∙Net profit was up 20% YoY at Rs 1,836 cr. ∙Revenue went up 5.6% YoY to Rs 10,747 cr. ∙EBITDA was up 21.3% YoY at 2,132.8 cr. 

∙Net profit fell 2.25% YoY at Rs 1,162 cr. ∙Revenue was up 7.86% YoY at Rs 9048.6 cr. ∙The company announced an interim dividend of Rs 20/share. 

∙Net profit was up 22% YoY at Rs 2202 cr. ∙Net interest income (NII) was up 18% YoY at Rs 5,076 cr. ∙GNPA stood at 1.93%, down from 2.11% in the year-ago period.   ∙Net NPA, too, improved to 0.57% from 0.61% YoY. 

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