Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund

Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund Asset Management Company Limited is operated as an investment management company that provides advisory services and portfolio management to several private funds, individuals, non-profit organizations, trusts, institutions, and investment companies. Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund AMC serves clients worldwide and is a public company founded on August 2, 1994. It is classified as a non-governmental enterprise registered in the Mumbai corporate registry. It has a paid-up capital of INR 298,000,000 and authorized share capital of INR 400,000,000. It is involved in various other financial intermediation and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited (KMBL).

Top 10 Kotak Mutual Fund Schemes to Invest in –

Fund Name
1Y Returns
Fund Size (in Cr)
Kotak Small Cap Fund – Direct Growth Equity Very High 20.88 4 7,385
Kotak Small Cap Fund – Direct (IDCW) Equity Moderately High 20.87 3 7,385
Kotak India Growth Fund Series IV – Direct Growth Equity Very High 14.35 - 89
Kotak India Growth Fund Series IV – Direct (IDCW) Equity Moderately High 14.36 - 89
Kotak Emerging Equity Fund – Direct Growth Equity Very High 14.61 4 19,303
Kotak Emerging Equity Fund – Direct (IDCW) Equity Moderately High 14.61 4 19,303
Kotak Multi Asset Allocator FoF – Dynamic – Direct (IDCW) Other Moderately High 11.39 - 617
Kotak Multi Asset Allocator FoF – Dynamic – Direct Growth Other High 11.38 - 617
Kotak Infrastructure & Ecoc. Reform-SP-DirGrowth Equity Very High 25.82 4 540
Kotak Infrastructure & Ecoc. Reform-SP-Dir(IDCW) Equity High 25.81 5 540

This AMC is one of India’s leading financial services groups that offer investors different risk-return profiles and is the first fund house to launch a special gold leaf program that invests exclusively in government bonds. From commercial banks to equity brokerage, investment trusts, life insurance, and investment banks, the group caters to various financial needs of individuals and businesses. Kotak Mutual Funds Online AMC in December 1998 and has approximately 21 Lac investors in various programs.

From commercial banks, stockbrokers, and investment trusts to life insurance and investment banks, Kotak Mahindra Mutual Funds Online AMC addresses the financial needs of individuals and businesses. The group’s net worth is 791.1 billion rupees and has 1,716 branches, satellite offices, franchisees in New York, California, San Francisco, and London in more than 470 cities and towns in India, Dubai, Mauritius, and Singapore.

Kotak Mutual Fund Asset Management Company Limited of India, a wholly-owned subsidiary of KMBL, is an asset management company of the Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund – KMMF. In February 2003, the group’s flagship company, Kotak Mahindra Finance Ltd, obtained a banking license from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

It is India’s first non-bank finance company to be incorporated into a bank as Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd. The bank offers comprehensive business solutions such as trading services, cash management services, and credit facilities, taking into account the needs of the business world.

Kotak Mutual Funds Online in India strives to provide dependable benchmark performance across all products, increasing customer satisfaction. With a 12-year history of offering a wide range of investment products across asset classes with different risk parameters to meet the needs of different customer segments, Kotak Mutual Funds Online in India has earned the trust of more than 10 lac investors.

Kotak Mutual Fund Asset Management Co Ltd Key Information

Name of the Mutual Fund Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund
Date of set up of Mutual Fund 23-Jun-98
Date of Incorporation of AMC 5-Aug-94
Name(s) of Sponsor Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited
Name of Trustee Company Kotak Mahindra Trustee Company Limited
Name of Trustees Mr Amit Desai – Chairman

Mr Arun Palkar – Director

Mr Chandrashekhar Sathe – Director

Mr Noshir Dastur – Director

Name of Asset Management Co. Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Company Limited(KMAMCL)
CIN U65991MH1994PLC080009
Name(s) of Director Mr Gaurang Shah

Mr Nalin Shah

Mr Sanjiv Malhotra

Mr Sukant Kelkar

Mr Uday Kotak – Chairman

Mr Krishnakumar Natarajan

Ms Anjali Bansal

Name of Chairman Mr Uday Kotak
Name of Managing Director Mr Nilesh Shah
Name of Sales Head Mr Manish Mehta
Name(s) of the Chief Investment Officer – Dept Ms Lakshmi Iyer
Name(s) of the Chief Investment Officer – Equity Mr Harsha Upadhyaya
Name(s) of the Chief Operating Officer Mr R. Krishnan
Name(s) of Fund Manager Mr Abhishek Bisen

Mr Deepak Agrawal

Mr Devender Singhal

Mr Harish Krishnan

Mr Pankaj Tibrewal

Name of Compliance Officer & Company Secretary Mr Pankaj Tibrewal
Name of Investor Service Officer Ms Sushma Mata
Address of Kotak Mahindra Mutual Funds Online in India 27 BKC, C-27, G Block, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (E) Mumbai 400051
Telephone Number 61152100
Fax Number 67082213
Website assetmanagement.kotak.com
Email fundaccops@kotakmutual.com
Name(s) of Auditors S.R. Batliboi & Co LLP
Name(s) of Custodian
  • Deutsche Bank, AG
  • Standard Chartered Bank
Name(s) of Registrar and Transfer Agent Computer Age Management Services (P) Ltd.

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Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund Asset Management Co Ltd – Top Managers

  1. Mr Devender Singhal

Mr Devendra Singhal has 14 years of equity and fund management research experience. His main focus at KMAMC is to cover media, automotive, and FMCG research. He worked for Kotak Portfolio Management Services before joining the company’s AMC division. He has been consistently involved in the Kotak Group for nearly 12 years. He previously worked as a fund manager at Religare and at Karvy.

  1. Mr Pankaj Tibrewal

Mr Pankaj Tibrewal has over 13 years of fund management experience. Before joining Kotak AMC, he was an important member of Principal PNB Asset Management Company Pvt’s fund management team. Mr Tibrewal became part of the Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund AMC back in January 2010 and has over 16 years of experience in the investment fund industry.

  1. Harish Krishnan

Harish Krishnan has 13 years of experience in equity research and fund management. Before joining the Kotak Mahindra Mutual Funds Online AMC, he was based in Singapore and Dubai and managed Kotak’s offshore funds. He also worked at Infosys Technologies Ltd. He is currently in control of Kotak 50, one of the flagship products of the Kotak Bank Mutual Fund, which has a track record of over 15 years.

  1. Harsha Upadhyaya

Harsha Upadhyaya has 23 years of experience in the field. He is a Certified Treasury Analyst and Treasury MBA at the Indian Institute of Management in Lucknow. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the National Institute of Technology of Suratkal. Mr Upadhyaya has been involved in fund management and equity research for over 20 years. As of March 2019, he currently manages over Rs. 625 billion in assets and manages funds

  1. Shibani Kurian

Before joining Kotak Mahindra Mutual Funds Online in India, Ms Shibani Kurian worked at Dawnay Day AV India Advisors Pvt Ltd and UTI AMC. Shibani Sircar Kurian has over 19 years of extensive experience in the Indian stock market. Over 11 years have been spent at Kotak Mahindra Mutual Funds Online in India Asset Management Company Limited. Her primary responsibilities are heading the equity research team and catering to equity fund management.