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About Silver

MCX Silver

You should be aware of the Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited which is a trading platform for commodities derivatives. The company enables online transactions involving commodity futures and options and offers services like data feed subscriptions and memberships. The exchange provides a trading venue for various commodity derivative contracts, including industrial metals, bullion, energy, agricultural commodities, and indices.

At the core of its offerings is the MCX iCOMDEX series, comprising the composite index and three sectoral indices: the Bullion index, the Base Metal index, and the Energy index. Additionally, the series includes nine single-commodity indices like Gold, MCX silver, Aluminum, Copper, and Lead, among others. These real-time commodity futures price indices offer insights into market movements within key segments traded on the exchange.

The company's subsidiary, Multi Commodity Exchange Clearing Corporation Ltd, extends risk management and collateral management services. It also plays a crucial role in clearing and settling trades conducted on the exchange.


Silver trading on the Multi Commodity market of India, a well-known commodity derivatives market, is referred to as "MCX Silver." Trading in MCX Silver, a crucial feature of MCX's products, entails derivative contracts that let market players speculate on silver prices and manage their risk. The MCX silver contracts are intended to give traders and investors an efficient and transparent way to trade and invest in the silver market. 

Through these contracts, people and companies may speculate on silver's future price changes and get exposure to the metal's market dynamics. The exchange's rules and regulations for silver trading are set forth just like those for other MCX commodities. This helps to maintain the platform's overall integrity and dependability for silver market participants.

Key Factors Influencing MCX Silver Market

Several variables influence Silver prices. The following variables impact domestic live MCX silver rate when purchasing silver physically, as well as the price of silver on the MCX when trading online: 

  • ●    Demand and Supply: The price of silver will rise in local markets and online trading platforms like the MCX silver price if there is a greater demand for silver than supply. Conversely, the price of silver will fall in international markets if there is less demand than supply.
  • ●    Economic Conditions: Current mcx silver rate is significantly influenced by a nation's economic situation. When there is inflation or the economy is not growing, investors choose to purchase silver physically or through silver trading. The value of currencies declines with rising inflation, and investors often buy commodities like silver to offset their losses from other assets, which affects the MCX silver price.
  • ●    Currency Markets: When trading silver online, the condition of the currency market also affects the price of MCX silver. The prices of Indian spot exchanges for silver fluctuate according to the value of the INR in relation to the US dollar since the spot price of silver is stated in INR. Moreover, the constant fluctuations in the value of the Indian rupee relative to the US dollar impact MCX silver price.


How Does MCX Silver Hallmarking Work in India?

A critical step in ensuring the purity and legitimacy of silver traded on the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) in India is the MCX Silver hallmarking procedure. By certifying the purity of the silver, hallmarking gives market players assurance regarding the metal's calibre. Authorised hallmarking centres usually perform the procedure, evaluating the silver's composition following predetermined guidelines. The process of MCX Silver hallmarking includes assessing the metal's purity and ensuring it meets the required standards.

Hallmarking is the technique of confirming the fineness and purity of items made of precious metals. The Indian government's Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) manages the hallmarking process for gold, silver, and other precious metals.

Silver goods must have a purity mark to be sold in India. The BIS has developed several hallmarking categories for silver items according to the silver's purity.

The categories are:

  • ●    Sterling silver: This refers to silver with a purity of 92.5%. A capital "S" enclosed in a hexagon is one hallmark for identifying sterling silver.
  • ●    Standard silver: This refers to silver that is 95.0% pure. The hallmark of standard silver is the capital letter "S" inside an oval.
  • ●    Britannia silver: This refers to silver that is 95.84% pure. Britannia silver is identified by a hallmark that depicts a lady inside an oval.

Hallmarked silver is more expensive than non-hallmarked silver due to the expense of testing and hallmarking.


Impact of Inflation on the Price of MCX Silver

Inflation's influence on silver prices in India will be determined by the link between the price of silver and the country's overall price level. If the price of silver rises faster than the general price level, its buying power will increase, making it an effective inflation hedge.

However, if the price of silver grows at a slower live MCX silver rate than the general price level, then the buying power of silver will decline, and it will not be as effective as a hedge against inflation. While silver has generally held its value better than paper currency over time, there is no certainty that its buying power will rise in the face of inflation.


Why Should You Invest in MCX Silver?

Silver is a metal that is continually in demand, particularly in India, due to its numerous applications. Thus, the advantages of investing in silver are:

  • ●    Protection against Inflation: During periods of inflation, other asset classes, such as shares, see a substantial sell-off, causing investors to lose a significant portion of their capital. Investing in silver provides capital protection since metals are unaffected by the performance of other asset types.
  • ●    Lesser Expenses: When you invest in silver, you avoid the expenditures associated with producing bars, jewellery, and other items, as well as storage and safekeeping charges. Buying silver online allows investors to profit from price differences without physically purchasing the metal, improving profit margins.
  • ●    Liquidity: Whether you acquire silver physically or online through silver trading, you may sell it immediately without waiting for a seller. It provides great liquidity and ensures you can sell and generate cash whenever desired.
  • ●    Diversification: Commodities, such as silver, are known to give significant diversity to portfolios since they have an inverse connection with other asset classes, such as stocks. If additional assets are experiencing a bear market, having silver in your portfolio or physically present can ensure that you can generate cash and remain liquid.
  • ●    Better Savings: Silver, like gold, has steadily increased in live MCX silver price. Whether silver is purchased directly or invested through silver trading, it delivers significant savings and assures long-term capital growth.


Risks and Opportunities in MCX Silver Trading

  • ●    Market Instability – Economic downturns can impact silver prices, resulting in potential financial losses.
  • ●    Industrial Dynamics – Substitutions for silver in industrial applications can substantially diminish its value.
  • ●    Restricted Potential – Being a tangible commodity, silver yields advantages primarily when sold during periods of price upswings.
  • ●    Trading Hazards – Engaging in silver transactions involves inherent risks, including the possibility of default.
  • ●    Price Variability – Given its diverse industrial applications, the live MCX silver price is susceptible to significant fluctuations.

The opportunities involved in MCX silver trading are:

  • ●    Demand – The industrial demand for silver enhances the metal's current MCX silver price.
  • ●    Payment – An extended duration for final settlement is granted, as contracts are initiated on one date, with delivery scheduled for a predetermined future date.
  • ●    Flexibility – Traders have the option to engage in short selling of silver.
  • ●    Safe haven – Investing in silver is deemed secure due to its recognition as a tangible currency.
  • ●    Liquidity – Silver exhibits satisfactory liquidity levels in the market.

Silver FAQs

What is the price of Silver Today?

The Price of Silver in MCX is 83040.00.

How to Trade in Silver?

Open Demat Account with 5Paisa to trade in Silver.

What are the different ways to trade MCX Silver?

On the MCX, silver is traded in four sub-contracts. The Big Silver futures contract is the most popular, which requires a minimum lot size of 30 kg. In terms of popularity, Big Silver is followed by Mini Silver, sold in 5 kg lots. 

What are the trading hours for MCX Silver?

MCX's regular session is from 9:00 am to 11:30 pm, Monday to Friday. However, on account of daylight savings that typically happens between November and March of the following year, the end session is at 11:55 pm. Commodity market time is divided into two sessions - morning and evening.

What is the difference between MCX Silver and physical silver?

The term MCX Silver refers to silver traded on the Multi Commodity Exchange as a derivative or futures contract. In contrast, actual silver is the tangible metal in its physical form.

Are there any taxes or charges associated with trading MCX Silver?

Yes, trading MCX Silver may involve taxes and charges, such as Goods and Services Tax (GST) and brokerage fees.

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