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Ambani Group Stocks

The position of Reliance Industries is undisputably a leader in the stock market. The conglomerate boasts a robust cluster of top-performing companies known for innovative products and customer service. Moreover, the firms have shown consistently good results and steady performance over the years for the investors. Therefore, the Reliance Industries group companies are ideal for investors willing to invest funds in a growing economy. 

Ambani Group Stocks

About Ambani Group of Companies

Founded by visionary Dhirubhai Ambani, Reliance Industries Limited is one of India's most acclaimed business conglomerates. Since its inception in 1973, the company expanded across many industrial domains. However, in 2005, the group split into two business clusters owned by Mukesh Ambani and Anil Ambani separately. 

The multinational conglomerate has a market presence in over 100 countries and is also one of the most profitable Indian business houses. As of 2022, the entity grabbed the 100th spot on the Fortune Global 500 list of the world’s largest entities. The group serves various fields, including telecom, energy, retail, mass media, natural gas, and textiles. Jio Platforms, Network18 Group, Reliance Petroleum, Hathway Cable & Datacom, DEN Network, etc., are some of the principal subsidiaries of the conglomerate. 

As of the FY22 reports, the group's net income stood at INR 67,845 crore, while the total assets were INR 1,770,665 crore. The revenue of Reliance Industries was INR 792,756 crore for the same period. 

You can view the complete stock range of Reliance Industries subsidiaries listed on the NSE and BSE from the list below. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

You will need a Demat and trading account to buy Ambani Group shares. You can open a free Demat and trading account with 5paisa and buy the Ambani Group shares by logging into your Demat account, choosing a Ambani Group company, and placing a “Buy Order.” 

Ambani Group is India's largest conglomerate and includes numerous companies to diversify and invest for the long term. However, it is wise that you do extensive research on all the Ambani Group companies to analyse their fundamentals before choosing Ambani stocks for the long term. You can use the smart research tools with 5paisa’s Demat account to do fundamental and technical analysis before choosing Ambani stocks. 

The Ambani stocks are owned by Mukesh Ambani. The visionary Dhirubai Ambani founded The Reliance Group of Industries which has become one of the most popular groups of companies in India. The company was established in 1973, but in 2005 it was split between Mukesh Ambani and Anil Ambani. 

The biggest Ambani stock is RELIANCE representing the company Reliance Industries Limited as listed on BSE and NSE. The company deals with a variety of businesses including natural gas, petrochemicals, retail, mass media, telecommunication, textiles, and energy.

The total number of shares owned by Ambani Group is approximately 644.51 Cr. The Ambani family holds 49.11% of the total number of shares and the rest 50.89% are held by corporate bodies, FII, and public shareholders.

However the pattern of shareholding of the most profitable company, Reliance Industries is 49.11% by the promoters, 6.18% by mutual funds and banks, 0.1% by the central government, 21.91% by foreign institutions, 8.49% by the general public, 9.54% by financial institutions, 2.58% by GRD and 2.08% by others. 

The top Ambani Group stocks are mentioned below along with their market capital:

  • Hathway Cable and Datacom Ltd - 2584.35
  • Den Networks Ltd - 1627.33
  • Justdial - 6614.99
  • Reliance Industrial Infrastructure - 1452.54
  • Reliance Industries Ltd - 1726481.16

There are no high-debt companies in the Ambani Group. In fact, Reliance Industries Limited has recently declared itself debt-free.

Apart from the Ambani group, there are also other corporate groups that must be considered by investors while investing. Other mentionable corporate groups are listed below. However, it is essential for an investor to go through the company’s financials and terms and conditions before investing.

The companies in the Ambani group that makes the most profit are as follows:

Reliance Industries Ltd: The company brings the most profit for Ambani Group. As per the report, the net profit of the company is Rs 67565 crore during the year. 

TV18 Broadcast: Among the most profitable Ambani companies, TV18 Broadcast seconds the list with a market cap of 6548 Cr. 

Network18 Media: Network18 Media thirds the list which issued 10469.40 shares in the year 2023.