PM Modi Inaugurates Rail Projects worth Rs.41,000 crores

Published : 27 February 2024

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated more than 2,000 railway projects on Monday, with a combined estimated worth of ₹41,000 crore.

PM Modi Inaugurates Rail Projects worth Rs.41,000 crores

Under the Amrit Bharat scheme, Prime Minister Modi launched the renovation of 553 railway stations. The planned improvements to these stations aim to improve passenger experience by adding amenities including city centers and rooftop plazas.

Amrit Bharat Scheme

There were about 1,500 road underpasses and overbridges in different states designated for the laying of foundation stones. These initiatives cover 24 states as well as Union Territories. The total cost of the road underpasses and overbridges is estimated to be ₹21,520 crores. 

Underbridges and Overbridges on Roads

With a first phase projected at ₹295 crore, PM Modi set the groundwork for the upgrade of the Gurugram railway station. The purpose of this project is to improve the facilities and handle more passenger traffic in the future.

Upgrades to the Gurugram Railway Station

After renovations totaling over ₹385 crores, the Gomti Nagar station in Uttar Pradesh was inaugurated.

Opening of the Gomti Nagar Station

The renovated train stations will function as city hubs connecting the two sides of cities. In keeping with the concepts of "Ease of Living," they will include contemporary amenities such roof plazas, landscaping, intermodal connection, and enhanced passenger facilities. 

Integration and Modernization

The estimated ₹19,000 crores would be spent on the reconstruction of Amrit Bharat stations located in 27 states and Union Territories. 


Approximately ₹41,000 crore has been allocated for railway infrastructure projects, which include rehabilitation of train stations, building of underpasses and overpasses, and enhancements to current infrastructure. 

Breakdown of Total Investment

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