10 skills to be a successful stock trader

10 skills to be a successful stock trader

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by 5paisa Research Team Last Updated: 2022-03-29T17:57:22+05:30

Everyone wants to make an extra earning in today’s time of soaring prices. To sustain with a good living standard and to have a secured future it is important that you create extra sources of income. People tend to find stock trading a better source of creating wealth and financial security.

While every individual who trades in the stocks might not be as successful, following are the 10 skills which you could adapt to be a successful stock trader:

  • Have a trading plan: Working with a set plan is important when you are going to work as a stock trader. These plans could be both long term and short term. It helps you to keep motivated and paves a way for your activities than being random and falling prey to losses.
  • Have diligent research: Maintain charts, do diligent market research and analysis. Identify the strongest sections and stocks of the market and utilize it to your optimum benefit. Research enables you to take better decisions and avoid loss-making mistakes as a trader.
  • Avoid Overtrading: Sometimes you might just overtrade and cause hefty loss. Overtrading is a common mistake committed by traders. A successful trader gets distinguished by not overtrading. A disciplined approach is required while trading.
  • Go for the bigger picture: Don’t just get wooed away with the temporary things. A successful trader is a visionary who looks at the bigger picture. This makes him different from others. To be a successful trader, try to connect the dots and look at the bigger picture to pitch in more earnings and financial security.
  • Don’t get panicked by the losses: People often panic when they suffer a loss. Thus, it is said stock market is not for the faint-hearted. One must be prepared for all kinds of circumstances and try to keep calm especially when a loss strikes. Often in a panic, you tend to take wrong decisions worsening the situation. A successful trader maintains cool and keeps calm even in the most unfavorable situation to bring things back under control.
  • Balance Risk Quotient: Always keeping the risks on a higher side is also not a favorable thing to do. One has to strike the right balance to get optimum benefits out of it. A successful trader knows it very well when to take higher risks and when not to take much risk. Thus, a proper balance of risk quotient is very important to get optimum gains out of stock market trading.
  • Know the difference between Trading and Investing: Trading and Investing, though both of them are activities of the stock market to earn profits, there is a difference between their nature and one must not confuse them. While trading is a short-term activity which works on building positions on the stocks, Investing is a long-term process where you tend to invest in a business for long-term benefits.
  • Keep Learning: A successful trader has a learning flair which makes him/her get through the tough spots. Learning is an important part of growth. When you learn from not only your mistakes but from others too and the surroundings you tend to prepare yourself for the tough times. This brings in resilience which is important for being a successful trader.
  • Have Realistic Expectations: Never keep unrealistic expectations from the stock market. Though people do earn fortunes from the stock market nothing comes overnight and one has to keep perseverance to achieve success. There’s no magic in the stock market and to be a successful trader one needs to have realistic expectations from the market.
  • Don’t let emotions overshadow judgment: When the emotions overshadow judgment it often results in wrong decision making causing hefty loss. To be a successful trader one has to go by analysis, research, and judgment rather than being driven by emotions such as greed, anxiety and fear.


The stock market remains a good source of earning if you master the art of trading. To be a successful trader you could work on the 10 skills mentioned above and earn good yields from the stock market. Happy Trading!!!

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