TCS  ₹17,000 Crore Buyback to open on 01 Dec 2023

Published : 30 November 2023

Open Date

01 Dec 2023

07 Dec 2023

Tender Offer

₹ 17,000 Cr

Issue Type

Buyback Size

Record Date

Buyback Price 

₹ 4150/share

Close Date


25 Nov 2023

₹ 3473/share

Face Value

₹ 1 per share

Retail Entitlement Ratio

1 Share for every 6 share held (16.67%)

Entitlement Ratio for General

2 Share for every 203 shares held (0.96%)

Buyback details

TCS intends to buy back up to 4.09 crore shares, or 1.12% of the total equity share capital, at a price of ₹4,150 a share.

Ratios of Entitlement for Stockholders

The entitlement ratio for small shareholders is one equity share for every six equity shares owned on November 25, the record date. For every 209 shares possessed, other eligible owners are entitled to two shares.

Tata Investment Corporation Limited aims to submit 11,358 shares, while Tata Sons Private Limited plans to present 2,96,03,690 equity shares. There are 4,09,63,855 shares in total being repurchased. The aggregate shareholding of the promoters will rise somewhat from 72.3% to 72.41% if all shareholders participate to the extent permitted.Slide 4:

TCS Buyback History

TCS is repurchasing shares for the fifth time in the last six years, and the record date, set for November 25, decides which stockholders are eligible. In 2022, ₹18,000 crore worth of shares were repurchased at a price of ₹4,500 each. TCS has previously carried out three buybacks, totaling ₹16,000 crore, in 2020, 2018, and 2017.