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The Information Technology (IT) sector is gaining prominence rapidly as the world is gradually stepping into complete digitization. 

As India has become an IT hub for companies of all sizes, it is the ideal time to start investing in this sector. The increased dependency on IT in day-to-day life has led to rising demand for IT products and solutions. Thus, it is safe to say that investing in BSE IT indexes will only yield profitable returns. 

The S&P BSE IT (Information Technology) is designed to provide investors with a benchmark that reflects companies that are listed on the S&P BSE AllCap and are involved in the information technology (IT) sector.

IT equities offer larger investment returns and simpler price trend prediction than stocks from other sectors. IT stocks are currently in high demand in the stock market. 

BSE IT Scrip Selection Criteria

The following broad criteria should be followed while choosing SENSEX constituents:

● Listing Record: The stock must have a minimum of three months of BSE listing background. If the total market value of a recently listed firm falls within the top ten on the listing of BSE world, the standard minimum of three months is decreased to one month. A minimum listing record is not necessary if a firm is registered due to a merger, divestiture, or absorption.

● Trading Volume: During the previous three months, the scrip should’ve been exchanged on every other trading session. Dire situations, such as the stoppage of scrip, may warrant an exception.

● Market Cap Weightage: Depending on the three-month average free-float market cap, every scrip’s weightage in SENSEX must be a minimum of 0.5% of the IT index. 

● Sector/Industry Representation: The selection of scrip would typically consider a true reflection of the BSE universe’s listed firms.

● Track Record: According to the Index Committee, the firm must have a respectable track history.

Other Indices


How many benchmark BSE IT indices are there?

The baseline indicator of the BSE in India is referred to as the “Sensex.” The Sensex, which measures the Indian economy, consists of 30 of the biggest and busiest equities on the BSE.

How many different BSE subtypes exist?

On BSE, there are as many as 23 groups. Some of them, nevertheless, may not apply to stocks. Fixed-income instruments and government securities are divided into different categories in the lending market.

What is the near future of IT shares?

Experts predict that impact on IT (information technology) shares will continue in the coming years as a result of a variety of causes, such as the volatile securities industry and the deteriorating economic circumstances in significant global economies.

What are the two best BSE IT stocks to invest in for the long term?

In the large-capitalization sector, the ideal IT stocks in India are: 

● By market capitalization, TCS is by far the biggest IT business in India.
● Infosys, the second-largest producer of IT solutions in the nation, is a fantastic company to hold for the long term.

What is the reason behind the sudden downfall of IT stocks?

The majority of the profits made by Indian businesses come from their foreign customers. The state of the world markets has long been one of decline. The downturn has had the most impact on the IT businesses. The IT sector’s performance is directly correlated to how the international economy is performing right now.

Should I start investing in IT stocks?

The information technology sector is among India’s most important industries and a significant source of export earnings. By 2025, the market is anticipated to generate roughly 10% of GDP, up from its present 7.7% share.

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