The Best Stock Research Tools in July 2023

Published : 27 July 2023

The most popular stock research website in India is Moneycontrol. On the moneycontrol website, you can learn about stocks, mutual funds, initial public offerings (IPOs), the most recent news, and more. 

1. Moneycontrol

A well-known website for stock research in India is Users can access the financial information of Indian public companies for the past ten years on this website in addition to stock screening.

Marketsmojo offers pre-analyzed data on all stocks, financials, news, price changes, broker recommendations, technicals, and everything else that is significant in the Indian stock markets.

Trendlyne offers a few unique stock research tools, such as its patented DVM Stock Scores, unlimited alerts, analyst stock recommendations, SWOT, portfolio, and watchlist tools, as well as a real-time newsfeed and other features.

Tickertape's "Market Mood Index" is a popular sentiment tool that describes the current market mood as emotions ranging from extreme fear to extreme greed.