How to Choose the Right F&O Strategy

Published : 29 May 2023

Market selection

The trader must choose the stocks or indices in which he will engage in trading. He should make sure the market is liquid enough for his entry and exit to have a minimal impact.

Tracking the market

The list of possible strategies is reduced when one has an understanding of the market's general direction.

View on volatility

The list is further reduced by considering how market volatility is anticipated to develop in the future. The trader should be aware of the implied volatility in the present in relation to the implied volatility in the past.

Watch out on events

Volatility tends to rise as anxiety levels rise prior to events. Trading before elections, the budget, changes to the credit policy, or the earnings season can be risky because the market can move quickly in any direction. 

Set up risk-reward ratios

The trader can choose the option trading strategies based on all the parameters and his level of risk tolerance. 

Choose Option Strategy

The trader can limit his choices to a few options strategies. 

Select Expiry Date and Strike Price

When choosing the right strike and expiry to trade that offers the best risk-reward trade, there is room for optimization.