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What are the indices in Nifty Infra?

The nifty infra indices are indices that contain the Nifty Infra of all the well-known and reputed organisations. All these organisations are listed under the NSE or the National Stock Exchange of India. At present, there are 1600 enterprises that are listed under NSE.

Moreover, the indices of nifty infra will allow you to learn more about the market stocks and get to analyse their risks and performance. These indices are known to display the behaviour of the equity market. Indices are also used for index derivatives and index funds.

Is Nifty Infra a good investment?

In short, yes, it is. The stocks nifty infra index belongs to some well-known and reputed firms in India. Purchasing these stocks will let you have an excellent portfolio. It’s mainly because buying stocks means becoming a part owner of a big firm. But remember, the nifty infrastructure index provides vital information on the stock market, such as performance and history.

Can I check Nifty Infra Share Price Historical data?

You can check the nifty infra share price data. You just have to find a reliable stock market platform and then head to the “historical data” section. Under that section, you need to provide a specific date of the share price data you’re looking for. After that, you get the nifty infra share price data in minutes or seconds.

How to choose the best stocks from nifty infrastructure companies?

To choose the best stocks from the nifty infrastructure firms, your first need to find the capital appreciation and also the net income. You also do some background research on the companies and also take a look at the type of physical assets they have in store. Lastly, check the link between the stock quality and valuation.

What are the best performing stocks in the nifty infrastructure index?

According to the profit of the previous year, stocks that are performing extremely well under the nifty infra index are:

Ashok Leyland Ltd
Siemens Ltd
The Indian Hotels Company Ltd

Which Nifty infrastructure companies have the highest revenue growth in the past 5 years?

The nifty infrastructure firms that have seen the highest growth in revenue in the past 5 years are:

Name of the Company

5 Years Growth in Sales [ In Percentage]

Ultratech Cement


Balakrishna Industries


Reliance Industries


Grasim Industries


Indus Towers


Which Nifty infrastructure companies have the highest profit growth in the past five years?

The companies that are listed under the Nifty Infrastructure that saw an increase in their profit growth during the last 5 years are:

Name of the Company

5 Years Growth in Profit [ In Percentage]

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation


Ultratech Cement


Gail [India]




Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation


Who owns Nifty Infra?

The nifty infrastructure was launched back in 1992. In 1994, the National Stock Exchange of India implemented it. It is operated and owned by the Indian Index Service and Products Ltd. This company deals with things like Index Features, Index Funds and Index Options.

How can I invest in Nifty Infrastructure companies shares with 5paisa?

To invest in the stocks found under the Nifty Infrastructure through 5paisa, open a demat account with us via our website or app

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