EV Platform Rise

EV Platform’s Rise
EV Platform’s Rise

by Tanushree Jaiswal Last Updated: Sep 22, 2023 - 04:23 pm 319 Views
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Rising Demand of EV related APPS!

One of the biggest issue with the EV in India is that when we run out of the batteries while travelling and we do not have any idea about how far is the charging station. Nobody enjoys running out of Gas or in this case its charging.

If you are gearing any interest in automobile industries or even if you keep  up with the trends in the sector, it would be hard to miss the fact that EVss are everywhere. From decades-old car maker like Audi, Mercedes and BMW to the newer one around the block like tesla, every car maker is investing in EVs.
And the industry seems to agree with them with the idea of environment friendly. EV charging station finer apps provide the solution to the biggest problem with the EV vehicles.

EV Charging Station App Provider in India

1- TATA Power

App Name- TATA Power EZ Charge
Released on - 23-Dec-2021
Active subscriber of this application are over 1 lakh
Available for Android

The app is designed for EV owners, fleet EV owners, and taxi EV owners to charge at the Tata Power EV Charging Network, which includes EV charging infrastructure in public, residential, and commercial places.

2- Bolt

App Name- Bolt.Earth
Released on - 23-Sept-2020
Active subscriber of this application are over 50 Thousand
Available for Android

Offer a complete solution for managing EV charging infrastructure. 
Bolt.Earth's Key Characteristics:
An interactive map to locate EV charging stations near you - Access to information such as charging station cost, availability, and distance from you Using cutting-edge technology, monitor charging sessions in real time. Manage your reservations and monitor your energy use

3- Zeon charging

App Name- Zeon Charging
Released on - 30-Nov-2020
Active subscriber of this application are over 10 Thousand
Available for Android

Discover charging stations: You may search for a certain place, and the map will display all charging stations in that area. Find charger kinds that are compatible with your EV by filtering by connection type. Check the availability of charging points in real time.

4- Statiq

App Name- Statiq
Released on - 11-Jan-2020
Active subscriber of this application are over 50 Thousand
Available for Android

Discover over 7,000 EV charging stations with Google Maps navigation.
Use Statiq's route planner to discover EV charging stations along the way.
Start/stop charging using the app and monitor your electric vehicle's charge pace. View ratings, real-time availability, photographs, and descriptions for charging stations.

5- ElectricPe : EV Charging

App Name: ElectricPe
Released on: 31-Jan-2023
Active subscriber of this application are Over 50,000 downloads
Available for Android

Discover EV charging stations: Instantly discover EV charging stations from all charging networks in India. Discover quick and slow charging stations for two and four wheelers. Get up-to-the-minute information on charging station availability.

6- Telio EV Charging App

App Name: TelioEV
Released on: 18-Feb-2022
Active subscriber of this application are Over 10,000 downloads
Available for Android

The TELIOEV EV charging station app offers a comprehensive array of features, including real-time status updates for EV charging stations, a convenient locator for the nearest charging point, seamless and dependable payment processing, a commitment to delivering the best customer experience, compliance with OCPP 1.6 standards, an end-to-end billing lifecycle, a robust and reliable charging network, identity-based authentication through Active Directory, and robust support for open industry standards.

Benefit of having a reliable charging station finder app for EVs:

1- Convenience:

Easily locate nearby charging stations, reducing range anxiety and enhancing trip planning.

2- Optimized Route Planning:

Suggests efficient routes based on charging station locations.

3- Real-Time Availability:

Provides real-time information on station availability to avoid delays.

4- Cost Savings:

Helps users choose cost-effective charging options, saving money.

5- Environmental Impact:

Promotes eco-friendly electric vehicle usage.

6- Community Building:

Fosters a sense of community among EV owners, sharing station insights.

7- Data Collection:

Gathers valuable data for infrastructure expansion decisions.

8- Reduced Range Anxiety:

Alleviates concerns about running out of battery while driving.   

9- Encouragement for Long-Distance Travel:

Boosts confidence for extended EV journeys.  

10- Promotes EV Adoption:

Facilitates wider adoption of electric vehicles for cleaner air.    

11- Business Opportunities:

Creates opportunities for advertising and partnerships.   

12- Integration with Vehicle Data:

Allows monitoring, scheduling, and remote control of EV charging.

What is the cost of developing EV charging station finder app?

As we know, the cost of developing any app depends on several factors like the location of talent, features, customization and size of the team. 

1- Location

Knowing where the EV charging stations are is not enough; one must also know how to utilise them. This is why your ideal app should include navigation to the charging station; this will help you save your reputation and the app's smoothness of operation.

2- Features

The more features one has, the longer it will take to construct the software and the higher the app's cost. If you want features that will help you stand out from the crowd, you will have to pay a premium for them. Developing the greatest Android app for EV charging station app is not cheap, and if it is what you are searching for, be prepared to pay extra for your app.

3- Size of the team

A larger team working on one app will be more expensive than a smaller team. The platform also influences the size of the item. If you want your app to be available on both iOS and Android, you will need to hire two separate teams. Obviously, this necessitates a larger investment in the project.

Funding and Investors

1- TelioEV
a) TelioEV has not raised any funding rounds yet.
b) There are no Institutional or Angel investors in TelioEV.
c) Lead Investor is T-Hub

2- ElectricPe
a) Number of Funding Rounds are 3
b) Total Funding Amounts are $9.2M
c) Their latest funding was raised on Jan 5, 2023 from a Seed round
d) Number of Lead Investors are 5
e) Number of Investors are 24
f) ElectricPe is funded by 24 investors. Climate Angels and Anchorage Capital Partners are the most recent investors.  

3- Statiq
a) Number of Funding Rounds are 3
b) Total Funding Amounts are $28.2M
c) Their latest funding was raised on Jun 23, 2022 from a Series A round
d) Number of Lead Investors are 2
e) Number of Investors are 3
f) Shell Ventures and VentureSouq are the most recent investors.

4- Zeon Charging
a) Zeon Charging has not raised any funding rounds yet.
b) There are no Institutional or Angel investors in Zeon Charging.
c) Overall, Zeon Charging and its competitors have raised over $205M in funding across 48 Funding rounds involving 604 investors.
d) Mangeta, Statiq and Bolt are the competitors of the Zeon Charging.

5- Bolt Earth
a) Number of Funding Rounds are 4
b) Total Funding Amounts are $4M
c) Their latest funding was raised on Sep 2, 2021 from a Series A round.
d) Number of Lead Investors are 5
e) Total Number of Investors are 8
f) Prime Venture Partners and Union Square Ventures are the most recent investors


EVs are the future of transportation, and as their popularity grows, consumers will hunt for a solution to their largest issue: locating charging stations. EV drivers will benefit from an app that locates charging stations. It is also a fantastic commercial prospect, as the industry's reach is continually increasing. If you engage a top mobile app development firm, you can be a part of this successful business.


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