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The S&P BSE SME IPO is developed to measure the behavior of SMEs or Small and Medium Enterprises. All these companies get listed under the BSE SEM platform after an Initial Public Offering or IPO is completed.

It’s the only index within Indian soil that measures the performance and the behavior of the SMEs listed through the Initial Public Offering. The index gets calculated through the float-adjusted market-cap-weighted process.

S&P BSE SME IPO Scrip Selection Criteria

Here are the eligibility criteria for the S&P BSE SME IPO.

● All companies listed under the S&P BSE SME IPO index should have a post-issue paid-up capital of INR 3 Crores.

● All the distributable profits under the terms of Section 123 of the Companies Act 2013 needs to be for 2 years out of the directly previous 3 financial years. The extraordinary income will not be considered for calculating distributable profits.

● It’s compulsory for all the S&P BSE SME IPO companies to have their respective websites.
All the companies must facilitate the trading in Demat securities and then proceed into an agreement with all the depositories.

● No changes have occurred in the company’s promoter’s section in the last 1 year from the application filing to BSE to get listed under the SME section.

● All companies need to exist for 2 years to 3 years right from the date and time of incorporation.

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What is the S&P BSE SME IPO index?

The S&P BSE SME IPO index was created to measure the behavior of all SMEs or Small and Medium Enterprises. These companies get listed under the BSE SME section right after their Initial Public Offering or IPO.

Will the listed companies under SME IPO provide funding opportunities?

In short, yes, it can. Getting listed under the SME IPO section will not just provide companies with funding opportunities. They will also gain access to equity finance through which they can easily grow their respective business, from the operations part to the expansion and inorganic acquisitions. When companies gain access to equity financing, it will lessen their debt burden. In return, it will also reduce the monetary costs and lead to a wealthier and healthier balance sheet.

How to know the share price of an S&P BSE SME IPO?

To know the share price of the S&P BSE SEM IPO companies, you must find a reliable and trusted brokerage firm online. Online brokerage firms provide regular and accurate data about stocks and shares. But remember, the volatility and share price of the S&P BSE SEM IPO companies will depend heavily on the market conditions. 

This means the share price you see today might change tomorrow. According to December 8th, 2022, the share price of the S&P BSE SEM IPO is INR 22,247.37.

Why should all SME companies go for an IPO?

When SME companies opt for an IPO, it will enhance their business’s visibility greatly. It will also lead to strong international and national branding and corporate image development. Gaining public awareness through the research and media coverage from the sector investment analyst will offer all SME companies much greater visibility. This will certainly help with brand building and increase their reputation in the market.

Why opt for brokerage firms to invest in S&P BSE SME IPO company shares?

Choosing the brokerage firms to invest in the shares of S&P BSE SME IPO companies is the safest way to become a part owner of a business. All the shares that are mentioned on their platform are accurate and are always updated regularly. It’s guaranteed that you will encounter the best shares when you’re planning to invest.

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