CDSL mandates T-PIN based Authorisation for Sell Transactions

No image 5paisa Research Team 13th March 2023 - 12:56 pm
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To strengthen the overall process of transferring shares, from your demat account while selling them, we have added an additional security layer. Under this new process, you will have to authenticate your sell transactions with a One time Sell Authorisation using a secured PIN. This PIN is generated and sent to you directly by CDSL (CDSL is the depository where you have your DP account).

This is as per the latest regulations and we are happy to implement this to further ensure safe handling of stocks in your demat account.

Please note that on web you will start getting TPIN field to authorise and continue your transaction. However, for mobile app, it is mandatory for you to upgrade it to the latest version else you will not be able to place sell order on app starting 01 June, 2020.

1) When will I be required to authorise?

When you're placing the first SELL order of the day, you'll be asked to provide your Sell Authorisation. Clicking 'Authorise Now' will take you to a page where you need to enter the PIN sent to you by CDSL on your registered email and mobile. Detailed process is illustrated below.

This can also show up if you're trying to:

  • Modify a SELL order from Intraday to Delivery
  • Convert a SELL position from Intraday to Delivery

2) How do I get my T-PIN?

A T-PIN has been sent to your registered email and mobile on the 20 May, 2020. In case you have missed it or if you forget it in the future, whenever you are asked to authorise, you will get an option “Forgot CDSL Pin?”. By clicking it, you can request for a new T-PIN to be sent to your registered email id and mobile.

3) How authorisation can be used for Margin benefit?

We have also enabled a process to initiate stock transfer from your demat account to 5paisa to avail Margin Benefit against the stocks. This process has also been strengthened by adding the secured T-PIN to authorise this transfer. Simply go to your Holdings Screen and click on the 'Stock Margin Transfer' option, enter T-PIN and authorise to get instant margin benefit against the stocks held by you. This has been explained step by step in the C part of the last question.

4) What will be the steps to authorise my transaction?

Here is a step by step process to help you understand how you can securely authorise your transactions.


A. Sell (on market) authorisation while selling

1. Place sell order


2. Click on ‘Place Order’ to confirm


3. You will get an authorization screen as shown below. On clicking ‘Authorize now’, you will be redirected to CDSL for entering your TPIN. Please note that if for that day, an authorisation has already been done against the scrip and quantity, you will not be prompted to re-authorise.


4. a) Post successful authorisation, you will receive below message


4. b) In case authorisation fails, you will see below message


B: Sell (on market) authorization from holdings:

1. Go to holdings and select ‘Sell Authorize’


2. Authorisation is restricted to 100 individual scrips & total holding valuation of below 1 Cr. Basis the value of your demat holding and the number of scrips, you will be shown either of the below screens:

a. If total value of demat holding is less than or equals to 1 CR AND total number of scrip available on demat is less than or equal to 100 then you will see below screen:


b. If total value of demat holding is greater than 1 CR or total number of scrip available on demat is greater than 100 then you will see below screen:


3. On clicking ‘Authorize now’, you will be redirected to CDSL for entering your TPIN.


C. Off market authorisation for margin:

Pro Tip: If you transfer your Stocks to avail Margin Benefit, you do not need to authorise Sell transactions everyday.

1. To avail the benefit of additional margin, go to ‘Margin transfer screen’ on desktop and ‘holding screen’ on mobile


2. Click ‘Margin Transfer’ and basis your holding value, you will see the screens

a) If available holding value for margin authorization is less than 2 lacs


b) If the available holding value for margin authorization is greater than 2 lacs,


3. On clicking ‘Authorize now’, you will be redirected to CDSL for entering your TPIN.


Source: 5paisa Forum

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