API Market Place


Quant-Driven Algo Trading Platform for You

Algobazar allows you to Subscribe to any or all 3 strategies :

  1. Momentum - Overnight
  2. Mean Reverting- Intraday
  3. Delta Nutreal- Intraday


Auto-trade in your Broking account

Start trading in 5 minutes. Just Link your broker's Interactive APIs(Trading APIs) with Algobazar.


No Manual intervention needed 

You don't need to do a manual intervention, once the setup is done.  


Free 15 min Onboarding call with Co-Founder


Book 15 min Free consultation here -Link (  https://calendly.com/algobazar  )  

You can just request 5paisa to give access to XTS Interactive APIs which 5paisa will send you on email.  You can Come to Algobazar.com's User profile and add your Broker APIs details.