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The FMCG sector in India is arguably the largest industry in the world. It is said that FMCG accounts for about 15% of the GDP and employs more than 10 million people in India. The FMCG sector has also been growing at a fast rate over the years due to greater urbanization, a rising middle-class population, different lifestyles and more disposable income among consumers. 

The growth in this sector is often said to be driven by various factors like changing lifestyles and greater disposable income levels. The BSE FMCG sector is also one of the most attractive sectors for investors as it has greater growth potential with much lower competition. Some of the biggest players in this sector include Dabur, Nestle, Hindustan Unilever Ltd and many more. This industry is said to be experiencing a shift from basic grocery stores to modern retail stores like convenience stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets.    

BSE FMCG Scrip Selection Criteria

The criteria are as follows:

● Future growth potential

This is one of the essential factors that you must consider when picking stocks. You must look for companies with a greater potential for future growth, as this will help the company generate more profits and increase its share price. 

● Present financial performance 

It is also important that you look at a company's present financial performance before investing in it. You must look at the profit margins, company revenue and other metrics like return on equity before you invest in an FMCG company. If a company does not have high revenue but higher-profit margins, you might as well invest in that stock as it has prospects for future growth. 

● Valuation ratios 

Valuation ratios are used to decide whether a stock is undervalued or overvalued at any point in time. This can help the investors to identify good value buying opportunities when there are sell-offs or market downturns or even investor panic selling pressure due to unexpected events such as major news announcements.

● Product portfolio diversity 

The first factor that you consider in the product portfolio is diversity. Top FMCG companies need to have products that are differentiated from each other and have strong brand equity. This can give the edge over other companies in the same industry. 

● Equity and market share 

Brand equity and market are two of the top features that can decide if a company can sustain its growth for a longer term. A company must have a strong brand image among the target audience and should maintain its market share over time. This is an FMCG stock that you can choose to invest in. 

Other Indices


Is FMCG considered a good investment?

FMCGs usually have low-profit margins but still manage to account for 50% of consumer spending in India. As it is the fourth largest sector in the country, the stocks in India can be considered profitable investments.

What is the future of FMCG?

The Fast Moving Consumer Goods or Consumer Packaged Goods Industry represents the largest industries worldwide. As per a study, the FMCG industry in India is properly positioned to register great growth between 2022 to 2026.

What is the main difference between FMCG and FMCD?

FMCG is also called Fast moving consumer goods, while FMCD is fast-moving consumer durables. 

Is FMCG a good stock to buy?

As India's FMCG sector is growing rapidly, this is arguably a good stock to invest in.

What is the profit margin in FMCG?

The profit margins in FMCG businesses can range from around 2% to %25, but there are justifiable reasons behind that. 

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