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  • High 18090.25
  • Open17,924.15
  • Previous Close17,793.85
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NIFTY Financial Services

Like Nifty 50, Finnifty, often called Nifty Financial Services Index, concentrates solely on the shares and equities of financial companies.

The Indian financial sector, which consists of banks, financial companies, home finance businesses, insurance providers, and other financial institutions, is intended to be reflected in the Nifty Financial Services Index's performance and behavior.

The level of the NIFTY Financial Services Index depicts the overall free float market valuation of all the companies included in the index with a specific base market cap value. This index is calculated by using the free float market capitalization technique. 

The NIFTY Financial Services Index is utilized for several things, including establishing index funds, ETFs, and structured products as well as evaluating mutual fund portfolios.

NIFTY Financial Services Scrip Selection Criteria

●  Components of the Nifty 500 that promote the finance sector, including housing finance, financial institutions, banks, as well as other financial services, are regarded as qualified.

●  According to the median free-float market capitalization, weightings for each sub-sector are assigned within the qualifying universe.

●  Twenty firms are chosen from every sub-sector, and they are selected so that the weights of the components best resemble the importance of the sub-sector as previously described.

●  Firms that can be traded in the NSE's futures and options sector are prioritized within every sub-segment.

●  If a company's gross free-float market capitalization is 1.5 times greater than that of the smallest index participant, it will be added.

●  Every stock's weighting in the index is determined according to its free-float market valuation, except for the top three stocks, whose combined weight cannot exceed 62% at the moment of rebalancing, and no stock should possess a weight greater than 33%.

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How many shares are listed on F&O?

The Stocks & Exchange Board of India has specified 192 stocks for which futures trading is available (SEBI). The Capital Market division of the Exchange is where these instruments are exchanged.

Is there any risk involved in F&O?

Significant losses caused by high leverage pose the biggest risk in F&O.. Still, today, you can utilize a variety of F&O tactics to reduce your exposures to the amount you can afford to lose (credit-debit spreads, multi-leg orders, calendar spreads, hedging, etc.)

What are the Nifty Financial Services Index's High and Low for the past 52 weeks?

The 52-week high/low metric depicts the highest and lowest value at which a particular Nifty Financial Services Index share has exchanged throughout that time frame (about one year). As of 3 December '22, the Nifty Financial Services Index's 52-week low and high are both NA.

What are the derivatives traded on this NIFTY index?

On January 11, 2021, the National Stock Exchange (NSE) started providing weekly options and futures for trading on this index. According to the exchange, futures and options, excluding the monthly expiry, would have been presented in three sequential monthly contracts and seven weekly serial agreements.

Is NIFTY Financial Services good?

Current Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs) have recently made investments, with 48% of these inflows going to the financial services industry. Other financial organizations, such as housing finance businesses, NBFCs, and insurance firms, have performed well recently in complement to the banks' commitment to the Nifty Bank. 

Thus, the FINNIFTY index aids traders in monitoring the performance of a specific group of financial institutions and determining the industry's direction. Traders can therefore manage their risks by using F&Os exchanged on the FINNIFTY index.

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