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The stock screener is your go-to resource for identifying and analysing the best investment opportunities in the market. Our powerful and easy-to-use stock screener tool allows you to filter stocks based on your preferred criteria and uncover hidden gems that match your unique investment style.

Whether you are a seasoned investor or a newcomer to the world of trading, our stock screener website is designed to help you make smarter investment decisions. With a wide range of customisable filters and a user-friendly interface, you can quickly and easily identify stocks that meet your investment objectives and risk tolerance.

Start using our powerful tool today and take your investing to the next level.

What Is a Stock Screener? 

A stock screener helps you sort and identify stocks by entering the factors included in their investment strategy. Since investors can not track or analyse every company listed on the stock exchanges, a market screener ensures they can identify stocks that match their investment strategy without manually analysing companies and determining if they are investment worthy. 

Brokerage firms in India have designed screener websites for their Demat account holders to ensure they can use the tool to determine ideal stocks to invest in and make profits. In general, the tool is free of cost and provides valuable insights into various stocks based on the entered investment strategy factors by the investors. Our Stock screener in India is a specialised tool designed to filter out and identify stocks of companies listed on the Indian stock exchanges.


How Does Stock Screener Work? 

The stock screener or screener share tool works on the principle of various factors included in the fundamental and technical analysis investors use to analyse a particular stock. For example, some investors may want to invest only in a stock with a price that is lower or close to its 52-week low. However, some may want to invest in a stock that belongs to a large-cap company to lower the risk exposure significantly. Investors utilise numerous such factors to create an ideal investment strategy to match it with a company's fundamental and technical indicators and invest accordingly. 

The stock screener India allows investors to match their created investment strategy with a host of stocks to provide a time-effective way to analyse stocks for investment. A stock screener contains the following three components: 

●    A database of all the listed companies on the NSE and BSE. 
●    A set of variables is included in the fundamental and technical analysis. 
●    A digital screening platform that renders results by providing a list of listed companies that match the entered variables. 

Investors having a set of investment variables can visit the screener website of the stockbroker to use the stock screener. Most screener stock market requires the investors to enter or select a set of variables related to the fundamental and technical indicators such as the acceptable industry, P/E ratio, Debt-To-Asset Ratio, revenue, volatility, profit margins, etc. Once you enter or select desired variables, the stock screener India delivers a list of all the listed companies that match the variables. An investor can further analyse the narrowed list and select an ideal stock for investment. 

How To Use the 5paisa Stock Screener?

5paisa is one of India’s leading stockbroking firms that provides a unique digital platform equipped with a host of features for investors to invest in a wide range of financial instruments such as stocks, mutual funds, currency, derivatives, etc. 

5paisa’s stock screener allows you to filter and identify the best stocks to invest in and make profits. The 5paisa’s stock screener contains a list of all the listed companies and stock variables included in the fundamental and technical analysis. 

Here is a step-by-step guide to using the 5paisa’s stock screener India: 

Step 1: Visit the 5paisa’s screener share website and navigate to the stock screener section and enter acceptable ratio names. Once you enter the various ratios, the screener will render results from different company financials like Profit and Loss, Quarterly Results, Balance Sheet, etc. The screener contains more than 1,200 such ratios. 

Step 2: Once you choose from the suggestions delivered by the screener and build your query, you can utilise the smart highlights to do a final revision. Once you are satisfied, click on “Run Query.” 

Step 3: After clicking the “Run Query,” 5paisa’s stock screener will deliver a list of stocks that match the entered parameter values. You can further analyse the results on various factors shown by the 5paisa’s screener to choose an ideal stock to invest in. 


Benefits Of Using A Stock Screener

Investing in the stock market is tricky if you do not have basic knowledge about analysing the fundamentals and technical indicators that affect the stock price in real time. However, having basic knowledge is the foremost step before identifying stocks based on the knowledge and the created investment strategy. 

As the Indian stock market contains thousands of listed companies, using a trial and error to determine if it matches the investment strategy is heavily time-consuming and complex. 

A stock screener provides an effective way to enter variables such as ratios included in their investment strategy to filter and sort through thousands of listed companies automatically. It provides a real-time list of all the stocks that match the entered variables to allow investors to make better and more informed investment decisions. Furthermore, utilising the screener ensures you can invest ideally through a time and cost-effective investment process. 


Key Considerations While Using A Stock Screener 

Here are some key considerations while using a stock screener: 

●    Before using the screener, it is important to have a basic knowledge of the fundamental and technical indicators that directly affect the share prices of stocks. 

●    You must create an investment strategy including a set of variables to enter while using the share screener. 

●    Investors must remember that such screeners filter stocks based on quantitative factors and do not include information about any external negative news. It is essential to do extensive research before using the screener data for investing. 

●    The investors must analyse the screener to ensure that it is updated in real-time with all the relevant data, such as the inclusion of a newly listed company or the exclusion of a delisted company. 



Successful investing in the stock market requires effectively identifying stocks that match the created investment strategy. However, it is highly complex to go through each listed company to determine the match in investment strategy variables. 

A stock screener is an ideal tool to screen stocks based on their quantitative factors to ensure the investment matches the variables within the investment strategy. However, you must do extensive research on the stocks delivered by the screener to ensure your investments are profitable in the future. 

If you want to complement your investments through quantitative-focused results, you can utilise 5paisa’s stock screener. 5paisa has designed the screener as a comprehensive tool to assist investors in filtering and sorting through thousands of companies to get the best results and make informed investment decisions.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best stock screener for analysis? 

Although numerous stock screeners are available, you can use the 5paisa stock screener to get the best results based on the entered variable in real time. 

How do you screen a stock in India? 

You can screen a stock in India by analysing fundamental and technical indicators such as P/E ratio, EPS, ROE, etc. However, you can use the 5paisa stock screener to screen stocks through a time-effective process. 

How do you find good stocks with a screener? 

You can find good stocks with a screener by entering various ratios and other variables that would make stocks ideal for investment. Once you enter the ratio and variables, the screener renders a stock list. 

How do you set stock screeners for day trading? 

Once you create a day trading strategy, you can enter the included variables into the stock screener, which delivers a list of stocks that match the input variables.

How do you use a screener to find good penny stocks? 

Although investing in penny stocks is risky, many are fundamentally strong and can provide profits. However, you can find fundamentally strong penny stocks by entering a relevant Market Capitalization Ratio (MCAP). 

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