Nifty Services Sector

As on 22 Apr 2024 02:04

Nifty Services Sector Performance

Day Range

  • Low 27939.05
  • High 28161.8
  • Open28,161.30
  • Previous Close27,879.15
  • Dividend Yeild1.11%
  • High


  • Low


  • Day Open Price


  • Prev Close


  • P/E



Nifty Services Sector chart


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Is Nifty service sector a good investment?

In short, yes, it is. It’s because the nifty service sector has stocks from some of the leading and reputed companies in the country. When you invest in these stocks, you get to become an owner of these companies as well.

Can I check Nifty service sector share price historical data?

Yes, you can easily check the share price data of the nifty service sector index. You just need to visit a reliable stock exchange website and look for the “historical data” section. On that page, provide the year and date of the data you wish to see. Click on the search button, and you will get the details instantly.

How to choose the best stocks from nifty infrastructure companies?

If you wish to choose the best stocks in the nifty service sector, you first need to check the company, the number of stocks it has in-store and how well these stocks are performing.

What are best performing stocks in the nifty service sector index?

The best performing stocks under the nifty service sector companies are:
ETF [Exchangeable Traded Funds]
Infrastructure Development and Operations

Which Nifty service sector companies have the highest revenue growth in the past five years?

Here is the nifty service sector companies with the highest revenue in the past 5 years:
Adani Green ENE
Adani Ports
Avenue Supermar
Axis Bank
Bandhan Bank
Bajaj Finance

Which Nifty service sector have the highest profit growth in the past five years?

The list of companies under the Nifty Service Sector that has the highest increase in profit are:
Adani Ports and SEZ
Bajaj Finserv
Indiabulls Hou. Fin.
Gail [India]

How Can I invest in Nifty Infrastructure companies shares from 5paisa?

To invest in nifty service sector firms, register as a new member on the 5paisa website. After that, fill out the KYC details, create a Demat account and then check the stocks you wish to invest.

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