Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund

Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund

Franklin Templeton Asst Mgmt(IND)Pvt Ltd Company is engaged in investment management and investment advisory services. The firm offers active and index-based equity, fixed income, and balanced funds. It also provides high net worth individuals, institutions, and corporate clients with investment advisory services.

Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund India was established in the year 1985. Founded by John Templeton, Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund India has Fidelity Asset Management Company India Ltd. as its Managing Company. This Company is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund India’s registered office is in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund India’s head office is in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund India is a unit of a global group and has offices in other countries like the USA, the U.K., Australia, Canada, and South Africa.

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Franklin Templeton Asset Management India Private Limited was formerly known as Franklin Templeton Asset Management Private Limited. Franklin Templeton Asset Management India Private Limited is authorized and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). The Company has its registered address at the Axis House, Plot No. 53, P.J. Ramchandani Marg, Ballard Estate, Mumbai 400001.

Some of their investment options include equity, fixed-income, and alternative investments. They currently have more than 3,000 employees worldwide. They have a client base of more than 12 million people. Their headquarters are in San Mateo, California.

There are a number of  Famous Franklin Templeton Mutual Funds, but the one that is relatively lesser known is Franklin Templeton Tax Savings Fund. This fund was launched in 1994 and is a long-term debt fund. This fund invests in government securities and corporate bonds. The objective of this fund is to generate tax-free income for the investors.

This fund is open for subscriptions throughout the year, but the amount that one can invest every financial year is limited. For example, during the financial year 2014-15, the amount that an individual investor can invest is ₹ 1.5 lakh. However, there is an option of investing in this fund on a regular basis in which the amount that can be invested every financial year is ₹ 15,000.

Mutual Fund Key Information

  • Mutual Fund
  • Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund
  • Setup Date
  • Feb-19-1996
  • Incorporation Date
  • Oct-06-1995
  • Sponsor
  • Templeton International Inc.
  • Trustee
  • Franklin Templeton Trustee Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • Chairman
  • N.A
  • CEO / MD
  • N.A
  • CIO
  • Mr Anand Radhakrishnan / Mr Santosh Kamath
  • Compliance Officer
  • Mr Saurabh Gangrade
  • Investor Service Officer
  • Ms Rini K Krishnan
  • Assets Managed
  • Rs. 82552.87 crores (Mar-31-2021)

Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund Managers

Anand Vasudevan - Equity - Senior Vice President & Head

Mr. Anand Vasudevan is the Senior Vice President (SVP) and head of Equity at Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund India. He joined the company in 2007 and manages Franklin India Bluechip Fund and Franklin India Flexi Cap Fund, along with other Equity-related schemes.

He is a Tech from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Management from the Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata. Additionally, he has completed a Master of Finance from London Business School and worked at several companies such as Dresden Kleinwort Wasserstein, and Keeffe, Bruyette & Woods, Inc.

Anand Radhakrishnan - Fund Manager

Mr Anand Radhakrishnan is a top fund manager at Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund. He has been managing the India Fund for over five years now and has been associated with Franklin Templeton for nearly a decade, and has an impressive record.

Mr Radhakrishnan is glad about his association with the Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund. The fund manager appreciates the Company’s financial management principles, philosophy, and strong global presence. He is also very pleased with the Company’s support, training, and career development programs.

Varun Sharma - Fund Manager

Mr Varun Sharma has over a decade of experience in the mutual fund industry. He started his career with Franklin Mutual Fund in 2006. He is very passionate about financial markets and enjoys reading about the working of various markets. He graduated from Lucknow University and holds a bachelor’s degree in Commerce. Here is a list of some of the things he has done. 

He has served Franklin Templeton as the Fund Design and Research Manager. He was also instrumental in the launch of a new fund. He organizes seminars and conferences for new and existing investors. In the long run, Mr Varun Sharma is looking forward to expanding the purview of Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund in India.

Rajasa Kakulavarapu - Fund Manager

Mr Rajasa Kakulavarapu, who was born in India and brought up in Singapore, has been in the fund management field for more than 15 years, working extensively with Franklin Templeton’s Singapore office. He is currently the fund manager of the Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund. His previous jobs included working as the head of research in a leading asset management company with two Indian-based companies. He was a stock analyst with an Indian brokerage company before that. He is a CFA charter holder, a Certified Financial Planner, and holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree.

Ajay Argal - Fund Manager

Mr Ajay Argal is a top manager for Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund, and he’s known for his great management skills and strong business expertise. He’s been working with Franklin Templeton since 1988 and has been ranked as one of the best fund managers in the business. 

Besides his business expertise, Ajay is also known for his commitment to the growth and success of employees. He believes that the Company’s overall success is due to each employee’s work and supports their advancement through the Company by attending events and conferences. He is also a popular speaker and has appeared at various events such as the Annual Investor Forum and the Mutual Fund Leadership Forum.

Anil Prabhudas - Assistant Vice President

Mr. Anil Prabhudas is the Assistant Vice President and Portfolio Manager for Franklin Templeton India and has been with the company for many years holding multiple positions. He is the Fund Manager for Franklin India Opportunities Fund, Franklin India Taxshield Fund, Franklin Templeton India Monthly Income Plan, Franklin Templeton India Balanced Fund, Franklin Templeton India Pension Plan, and Franklin Templeton India Children’s Asset Plan.

Before joining Franklin Templeton, Mr. Prabhudas was with Pioneer ITI, which Templeton Asset Management India Pvt Ltd acquired in 1994. He is a Chartered Accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Mumbai.

Janakirman Rengaraju - Equity - Assistant Vice President

Mr. Janakiraman Rengaraju is the Assistant Vice President (AVP), Portfolio Manager, and Senior Research Analyst for Equities at Franklin Templeton, India. At Franklin Templeton Mutual Funds, he oversees several funds, primarily Franklin India Prima Plus and Franklin India Prima Fund.

Mr. Rengaraju is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). He has completed his BTech from Government College of Technology, Coimbatore, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Management from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM). Before joining Franklin Templeton Mutual Funds, he worked with UTI Securities and later joined the Indian Syntans Group.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Different Growth Schemes of Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund?

Depending on the type of investor you are, your choice of fund can make or break you. There are more than 400 Franklin Mutual Funds, each with a different approach to investing. The different growth schemes of Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund are Equity Growth Plan (EGPl), Equity Fund of Funds (EFOF), Equity Fund (EQF), Global Growth Plan (GGP), Balanced Fund (BBF), Value Fund (V.B.), Debt Fund (DFF) and Short Term Debt Fund (DFF).

What is the minimum amount to start a Franklin Templeton mutual fund?

The minimum amount required to invest in a Franklin Templeton mutual fund depends on your selected option. However, the lowest amount you can choose for an IDFC mutual fund SIP is INR 500, while it is INR 5000 for a lump sum investment.

What are the additional benefits of investing in Franklin Templeton mutual funds with 5Paisa?

With 5Paisa, you can easily invest in Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund and other investment options at ZERO commission. In addition, investing with 5Paisa is safe and enables you to the benefits such as:

  • Professional Management
  • Simple SIP or lump sum investment process
  • Liquidity Transparency
  • You can invest in mutual funds by starting a SIP as low as INR 500 or with
  • Flexibility to choose from a wide range of options

How to Stop SIP in Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund Online Using 5paisa?

Yes. You can stop your SIP at any time by logging into your 5paisa account, selecting the Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund option, and hitting stop.

How much should I invest in a Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund SIP?

To invest in Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund, you need to choose the right investment platform and fix the amount that you would like to invest. To know the right amount to invest, it is always best to understand the risks, the outcome expected and the financial goal that one has in mind.

Can you increase the SIP amount for a Franklin Templeton mutual fund?

Yes, you can easily increase the SIP amount at any time. To do so, simply follow the process below:

  • Go to the SIP section and select the SIP that you want to increase/revise the amount for
  • Once you have selected the SIP of your choice, choose the EDIT SIP option
  • Update the SIP amount, frequency, or installment date as per your preference
  • Once you have updated the details, you will receive a notification about the revisions to your SIP

Do I need a DEMAT account for investing in Franklin Templeton mutual funds with 5Paisa?

You don’t necessarily have to open a DEMAT account to buy Franklin Templeton Mutual Funds or invest in any mutual funds. You can simply download the 5Paisa App and start investing in the mutual fund of your choice.

How many investment options does Franklin Templeton Mutual Funds offer?

Franklin Templeton Asset Management Company India offers around 197 schemes, with offerings as diverse as:

  • Equity Fund
  • Money Market Fund
  • Retirement Fund
  • Overnight Fund
  • Ultra Short Duration Fund
  • Small Cap Fund
  • Mid Cap Fund
  • Large Cap Fund
  • Value Fund
  • Thematic Fund
  • Liquid Fund
  • Fixed Income Fund
  • ELSS Fund
  • Hybrid Fund
  • International Fund
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