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S&P BSE Auto

The automobile sector in India is easily one of the best and most successful ones in terms of revenue. There should be no doubt that it plays an important role in deciding the overall health of the economy. Due to the enhanced availability of financing options and increasing income, there is a huge growth in this sector. 

BSE Limited, or Bombay Stock Exchange, is an Indian Stock exchange and is also the leading stock exchange under the ownership of the Ministry of Finance, Government of India. Due to its huge growth, the automobile sector has become an essential and attractive investment option for investors. There are many benefits of investing in this sector, such as growth, stability, good returns and many more. If you want to invest in auto stocks, read the guide provided below to learn about the scrip selection criteria and some FAQs about BSE Auto. 

BSE Auto Scrip selection criteria

Some general guidelines for the selection of BSE Auto scrip are as follows:

● Listing History 

The scrip must have a listing history of at least three months at BSE. The minimum requirement of three months will be reduced to a month if the market capitalization ranks among the top 10 in the list of the BSE universe. In such a particular case, the minimum listing history will not be needed if a company is listed on account of merger/ demerger/amalgamation.

● The trading frequency 

The scrip must have been traced on every trading day over the last three months. But exceptions can be made for serious or extreme reasons such as scrip suspension and much more.

● Final rank

The script must figure in the top 100 companies listed by final rank. The final rank usually arrives at by assigning 75% weightage to the rank based on the three-month average full market capitalization and around 25% weightage to the liquidity rank based on the three-month average daily turnover and three-month average impact cost,

● Market capitalization weightage 

The weightage of every scrip in SENSEX based on the three-month free-float market capitalization has to be at least 0.5% of the index.

● Industry/Sector Representation 

The scrip selection will usually take into account a balanced representation of all the listed companies in the BSE universe.

Other Indices


What are the BSE 500 companies?

Some of the BSE 500 companies are as follows:

● 3M India 
● Aarti Industries 
● Aarti Drugs 
● ABB India 
● Adani Enterprises
● Adani Power 
● Adani Green Energy 
● ABB India 
● Abbott India
● Adani Total gas 
● Aegis Logistics 

What is the meaning behind S&P BSE 500?

The S&P BSE 500 is meant to broadly represent the Indian market. It consists of the top 500 constituents in the S&P BSE AllCap, and this index covers all the big and important industries in the Indian economy. 

Is BSE a government company?

BSE Limited, also called the Bombay Stock Exchange, is an Indian stock exchange. It is also the leading stock exchange owned by the Ministry of Finance, Government of India. You can consider it as a government company. 

Can I buy shares directly from the BSE?

An investor cannot purchase or sell shares on a stock exchange directly. You must know that only the registered members of a stock exchange are known as stock brokers, and they usually trade on an investor's behalf. 

Can I purchase a share of Sensex?

You can begin investing directly in the SENSEX's constituents and the weightage they have in that specific index. This indicates that you can directly purchase the stocks in the same quantity as the stock's weightage.

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