In Conversation with Radhika Gupta

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In Conversation with Radhika Gupta

by Tanushree Jaiswal Last Updated: Dec 07, 2023 - 02:48 pm 286 Views
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About Radhika Gupta

Business executive Radhika Gupta is from India. She is the Edelweiss Asset Management Chief Executive Officer. Her initial role at the company was as the business head of multi-strategy funds, where she was in charge of establishing the platform, distribution, and investment strategy for the team. 

She founded the first domestic hedge fund in India and is the only female head of a significant asset management in the nation. Gupta gives speeches in public. Over 110,000 people have seen the "The Girl with a Broken Neck" YouTube video, which is one of her speeches. 

She holds combined degrees in computer science engineering from the Moore School and economics from the Wharton School, having completed the University of Pennsylvania's Management and Technology Program.

Journey of Radhika Gupta

Gupta began working as a business analyst at McKinsey & Company in 2005. She worked as a Portfolio Manager for AQR Capital Management, LLC's global asset allocation team in 2006.

Gupta co-founded Forefront Capital Management in 2009 with Nalin Moniz and Anant Jatia; Edelweiss Financial Services Limited purchased the company in 2014.

Gupta provided assistance in 2016 for the purchase of Ambit Alpha Fund and JPMorgan Asset Management's onshore operations.

Gupta oversaw investments, sales, distribution, and strategic direction at Edelweiss Multi Strategy Funds Management Pvt. Ltd. before taking over as CEO of Edelweiss Asset Management in 2017. She took over as CEO in lieu of Vikaas Sachdeva.

Radhika Gupta shares 5 money tips for Beginners

1-Begin Early

Gupta stressed the value of getting one's investing career off to a head start. She saw that young professionals frequently put work first and put off making investments. Gupta, however, cautioned against the dangers of putting off investments, pointing out that doing so may result in snap judgments down the road. In addition to allowing people to gradually get more comfortable with investing, getting started early also gives them the chance to make errors with less money and learn from them.

2- Personalized distribution of Assets

Addressing the age-based investing guidelines, Gupta questioned the idea of a one-size-fits-all strategy. She urged people to modify their investing plans in accordance with their financial situation and risk tolerance. Gupta talked on how her job instability led her to adopt a more cautious investing strategy.
She also emphasized how important it is to have some funds in conveniently accessible accounts, especially in times of market turbulence.

3- Invest with simplicity in mind

Gupta emphasized to novice investors that expensive financial products do not always imply a high level of intelligence. She disclosed her preference for straightforward investing vehicles, such as Systematic Investing Plans (SIPs) into balanced advantage funds and mid/small cap funds, based on her vast history.

4- Make a precise structure

Gupta stressed how crucial it is to have a precise foundation for financial choices. She suggested that people put their investment philosophies, objectives, favorite asset classes, and standards for evaluating performance in writing. According to her, having a set framework helps people make decisions without second-guessing themselves and offers direction in confusing situations.

5- Juggling investing, saving, and having fun

Gupta pushed for responsible money management, but he also urged young people to enjoy their wealth. She emphasized that the joy of living should not be eclipsed by investing. Gupta talked on her personal experiences commemorating life achievements like owning a house and her first upscale handbag. She reminded everyone that the real happiness with money comes from using it to improve one's own and one's loved ones' quality of life.

Key Investment Mistakes one should Avoid

Gupta emphasized that learning to listen to oneself and make judgments about investments that are appropriate for one's unique circumstances was the most important lesson she had learned from her financial experience. 

She emphasized the difficulty of sorting through the clutter in today's social media-driven society, where there are many resources for advise and ideas.

She talked about her early stock investing days in 2006 and 2007, when she made large stock investments only to be hit hard by the 2008 financial crisis. 

She realized throughout this crisis that her profession's high level of risk required a more cautious approach. Since then, she has made asset allocation a priority and customised her investments to suit her unique requirements and risk tolerance.

Regarding the topic of investing early, Gupta said that, despite her expertise in the field, she squandered a few years prior to beginning. 

She emphasized the drawbacks of postponing the beginning of one's financial journey, which frequently results in FOMO (fear of missing out) and the need to take on more risk in an attempt to catch up.

She urged people to start with little sums, like Rs 500 a month, emphasizing that this money is frequently spent on regular costs like coffee or Netflix subscriptions. She encouraged young investors to start investing early and take use of the power of compounding by making investing a habit, focusing on a certain post-tax amount of their income, and adopting systematic investment plans (SIPs).

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