Robo-advisor vs Human Advisor - Which is better?

Robo-advisor vs Human Advisor - Which is better?
by Nutan Gupta 23/03/2017

Robo-advisory as an investment method has gained momentum in the last couple of years. While a lot of people these days are preferring robo-advisors for financial advice, many are still comfortable with the traditional method for seeking investment advice.

Here are the major differences between a robo-advisor and human advisor:

Characteristics Robo-advisor Human Advisor
Financial Advice Fully automated based on the answers you provide to their questionnaire Personal advice which can be customised as per an individual’s situation
Communication Human contact is limited to skype and email An individual is able to seek advice personally - face-to-face or on the telephone
Services Investment services only Can seek advice related to investment planning, insurance etc
Asset Management Provides only passive management services Provides both active and passive management
Cost Provides low-cost advisory services As human advisor provides personalised services, the cost is high
Technology Uses advanced technology Technology is not very advanced

Choosing a robo-advisor or a human advisor depends on the choice and convenience of an individual. If an individual is not comfortable investing in a portfolio which is assessed online, and he prefers to have some control over his investment, human advisor suits him the best. If an individual is looking for a low-cost investment advisory platform, he can choose to invest through robo-advisory. It is always better to weigh both your investment options depending on your investing style before investing.

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