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About Goldman Sachs CPSE ETF

Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P. introduced the exchange-traded fund named Reliance Mutual Fund - CPSE ETF. Goldman Sachs Asset Management (India) Private Limited oversees its management. The fund makes investments in India's public equities markets. It looks forward to investing in the stocks of businesses operating across various industries, including those whose primary ownership is held by the federal government. The fund makes equity investments in companies with market capitalizations ranging from Rs. 1,000 Crores to any amount over that.

Investing in the company's stocks according to their weightings in the Index aims to mirror the performance of the CPSE Index. The fund was initially known as the CPSE ETF share price by Goldman Sachs Mutual Fund. On March 18, 2014, Reliance Mutual Fund - CPSE ETF was established, with its headquarters in India.

The Government of India (GOI), through its Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA), approved the creation of a central public sector enterprise exchange traded fund (ETF) on May 2, 2013, which would be launched as a CPSE ETF share price and mutual fund scheme. This action was taken as part of the GOI's disinvestment program.

By investing in the Securities that are components of the CPSE Index in the same proportion as the Index, the investment aim of this Scheme is to produce returns that, before expenditures, are closely corresponding to the Securities' total returns as characterized by the Index.

Key Features of Goldman Sachs CPSE ETF

The key features of the Goldman Sachs CPSE ETF are as follows:
●    This fund scheme's main objective is to offer returns closely corresponding to the security's total returns before the expenses, as the CPSE index signifies. This is possible when the investors invest in investments that are in the same proportion as the Index and are a component of the CPSE index.

●    The current net asset value of the CPSE ETF as of February 24, 2023, is Rs 39.1300 for the Growth option of its Regular plan.

●    It is benchmarked against the NIFTY CPSE Total Return Index.

●    Its average returns are 13.49% (1 year), 15.99% (3 years), 4.54% (5 years), and 8.9%. (since launch). However, the category returns of the CPSE ETF are 5.89% (1 year), 15.9% (3 years), and 5.02% for the same time period (5yr).

●    As of September 30, 2022, the CPSE ETF price has assets under management of Rs. 17917.08 crores.

●    As of September 30, 2021, the expense ratio for the fund's Standard plan is 0.01%.

●    There is no Exit Load for the chosen fund.

●    The needed minimum investment is Rs. 5000, and the minimal extra investment is Rs 1. The smallest SIP investment is Rs 0.

●    According to the most recent SEBI criteria for grading risk, investments in the CPSE ETF share price fall under the very high-risk category.

Goldman Sachs CPSE ETF - Growth Option Key Statistics

Relative Strength Index


Money Flow Index


MACD Signal


Average True Range


Goldman Sachs CPSE ETF - Growth Option Technicals


-0.69 (-0.81)
  • 20 Day


  • 50 Day


  • 100 Day


  • 200 Day


Goldman Sachs CPSE ETF - Growth Option Resistance and support

First Resistance 85.06
Second Resistance 86.05
Third Resistance 86.62
RSI 63.41
MFI 100
MACD Single Line 1.42
First Support 83.50
Second Support 82.93
Third Support 81.94

Goldman Sachs CPSE ETF - Growth Option Price change analysis


Over 1 month

Low High
73.71 85.49


Over 3 month

Low High
85.49 85.49


Over 6 months

Low High
51.35 85.49


Over Year

Low High
40.2 85.49

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Goldman Sachs CPSE ETF - Growth Option FAQs

Is it good to invest in CPSE ETF?

Although investing in CPSE ETF share enables you to expose yourself to PSUs securely, these businesses are not risk-free. Any adverse changes in oil prices or changes in governmental restrictions will impact the unit prices of the CPSE ETF due to the Index's more significant concentration of oil & gas stocks. If they wish to invest in a fund manager-insulated fund and have a high tolerance for risk, investors may want to think about buying the CPSE ETF. Instead of investing in CPSEs individually, this ETF offers a superior strategy.

What is the future prediction of the CPSE ETF?

According to the future prediction, the stock share price CPSE ETF for 2028-02-18 is 84.204 INR. Long-term growth is anticipated. The anticipated income after a 5-year investment is roughly +115.63%. A minimum Rs 100 investment now might be worth up to Rs 215.63 in 2028.

What is the target price for CPSE ETF?

Forecasts and targets for the intraday price of Goldman Sachs CPSE share price are 38.22, 38.49, and 37.94 on the downside and 39.43, 39.7, and 40.36 on the upside.

Does the CPSE ETF pay a dividend?

The dividend yield for the underlying equities in CPSE ETF is 3.74%. Thus, a continuous cash flow for the ETF is advantageous to investors.

What is the current NAV of Goldman Sachs CPSE ETF - Growth Option?

The NAV of Goldman Sachs CPSE ETF - Growth Option is ₹84 as of 13-04-2024

How are the returns of Goldman Sachs CPSE ETF - Growth Option?

The returns of Goldman Sachs CPSE ETF - Growth Option for different time periods are:
  • 1 year - 43.18%
  • 3 year - 62.7%
  • 5 year - 56.99%

What is the 52-week high and low of Goldman Sachs CPSE ETF - Growth Option?

The 52-week high of Goldman Sachs CPSE ETF - Growth Option is 85.49 and the 52-week low is 40.2

How can I buy Goldman Sachs CPSE ETF - Growth Option?

You can buy Goldman Sachs CPSE ETF - Growth Option through 5paisa app. Open a brokerage account, browse and choose Goldman Sachs CPSE ETF - Growth Option and purchase ETF through funds in your trading account.