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Ideas for your future by smallcases on 5paisa

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We live in a day and age where investing in the equity market is as easy as ordering your next meal. In fact, you can take your next step towards your financial goals just at the touch of a button. 

However, it is not the “How-to-invest?” part that most retail investors face trouble with. It is the “Where-to-invest?” part that investors seem to stumble upon. From timing the market to picking multi-baggers, there are several strategies that suit different investors. For any investor who has defined their risk appetite, the “Where-to-invest?” part seems to be a pain point. 

One popular investment strategy is to invest in relatable ideas. Sounds exciting, right? Well, investing in what you believe is the new way to grow your wealth. If you are one such investor who is keen on investing in what you understand, we are glad to inform you that smallcases are your go-to investment tool. 

A smallcase is a basket of stocks/ETFs based on an objective, a theme or a strategy. Every smallcases follows an underlying idea and are curated accordingly by SEBI-registered professionals. 

Since each smallcase is based on easy to understand ideas, you don’t need to be an expert to invest in smallcases. But you will always invest in expert-curated picks for ideas you like and stay up to date with rebalances. Sounds like a sweet deal, doesn’t it? 

smallcases has no exit loads. This means you can exit a smallcase anytime. Additionally, you can track the performance of your smallcase anytime anywhere. Transparency at its finest. Finally, smallcases are rebalanced regularly to ensure your smallcase continues to reflect the underlying theme. This way you can stay on track with your goals with just a click.

Enough about us, here are some popular ideas you might like- 

1. Low cost investing for long term goals

smallcases come in all shapes and sizes. One such category of smallcases is the pocket-friendly ones that are best suited for your long term goals. The All Weather Investing smallcase invests in equity, debt and gold at once making it an ideal investment for all market conditions. 

See all pocket-friendly smallcases here

2. Sector Trackers

Some smallcases take sector-specific exposures by investing in the sector leaders. Looking to benefit from the growing infrastructure sector? Check out the Infra Tracker smallcase. Wish to invest in India’s mighty pharmaceutical sector, the Pharma Tracker is for you. 

See all sector tracker smallcases here

3. Budget Highfliers 

Union Budget 2022 has several exciting opportunities for investors. From EV battery swapping to extending the national highway network by 25,000 kilometres, it is filled with investment prospects. You guessed it right, we have a smallcase for each sector that can benefit from India’s financial plan. Click here to see all smallcases that could benefit from Budget 2022. 

We are delighted to show you the ropes of how smallcases work. If you wish to learn more about smallcases on 5paisa, visit our help section with all your queries. 

Looking forward to seeing you grow your wealth the right way with smallcases on 5paisa. Hope you are just as excited. Happy investing! ?

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