10 Things you learn while Trading

10 Things you learn while Trading

by 5paisa Research Team Last Updated: Sep 07, 2023 - 05:01 pm 193.4k Views
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As we come across different ways to invest money and make money work in our favor, trading happens as the best profession as well as a hobby. Even after putting their heart and soul, no trader is perfect. Trading is a hard-learned skill that comes with experience, perseverance, and dedication. Throughout this journey, trader realizes the ground reality of the complete enactment – Trading is not only about earning money, but it also teaches you a lot more than what meets the eye.

Knowledge will guide

Current affairs and a basic understanding of the function of any field will be the torchbearers for you to decide on which investment to make. An inept and half-hearted decision of stock markets would cost you a lot more than you invest.

Future as liable as it may be seen is always unpredictable

As hard as we may think and as smart as we may try to be, there is nothing that defies the Law of Uncertainty. Many variables like government policies (demonetization) or Election Results (Pres. Donald Trump) hold power to shatter your dreams of investing in stocks in a couple of seconds.

Patience is your weapon. Use it

Greed is the cause of all evils. Often people rush to earn a lot of money and eventually fail miserably when they buy shares online relentlessly. Take each investment step by step. Analyze each success and each failure. Learn from your mistakes. Then, finally rise like a phoenix.

Learners do not stop

Getting comfortable in your success or your failure will make your growth stagnant. Never stop researching, studying new markets and devising new strategies on how to trade. The vision of trading is simple, keep growing.

The path to success is never a straight line

Struggles are impediments to overcome; focus still needs to be on the prize. A wiser trader is the one who dreams big, aims for stars and does not let any challenge question his credibility. With its sharp ups and downs, trading platforms bring out the insecurity, fear, and irrationality that we usually keep hiding in the polite society. Investing is not just a test of strategy– it is a test of character. What we usually do when investing is very often what we believe about ourselves.

Hard work is your best friend

Curiosity and hard work have never failed anyone. Doing the homework right and putting optimal efforts in research on share market tips will never harm you. They might not help you to devise Plan A, but will surely help you to plan other letters of alphabets.

Keep all your windows open

This is a tough life lesson, tried and tested in various aspects of life. However, its real test is in live stock market trading. The knowledge on both technical and functional can be beneficial for trading. Analyzing all the attributes that contribute to your decision-making in both positive and negative directions will help you reach success.

Money ≠ Happiness

The sense of accomplishment is priceless. The support and contribution from family and friends are more accountable than the money earned by any means. Testing times in share bazar will encroach your personal feelings and make you a more grateful person.

Failure is stepping stone to success

Undermining your skills and your talent by just one failure could be the worst gift to yourself. Instead, try strengthening the weakest link and build on your strategies. Trading is not a child’s play. People mature as they progress in learning direction.


It is hard to keep the faith after multiple failures, but a mere belief in your plan, in your strategy, in your learning and you can do wonders. Even before you realize, you would be successful in Indian share market just by sheer perseverance and dedication.

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