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  • Low 22729.42
  • High 22961.02
  • Open22,910.34
  • Previous Close22,913.80
  • Dividend Yeild1.39%
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S&P BSE 500

BSE Ltd, also known as Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd, created a new index called the BSE 500. This index contains 500 scrips. When constructing this index, changing patterns of the market and the economy was kept in mind.

S&P BSE 500 index is said to represent around 93% of the overall market capitalization on the Bombay Stock Exchange. The index covers 20 main sectors of the economy. By staying in line with all the other indices, the calculation methodology of August 16th, 2005, was shifted towards the free-float procedure.

After conducting a detailed analysis of the BSE 200 volatility, the Bombay Stock Exchange fixed the base year for S&P BSE 500. February 1st, 1999, became the base year, and it’s mainly because of its proximity to the existing period.

The base value got fixed on 1000 points so that the index is comparable with all the other indices.

S&P BSE 500 Scrip Selection Criteria

You will learn about the scrip selection criteria for S&P BSE 500 under this section:

● All the equities of the business, which are mentioned under the Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd, are qualified.

● Scrip needed to trade around 75% during the trading days within the past 3 months.

● It’s important to rank all the businesses based on their 3 monthly turnover, free-float market capitalization, and entire market capitalization.

● It’s crucial to calculate the final rank that carries a weightage of 75% to get listed on the market cap and 25% needed to get listed on turnover.

● The combined rank should be calculated by taking up the summation of the final rank according to the free float and full market capitalization.

● Companies that have a final rank of over 500 according to their free float and full market capitalization will get excluded from the list.

● Companies that have the full final rank and FF final rank within 500 should be included. Besides, it’s important to include all those companies that have a superior combined last rank of the overall exclusions.

● During the time of inclusion shortfall, choose companies that have the FF final rank, superior combined final rank, and a combined final rank under 500.

● If there is more shortfall, it can get filled up by including all those companies according to the combined final rank.

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What’s the market cap of the S&P BSE 500?

The market cap or the market capitalization of the S&P BSE 500 INR0.00. The market capitalization, in short, the market cap, gets determined when you multiply it with the existing market price of the business’s shares by the overall outstanding shares. That way, you can easily learn about the market cap without many issues.

Why must you buy the S&P BSE 500 shares from a brokerage platform?

The brokerage platforms, in today’s era, will not just provide you with a list of company shares but will also offer you accurate data on these shares. So, when you purchase the S&P BSE 500 shares from these platforms, you will not experience any problems during the purchasing process. Make sure to complete the registration work and log in to the platform to complete the buying work.

What is the PB and PE ratio of the S&P BSE 500?

According to all the latest reports, the PE and PB ratio for the S&P BSE 500 stands at 0. Please check the website of a reliable brokerage firm to learn more.

What’s the 52-week low and high of the S&P BSE 500?

The 52-week low carries a different value from the 52-week high. But for the S&P BSE 500, the 52-weel high and low is at INR 0.00.

When can you conduct your trading activities?

According to BSE, all investors can conduct their trading activities from Monday to Friday. Sundays and Saturdays are viewed as holidays. 

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