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Jul 16, 2024 01:22 PM IST

NSE Tightens F&O Trading with Over 1,000 Collateral Securities Removed

National Stock Exchange (NSE) will revise the collateral eligibility for over 1,000 securities, starting August 1, 2024. Securities with low trading activity or high impact cost will be excluded, affecting notable stocks like Adani Power and Yes Bank. The transition includes gradual haircut increases for clearing members. High-capitalization stocks and certain mutual funds will see adjusted haircuts to account for market volatility

Jul 16, 2024 01:17 PM IST

MC Exclusive: F&O Crackdown - Panel Suggests One Weekly Option per Exchange, ₹20-30 Lakh Minimum Lot Size

The Working Committee on Futures and Options has proposed measures to address the rise in derivatives volume. Key recommendations include increasing the minimum lot size, limiting weekly options expiries, and reducing strike prices. SEBI formed this committee to curb excessive speculation

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