Stocks Under 100 Rs.

While starting your journey in the stock market you don’t need to spend a lot of money. We the 5paisa Research team have selected a list of stocks that have a price of less than Rs.100 per share, which have a very good potential to grow in the time ahead. The stocks which are mentioned in the list are chosen after analyzing price trends, news, speculation, and fundamental analysis.

Top 5 Stocks Under 100 Rs.

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1. Housing and Urban Development Corporation Ltd:

About the company: Housing & Urban Development Corporation Ltd is primarily engaged in the business of financing housing and urban development activities in the country.

- The price of the stock is 0.79x its book value.
- The dividend yield on the stock is respectable at 6.12%.
- The company has consistently paid out a healthy dividend of 34.9%.

- Low-interest coverage ratio for the company.
- Low return on equity for the company over the last three years is 13.1%.


2. IDFC First Bank:

About the company: IDFC First Bank is engaged in the business of Banking Services.

- Over the past five years, the company has produced strong profit growth of 23.0% CAGR.
- Promoter holding is up 3.61% from the previous quarter.

- Low interest coverage ratio for the company.
- Low return on equity for the company for the last three years is 5.40%.


3. National Fertilizers:

About the company: National Fertilizers Limited is engaged in production and marketing of Neem Coated Urea, Bio-Fertilizers (solid & liquid) and other allied Industrial products

- From 120 to 64.4 days, debtor days have decreased.
- The company's need for working capital has decreased from 105 days to 61.6 days.

- Low return on equity for the company for the last three years is 5.43%.
- The business might capitalise the expense of interest.


4. NLC India Ltd:

About the company: NLC India is engaged in the business of mining of lignite and generation of power by using lignite as well as Renewable Energy Sources.

- The company has continued to pay out a high dividend rate of 27.0%.
- The debtor day improvement went from 162 to 96.3 days.
- Working capital requirements for the company were decreased from 187 days to 138 days.

- Company has a low return on equity of 7.90% over last 3 years.


5. Tarmat:

About the company: Tarmat Ltd is an infrastructure development company that specializes in the construction
of runways, highways, airfields, parking bays, aprons, taxiways, etc. 

- It is a debt free Company
- In last 5 years, Company has delivered good profit growth of 166% CAGR

- Promoter holding reduced by 2.60% in last quarter
- Promoter holding is low at 33.2%

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