Tips to housewives on how they can earn money through trading

Tips to housewives on how they can earn money through trading

by Nutan Gupta Last Updated: 2017-08-11T03:30:00+05:30

The male sex no longer dominates today's society. Instead, it is the women who are getting fuelled up for fame and recognition. Among these, the most prominent ones are the housewives. Although it is well known fact that women have become proficient in playing diversified roles like a teacher, chef, reporter, event planner, etc.; they still crave to gather proper financial knowledge. In majority of the households, women or housewives are the ones to decide on various payments related activities. As such, there is no impediment on their part to decide where to invest the extra funds. The stock market provides housewives with a platform to support their families. The stock market has helped every woman to become independent and financially contribute to her family, thereby establishing her own identity.  Equipped with proper financial knowledge, it has become easy for her to dive into the capital market, invest, start trading, and raise the invested fund. With the help of the internet, you have the option of making money in your free time through the option of online stock trading.

Basics of Trading

In the past times, people depended on brokers for the buying and the selling of shares. With the advent of the internet, the whole system has undergone significant changes. Earning money through online trading can be quite easy if you have adequate capital for investing in the share market.

To start with trading, you have to open a Demat Account with your bank or any local broker who you trust. The bank should not only offer the facility of online stock trading but should also provide you with a savings account. Again, this account should be such that the funds can be transferred before the account holder starts trading. After the shares have been bought and sold, you will be able to transfer the amount to your savings account only 48 hours after the shares have been sold. For online trading, you also need to have a computer system, telephone, and a fast and stable internet connection. It is essential to have a constant contact with the broker for solving the issues with payment, share crediting in the Demat accounts, and clearing of any doubts. Before you open a Demat account, make sure you know the brokerage charged by the bank and the broker.

Learning to Trade

In your free time, you should educate yourself with the buying and selling of shares. It is also crucial to learn about the company in which you are interested in investing. Initially, it is advisable to only invest in those companies which are financially sound.

Apps that make trading easier

Today, you can take assistance from online trading apps, such as 5paisa. These apps are specifically designed for the amateur investors. These apps help in the purchasing stock, analyzing the mutual funds, providing suggestions for investment and also help in keeping track of the cash flow. It might be intimidating for you to invest and trade online, but the entire process becomes easier with these online trading apps.

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