Gold Rate Today in Chennai

-220 (-0.36%)
As on 03 October, 2023 | 10g of 24k gold

Gold is one of the most popular, desired, and valuable metals in Chennai and in various parts of India. The price of gold keeps fluctuating and changing every day across several cities in this nation, and Chennai is one of them. There are 12 factors that influence the gold price today in Chennai, like global trends, geopolitical situation, rupee-dollar impact on gold, inflation, and more.


There’s no denying that every Indian household considers it a symbol of prosperity and good fortune. Keeping the cultural values aside, gold is also now an excellent investment opportunity. All these things contribute to why people buy gold in bulk across various Indian cities, including Chennai. 

Most importantly, several investors have switched from investing in physical gold to trading in gold-based derivatives via stock exchanges and as a commodity. No matter how bad the economy is, people still buy and use gold across India. The gold consumption remains the same. If you’re considering gold as an investment opportunity, you must stay informed about the gold rate today in Chennai. Whether planning to invest in gold bars, coins, or jewelry, you should always know what the current gold price in Chennai is beforehand.

Today 24 Carat Gold Rate in Chennai (INR)

Gram 24 Carat Gold Today (₹) 24 Carat Gold Yesterday (₹) Daily Price Change (₹)
1 gram 6,011 6,033 -22
8 gram 48,088 48,264 -176
10 gram 60,110 60,330 -220
100 gram 601,100 603,300 -2,200

Today 22 Carat Gold Rate in Chennai (INR)

Gram 22 Carat Gold Today (₹) 22 Carat Gold Yesterday (₹) Daily Price Change (₹)
1 gram 5,510 5,530 -20
8 gram 44,080 44,240 -160
10 gram 55,100 55,300 -200
100 gram 551,000 553,000 -2,000

Historical Gold Rates in Chennai

Date 24 Carat (per gm) % Change(24 Carat) 22 Carat (per gm) % Change(22 Carat)

Indian Major Cities Gold Rates Today (10g)

City 24 Carat Gold Today 22 Carat Gold Today
Hyderabad 59830 57475
New Delhi 59121 59499
Mumbai 58040 53200
Bangalore 59830 57470
Kerala 62680 57456
Ahmedabad 62700 57475
Pune 60847 55777
Vijayawada 62700 57475
Coimbatore 62695 57470

Factors That Influence Gold Prices in Chennai

The gold price in Chennai is determined by several variables that include: 
Macroeconomic Factors

Gold prices rise when demand for it rises, and vice versa. Numerous macroeconomic factors impact the demand for gold. 

For instance, demand for gold rises during uncertain economic times as investors seek out safe asset classes.

The substantial value of gold acts as a protective barrier against inflation as it rarely fluctuates when compared to currency. This is the reason why traders like holding gold over money. As a consequence, demand for gold rises during times when inflation is high and vice versa. 

The subsequent surge in demand from buyers will cause gold’s price to soar. Both domestic and foreign inflation in India is consistent with this.
Fluctuations In Currency

Another factor that influences the price of gold is changes in currency values. The rupee’s value often affects India’s gold prices with respect to the US dollar. 

As the market price of the Indian rupee declines, the cost of importing gold rises. Subsequently, gold prices increased dramatically in Chennai and other parts of India.
Supply & Demand 

The primary element that influences the cost of any marketable good, including gold, is the balance between supply and demand.

The gold price will increase if there is a greater demand for it than there is supply, and it will decrease if there is a more excellent supply than there is demand. 

Because there may not be enough gold mined each year to meet demand, the supply could be reduced.
Public Gold Reserves

Gold’s price increases as the nation’s central banks begin accumulating gold reserves and buying more of it. This is because more money is moving through the market while less gold is available. 

Most central banks of the big nations maintain reserves of both money and gold. Two excellent instances of this are the Reserve Bank of India and the US Federal Reserve.
Geopolitical Situations

Geopolitical developments can affect gold prices. Given that gold is a secure investment, consumers may turn to it to protect their capital should a nation undergo political or economic unrest. 

Similarly, if a nation has a rapid economic expansion, the demand for the metal may decline since fewer individuals will need to keep their funds in gold bullion.
Jewelry Market

Gold jewelry is trendy in Chennai. In Indian households, gold jewelry has a special place, whether it’s for celebrations or birthdays. 

Due to increasing consumer demand, gold prices rise throughout the wedding season and during holidays like Diwali. A mismatch between supply and demand results in higher pricing.
Transportation Expenses

Since gold is a tangible item, it necessitates transportation and costs more money. Most imports are carried out via air. After that, gold is moved to various inner locations. 

Fees associated with transportation include items like fuel, car maintenance, employee costs, etc. Gold needs strict security in addition to regular transit, which raises the price.
Interest Rate Trends 

Customers often sell gold to get cash when interest rates are higher. Thus there is more gold available, which lowers the metal’s price. 

Alternately, lower interest rates result in more money in consumers’ pockets, increasing demand for gold and, consequently, the metal’s price.
The Quantity of Gold 

There is an existing difference between the demand for gold in a City and a state. Nearly 40% of India’s overall gold consumption comes from the south. Nearly a third of India’s gold imports are used in Kerala. 

Compared to tier 2 cities, the demand for gold is higher in Chennai and other cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata. It enables buyers to purchase gold in large quantities and in savings. They can sell for less as a result.
Local Jewellery Traders’ Association

Gold prices in a city are influenced by regional bullion or jewelry groups. For instance, the Chennai-based Jewellers and Diamond Traders’ Association plays a part in determining the price of gold in Tamil Nadu. 

Other such organizations control regional gold rates around the nation.
Purchase Price of Gold

It has the biggest impact on how much gold costs in Chennai. Jewelers that have stock that was purchased for less might set lower prices. The source of the gold is also a problem. 

In India, gold is officially subject to a 10% import charge and a 3% tax. The reason why gold prices vary among nations is that each one has its own tariffs and taxes.

How is Today's Gold Rate in Chennai Determined?

The price of Gold in Chennai is influenced by many variables that impact the metal's availability and demand. 

This encompasses the commercial banks that hold or retain Gold as a backup, purchase and sell Gold, trade gold through gold exchange-traded funds and cross-currency headwinds that affect gold rates both upward and downward. It is up to the trader to be wise and purchase whenever prices have fallen.

Today gold rate in Chennai for 22 carat gold weighing 10 grams is Rs. 28,508, while the current price for ten grams of 24-carat hallmarked Gold in Chennai is Rs. 30,495.

However, it isn't anticipated that the gold price in Chennai will continue to rise in 2023 unless certain geopolitical implications make this necessary. The increase of gold prices in Chennai and throughout India is expected to be restrained by a resilient domestic stock market as well as a strong currency.

Did you ever wonder how gold prices in Lalitha Jewellery or GRT Chennai are established? 

Calculating the gold rates in Chennai is trickier than you'd imagine. This is because we should consider the variables affecting Chennai's gold prices for gold. In actuality, all types of Gold, not just 22 karats.

1. Interest rates: 

The rates of interest are a major variable. People sell Gold and purchase fixed-yielding securities as rates of interest increase in wealthy nations. This impacts the regular gold rates in Chennai.

2. Request the priceless metal: 

It's quite simple to understand this idea. As is common knowledge, prices will increase for items in line with customer expectations and decrease for items with slow growth. Gold falls under this as well.

3. Public policies: 

When governmental policies are unfavorable to gold bullion, the gold price in Chennai goes up. Let's take the simple example of how taxes and charges imposed by the government cause prices to decrease.

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) has been increased, affecting Chennai's gold prices. For instance, the GST currently levies a 5% manufacturing fee on Gold, whereas the Goods and Services Tax (GST) rate for Gold is 3%. 

As a result, gold prices in Chennai are now higher than ever. Although it is challenging to correlate gold prices in Chennai with levels before the introduction of the GST, the gold sector was fortunate that the production costs of Gold itself dropped.

4. Regional aspects:

A range of regional considerations, such as local government taxes and levies, also impact Gold.

In summary, a wide range of variables affect gold prices in Chennai at the moment. Prior to making a purchase, compare prices. You must refrain from making a costly purchase unless absolutely necessary. You could use the tactic of purchasing declines. 

To profit from the increase in the value of the gold bullion, we advise you to purchase for the exceptionally long term. Each of these factors affects the current price of Gold in Chennai.

Places to Buy Gold in Chennai

Chennai offers a wide variety of locations where customers can purchase Gold. In Chennai, consumers can buy Gold from reputable jewelry stores. 

Chennai is home to a few of the most well-known jewelry manufacturers. Some among them are Thanga Nagai Maligai, Saravana Stores, Prince Jewellery, G R Thanga Maligai, Mehta Jewelry, Nathella Sampathu Chetty Jewelry, Vummidi Bangaru Srihari Sons, NAC Jewellers, Lalitha Jewelry, and so on.

Importing Gold into Chennai

The process of importing Gold into Chennai has many facets. You should have the following in mind.

  • If you've spent over a year abroad, you can only import up to Rs. 1 lakh worth of Gold. 
  • The aforementioned only applies to women; men are really only permitted to import Gold worth Rs 50,000. 
  • To avoid being interrogated upon returning to Chennai with Gold, you must have an exporting certificate when leaving the nation. 
  • This is a crucial piece of evidence that you took Gold away from the nation and also serves as a priceless record.
  • It's crucial to realize that for the aforementioned standards to apply, you must have spent over a year abroad.
  • It's also crucial to remember that the maximum amount of Gold you can carry at any given time is 1 kilogram.
  • Prior to purchasing and importing physical Gold into the nation, there are other considerations that you'll want to make. 
  • It's crucial to realize that the laws governing the importation of Gold into the nation are always evolving, and you must be familiar with each one of them.

Alternatively, you'll find yourself in uncomfortable situations. Furthermore, it's crucial to remember that you must leave the nation for a while before importing Gold into it. You cannot bring Gold into the nation otherwise. There aren't many worries on that front because imported Gold has always been pure. 

The majority of the major banks and financial institutions import or bring Gold into India. Therefore the average person shouldn't be terribly worried about this. For instance, several major companies in India, such as the State Bank of India and the Mineral and Metal Trading Corporation, import gold.

Gold as an Investment in Chennai

The various kinds of gold investments include the following:

  • Bullion: Customers often purchase bullion in the form of bars. Bullion's market value is based on its percentage of gold bullion, which is defined by its fineness and mass.


  • Jewelry: Since Chennai is renowned for its wedding jewelry selections, many individuals opt to buy gold jewelry.


  • Investment: Investors buy gold coins as a component of their investment. In Chennai, gold coins are available in various weights and karats.

GST Impact on Gold Price in Chennai

With excitement and trepidation, India embraced the Goods and Services Tax (GST), the largest tax revision enacted since independence, on July 1. Since then, in particular, the potential effects of GST on the Indian economy have been the topic of much discussion.

By combining all of India's states' indirect taxes, the GST Council established the rates for goods and significant services. For various commodities and services, the GST tax rates have been finalized at 0%, 5%, 12%, 18%, and 28%; over 50% of goods and services are subject to the 18% tax rate.

Owing to GST, the gold price has increased somewhat in India from 2% in the vast majority of states before GST to 3% on Gold and 5% on making fees.

According to the most recent declaration from the chairman of the Chennai Gold and Diamond Jewellery Traders Association, gold jewelry has historically been a necessity for every home. GST has also impacted the Chennai gold rate.

Pre-GST taxes on Gold in Chennai were initially 1%; they are now 3%, and anyone looking to buy Gold would need to pay a GST fee of Rs. 400 per sovereign. Therefore, customers would be responsible for paying the GST tax as well as the high gold price in Chennai.

Things to Remember Before Buying Gold in Chennai

One of the most popular locations for purchasing gold jewelry is Chennai. If you're too busy to purchase some gold from this location due to the current gold rate in Chennai, you'll discover this data to be accurate.

1. Purity: 

Another of the most crucial things to consider is purity. 14 karat (58.33% pure), 18 karats (75% pure), 22 karat (92% pure), and 24 karats (99.9% and higher) gold are among the most popular purity levels. 

Although 24-carat gold is the finest form, the great malleability and ductility factor restrict its customization options in jewelry production, limiting its commercial utility. The purity quality of the Gold is shown by its hallmark. Therefore, be sure to always go for hallmarked jewelry.

Since it will be simple to swap in the future, always purchase certified gold jewelry. Additionally, it makes sure that Gold is trustworthy and pure.

2. Weight & Labor Charges:

Most Gold is bought after it has been weighed. You must ensure that the Gold is weighed directly in front of you and that no additional fees are applied.

When purchasing Gold, this is among the most typical errors consumers make. These are also referred to as charging. Make sure the fees for making charges are minimal.

3. Stay Informed About The Gold Prices Charges: 

Leading jewelers and even small-town jewelers regularly offer better prices by the karat. Assume the present gold price is $3000 per gram for 24K. As an illustration, the price per gram you must spend to purchase a 22K gold ring is 22K/24K*3000 = 2750. 

However, they always charge you more—about 5-8 percent more—because most clients don't object and are unsure of exactly how it should be calculated. As a result, they discover that they are profiting from the current gold price.

4. Go By The Gold Price To Pay For Everything: 

Sometimes customers find themselves overpaying for gold designs with colored gemstones, pearls, fake rubies, etc., embedded into the Gold when they do not inquire the jeweler about subtracting their value from the gold object.

5. White, Rose And Yellow Gold Are All The Same Price:

Jewelers constantly push for higher prices while producing alloys and rose Gold. However, given that it appears they just need to combine a few alloys to produce that particular gold color, this is unlikely to be true. So, no matter what color your Gold is, you shouldn't ever pay more.

Difference Between KDM and Hallmarked Gold

Before making a gold purchase, you must comprehend the true distinction between hallmarked and KDM Gold. To put it plainly, Gold is divided into these two groups according to its purity and degree of alloying. 

Gold is a malleable, ductile material in its purest form (24K). Because of this, it is shaped to become jewelry by soldering using a material (metal) that has a low melting point (lower than that of Gold), trying to ensure only the soldering metal heats and seamlessly joins the bits of Gold. 

Because of its low melting point and solubility, cadmium was originally known as the perfect solder metal. Nevertheless, the BIS or the Bureau of Indian Standards prohibited the usage of cadmium as a soldering metal because it triggered serious health issues, including dangerous skin sensitivities, in goldsmiths and other gold artists. 

There are now fewer health dangers in the sector as other elements like copper or zinc have already substituted cadmium. Hallmark is considered the standard seal of approval given to Gold by the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards). 

BIS evaluates if the Gold satisfies and conforms with the regional, national, and global requirements for refinement and purity.


Today, people can invest in Gold in Chennai in several ways, including through gold FOFs (Funds of Funds), gold ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), solid Gold, gold schemes, jewelry, etc.

Future gold prices in Chennai will be influenced by variables such as supply, demand, inflation, and many others.

Different karats of Gold, including 10, 14, 18, 22, and 24 karat, are offered in Chennai.

Yes, Short-term capital gains will be applied to your earnings and taxed in accordance with your tax rate when you sell Gold within 3 years from the date of acquisition. 

Gold is regarded as long-term if it is sold after three years, and long-term capital gains are subject to an index-adjusted 20% tax. Thus, it's best to sell them after three years of acquisition. 

There are numerous centers for hallmarking where you can determine the purity of Gold. The Bureau of Indian Standards established them. In Chennai, you can inquire and ask questions to learn where these centers are. 

Today, however, when we purchase hallmarked jewelry, we no longer have to verify the purity of Gold. You can demand hallmarked jewelry. Perhaps there are no concerns regarding the quality because these have previously been evaluated. Purity testing is quick and may be completed in under 15 minutes.