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Not only does the Indian automobile industry make a significant contribution to the GDP, but it also creates a significant amount of jobs. Because the industry plays such a significant role, it is vital to establish a benchmarking tool capable of assessing its overall performance and each of its individual components.  

And the Nifty Auto Index is specifically designed for that purpose.

The NIFTY Auto Index is created to highlight the actions and results of the stock market's automotive market. There are 15 exchange-listed, marketable firms that make up the NIFTY Auto Index. 

The equities of firms involved in the automobile industry are represented in this index. This comprises carmakers and related businesses like parts and tire producers. The Nifty Auto sectors index is relatively narrow because the auto sector is a fairly close-knit group in and of itself.

NIFTY Auto Scrip Selection Criteria

●  A company must be among the top 500 firms by median free-float market capitalization and six-month total revenue.

●  The company's trading regularity in the previous six months must have been at least 90%.
The business needs to have disclosed a growing total value.

●  The company must have a six-month listing record. If a firm launches an IPO and meets the standard eligibility requirements for the indices for a 3-month term rather than a 6-month timeframe, it will qualify for incorporation in the index.

●  Depending on the companies' free-float market capitalization, the final choice of 15 companies will be made.

●  The evaluation will occur every two years.

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Should I start investing in the automobile sector?

Thanks to several reasons, such as increased expendable cash, robust demand for automobiles, and an expanding government emphasis on building infrastructure, the automotive industry is anticipated to increase at a CAGR Rate of 7% over the upcoming years.

Can I buy the Nifty auto index?

For a dedicated line into a long-term investment in the automotive index, you must participate in the Nifty auto index through the Nippon India ETF Nifty BeES. Sadly, there aren't any alternative index funds or exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that are auto-index-focused.

Why is the automotive sector surging high?

A computer chip scarcity that started during the epidemic is partly to blame for the subsequent increase in car prices. Car manufacturers decreased their semiconductor orders as individuals spent little time traveling and more hours at home, which caused a subsequent reduction in chip manufacturing.

What do you mean by Nifty Auto index trading?

The Nifty Auto Index trading isn't possible, in contrast to the remaining two indexes you've seen in previous sections. The NSE hasn't quite introduced any financial derivatives using the Nifty Auto index as that of the asset class, which is the simple reason for this. 

While this could give the impression that there's minimal need for Nifty Auto Index, keep in mind that investment managers frequently use the indicator to compare the results of their funds to that of the index.

What are the major stocks available in NIFTY Auto?

A few companies whose stocks are available in this NIFTY Auto category are Ashok Leyland
Balkrishna Industries, Bosch, Exide Industries, MRF, Maruti Suzuki India, TVS Motor Company, Amara Raja Batteries, Bajaj Auto, Bharat Forge, Eicher Motors, Hero MotoCorp, Mahindra & Mahindra, Motherson Sumi Systems, and Tata Motors.4

Is it okay to purchase Nifty intraday?

On an intraday level, you will trade the Nifty or stock options. In this, a trader must start the day with an open position and cancel it before the market closes. The steps you must take to execute an intraday transaction are similar to those required to complete a futures trade.

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