Nifty Commodities

As on 12 Apr 2024 06:04

Nifty Commodities Performance

Day Range

  • Low 8644.25
  • High 8760
  • Open8,732.80
  • Previous Close8,729.55
  • Dividend Yeild1.68%
  • High


  • Low


  • Day Open Price


  • Prev Close


  • P/E



Nifty Commodities chart


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Can I check nifty commodity index Historical data?

You can check Nifty commodity index historical data free of cost. For the given date range, you can get the final price, opening, peak, low, movement, and percentage change. You can view the statistics every day, every week, or every month.

How to select the best stocks from nifty commodity index companies?

You'll have to consider specific criteria to select the best Nifty commodities stocks list. You can choose companies with excellent revenue growth with the help of return ratios like ROE or ROCE. When selecting the top Nifty Commodity stocks, consider things like stock returns over various time periods, return on equity, price to earnings (P/E) and book value (P/BV) ratios, as well as the profitability of the company.

What are the best-performing stocks in the nifty commodity index?

Some of the best-performing Nifty commodity stocks are as follows: 

Coal India Ltd. (L) – Yearly Gain of 35.83%, which is excellent.
JSW Steel Ltd. (L) – Yearly Gain of 12.13%, which is great
Jindal Steel & Power Ltd. – Yearly Gain of 39.60%, which is somewhat reasonable.

Which nifty commodity index companies have had the highest revenue growth in the past five years?

Independent of market trends, companies with substantial profit growth frequently see their stock values increase. The Nifty Commodities businesses with the highest five-year profit growth were:

Tata Steel Ltd. (L) – Revenue Growth for the last five years is 50.47%, which is somewhat good. 
Aarti Industries Ltd (M) – Revenue Growth for the last five years is 30.29%, which is excellent. 
Deepak Nitrite – Revenue Growth for the last five years is 53.42%, which is somewhat reasonable. 

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