore, try finding a jeweller with minimal making charges. 

Difference between KDM and Hallmarked Gold

Understanding the difference between KDM and hallmarked gold is pretty crucial. So let's dive deeper:

KDM Gold

Raw gold can be shaped only when it is melted with another metal with a lower melting point than gold. This metal is called solder and ensures that the little pieces of gold can be joined together without any impact on the purity. 

In earlier times, the soldering metal used to be an alloy of copper and gold. The ratio used to be 60% gold and 40% copper. But copper started hampering the purity of gold.

If 22 carat gold is made using an alloy of copper and gold, the value of 22 carat gold will be reduced. Due to the increased impurity of the metal, the 22ct gold rate today Vijayawada will be affected.

To maintain the purity of gold, cadmium was made to replace copper. Only 8% cadmium was used to maintain a purity of 92%. Gold with cadmium alloy is known as KDM gold. 

But cadmium was banned because it caused several health issues in the artisans. Noe, zinc and other alloys have replaced cadmium.

Hallmarked Gold

The hallmark is proof of the purity of gold. The Bureau of Indian Standards has authorised various Assaying Centres to hallmark gold. Hallmarked gold means its quality has been evaluated by the Bureau of Indian Standards. 

You should always buy hallmarked gold in Ahmedabad. It is proof that the quality of gold hasn't been compromised. Some elements that indicate hallmarked gold are as follows:


  • Retailer's logo
  • BIS logo
  • Assaying centre's logo
  • Purity in terms of carat and fineness


People in Vijayawada can invest in gold through physical assets, gold ETFs, and gold FOFs. 

As per future forecasts, the gold price in Vijayawada is going to experience a long-term increase. The future price of gold will continue to be influenced by factors like inflation, supply, demand, and more. 

Gold buyers in Vijayawada can invest in 10, 14, 28, 22, and 24 karat. But the purest form of gold sold in Vijayawada is 24 karat.

The ideal time to sell gold in Vijayawada is when you notice the price rising upwards. When gold prices are at an all-time high, you will be able to gain more capital by selling them. 

The purity of gold is measured by most retailers by checking the hallmark. While buying gold, you should check whether the hallmarking centre is authorised by BIS on its website.