Best Stock Trading App

Best Stock Trading App

by 5paisa Research Team Last Updated: Mar 10, 2023 - 03:57 pm 163.3k Views
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As with every good thing, facilitating the consumers’ needs requires regular updating. This is why stock trading moved from physical dealing of share certificates to large laptop and desktop screens to the small mobile-friendly screens that can stay in your pockets today.

Now, there is an abundance of applications that let you trade, however, there are only a few that actually give you what you expect from them. This is where 5Paisa’s mobile trading application comes in. 5Paisa’s app leverages modern technology as a means of boosting individual investments and enriching your overall customer experience.

Our philosophy of ‘a paisa saved is a paisa earned’ focusses on cost-effective ways of improving your financial decisions and helping you reach your financial goals with ease.

Some features of the 5Paisa mobile application include:

Informative home screen

You get a quick overview of all Nifty and Sensex markets the moment you login into the app. Along with this, you also see a status of all the top scrips and their performances on a real-time basis. You can modify this information based on the companies or stocks you have positions in or are interested in, i.e. make your own customized watchlist. This can be done with a few taps on your smartphone. The idea is to keep you informed you of the market and your investments so that you can make changes as and when needed.

There’s also a special banner for those who are learning about investing and the financial markets. If you haven’t opened a demat or a trading account, you can do so by clicking the “Open Now” hyperlink in the banner. Doing this will redirect you to a “sign up” page. By filling in your basic details, uploading your documents, and completing your KYC, you can have your own account within a matter of minutes.

Multi-purpose functionality

You can find options to start a SIP, auto investment (robo) advisory, save tax, boost savings through liquid funds, and search for new fund offers (NFOs) to invest in.

SIP investments

The app offers you features like starting a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) with as low as Rs500 as the minimum investment amount. You can do so by two methods:

By choosing from one of the many hand-picked funds suggested by industry experts,


By choosing the funds based on your financial profile

You can choose from among the two options to start building your wealth the SIP way.

Personalized investment advisor

This helps you get a personalized MF portfolio that helps you achieve your goals. There’s a systematic three-step process, which is as follows:

Goal selection
Get Recommendation

Upon completion of these steps, you get a smart investment plan that’s tailor-made to meet your financial needs and life goals.  

Insurance options

The 5Paisa app allows you to invest in insurance too, directly from the app. You can choose from health insurance and term insurance depending on your needs. Using this app, you can also avail help in the form of an insurance advisor to answer your doubts and clear your inhibitions regarding the service within minutes.

Bonus features

The 5Paisa mobile application offers a lot of additional features that help you in your financial journey. This includes keeping you updated with the upcoming IPOs and helping you learn about trading, mutual fund, and insurance through its well-curated curriculum, versatile articles, and informative videos.

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