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Invest in US markets with curated portfolios and zero commission


Build a diversified, low cost and long term portfolio


Manage your trades without coding, on the go


Create and analyze your own trades and strategies


Tavaga's algorithms manage the investments using ETFs, & help investors reach their goals


Automatically import trades, calculate Profit-Loss, and pay taxes on time


Automated Platform for Seamless Investing and Trading


Bring institutional-grade investment products to everyday investors


Investment advisory portfolio for investors


Investment advisory portfolio for investors


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Through our motto ‘A Paisa Saved is A Paisa Earned’ we have become a brokerage of choice. Open a single demat account with us, completely paperless and invest in several products.Pay a flat fee of Rs. 20/order across segments to get more value for your money. What’s more, you can also avail customized add-on packs. We give you the chance to develop your own trading terminal (with free of cost APIs and other benefits). Our best-in-class technological capabilities provide you a superior online share trading experience. In short, we are committed to delight you every time you engage with us. Read more..

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