5 Types of SIPs in India You Should Know

Published : 16 August 2023

By : Sachin Gupta

1. Regular SIP

This is the plain vanilla SIP that most investors prefer. You invest a fixed amount on a fixed date, every month. 

2.  Step up SIP

In this SIP, you increase your monthly SIP amount by a certain percentage such as 5% or 10% every year. This is also called top-up SIP. 

3. Flexible SIP

You can change the SIP amount as per your preferences and changing market conditions. This is also known as Flexi SIP. 

4. Perpetual SIP

While investing in SIPs, if you miss filling out the closing date, it becomes a perpetual SIP. You can also refer to it as an ‘invest till cancel’ SIP.   

5. Multi SIP

You can invest in different mutual funds of a single AMC via this SIP. It helps in diversifying your investment portfolio.