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Explore the cutting-edge Algo Trading platform

Facilitating automated trading decision using advanced Algo tools

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Discover the features that sets us apart

  • Platform

    State-of-the-art infrastructure and cutting edge technology platform

  • Strategy Coding

    Get your strategy coded by our experts or get API documents to code it yourself

  • Plug and Play

    Popular pre-loaded Algos, just select what matches your strategy

  • Complete solution

    Create your own strategies, back-test the performance and deploy it live with our assistance

  • Seamless

    Seamless integration of your strategies on our platform for quick and direct order placement

Creating Trading Strategies

Be a master of all your trades, create your own trading strategies


Discuss your ideas and trading strategy


Evaluate the complexity of strategy, coding and API Integration


Get coding assistance by our experts


Test your strategy in live-like simulated trading environment


Get your strategy approved by the exchange with our assistance

Plug And Play

Pre-loaded Algos that meets your trading strategy

  • Strategy for traders using technical indicators, wherein buy/sell signals are plotted on the chart. The strategy can intelligently execute entry and define exit beforehand, by placing target orders, stop loss and trail stop loss.

  • An apt strategy for jobbers trading on the breakout of high and low. The strategy allows to trade in a huge basket of symbols which is manually impossible, select quantity for each symbol, place stop loss order and calculate profit targets for exit.

  • Execution strategy for traders using pivot calculations consisting of support levels and resistance levels. Based on the pivot value inputs, the strategy will give entry and exit triggers for trade.

  • Execution strategy for traders subscribing to signal providers for buy/sell decisions. Simply provide the trigger levels and the strategy will accordingly execute the signals automatically.

  • Designed for manual traders to achieve better average price from a defined price range. Track market quotes, change the bid/ask price and place orders in pre-defined slices with this strategy.

  • An intraday trading strategy to help you monitor spread of two correlated securities. Take entry and exit based on spread difference in both absolute and ratio terms, with a view that spread between the two will eventually converge.